Maestia How to Collect Elle Guide

Maestia How to Collect Elle Guide by Zenfurya

The first thing you need to do before you can collect elle is getting your character to level 16 so you can do “The first heart of a hero! The key of qualification!” quest. You can find this quest in your quest list by pressing K

After you have don this quest you can choose one of the three elle collecting skills.

You can choose between:

Elle of Water
Elle of Wood
Elle of Stone

Be carefull what you choose there is no way to change it later, you can only have 1!

you will find the 3 elle’s in different place’s in the world of maestia. You can take the item’s that you want from the elle by using the right click on the elle. This will start a casting time. You can only collect the elle were you have the collecting skill of.

Collecting an Elle of Water:


Collecting an Elle of Wood:


Collecting an Elle of Stone:


After you have “killed” the elle, you can pick up the loot inside it.

Have fun collecting!

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