Maestia How to Enchant Gear and Weapons

Maestia How to Enchant Gear and Weapons by Jarrko

First, you need a weapon or armor that you want to enchant.

Then you go to one of the General Goods Merchants, which are on every map, and buy weapon enchantment scrolls (Red) or armor enchantment scrolls (Yellow) and transfer enchantment stone (Green)


After you have purchased them ,right click the Weapon Enchantment scroll in your inventory, this will bring up the following window:


Take the weapon ( incase of the Armor enchantment piece of armor ) and drag it into the upper left slot


Take care the first 2 enchantments ( the first 2 enchantmenst the weapon or armor +2 ) are without danger, after this the weapon or armor can break.

To avoid this you can use an Insurance scroll ( bought in the premium store ) and drag this to the lower free slot, so the item will not break.

Notice: the insurance scroll does not guarantee that the item echantment will succeed it will only guarantee that the item will not break.

After the enchantment is succeeded you can use the transfer enchantment stone to transfer the enchantment to another item.

This can only be done if the same type of item is within 10 levels from the original enchanted item
Right click the Transfer insurance scroll to open up the following window:


Drag the already enchanted weapon ( for example +3 ) to slot ‘A
Drag the weapon you want the enchantment to go to, to slot ‘B
Press start ..if succeeded the new weapon will have the +3 enchantment and the old weapon will dissapear.

If failed the weapon in slot ‘B‘ will still remain unenchanted and the weapon in slot ‘A‘ dissapears.

Good luck Enchanting !

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