Light of Nova Comprehensive Guide

Light of Nova Comprehensive Guide by lan362

Scope of the Guide

At present, I only intend this guide to cover up to around level 25-30 Control Center but I do hope, eventually, to have covered every aspect of the game to that point.

First Principles

  • Impatience will not work. Be ready to take your time and not rush to do something just for the sake of doing it.
  • Your Control Center and Crystal & Metal Refineries are most important to develop at the start
  • Running exploration missions with all three commanders every time you are able to will help you out lots later.
  • Check your Missions regularly. Many of them give you Metal and Crystal rewards which are extremely important to continued progress.
    This guide does not attempt to tell you each step of development so knowing where your next reward is coming from can help you set your goals better.
  • If you will not have much time to babysit the game, focus almost entirely on your CC and CM Refineries in the first three days.

First Steps

Obviously, complete the Tutorial. Then follow the Adventuring Questline until you have found commander Sinn. You dont need to and should not do any more adventuring at this point.

  • Top left of the screen, small arrow pointing right. Click this to open a blank panel. This will show active upgrades and flights later.
  • Join an alliance. Spam world chat until you get one.
  • Bottom left of the screen, click the pilot face.
  • Click each Pilot
  • Click Skills
    Your main Combat pilot should have only combat skills if possible. Wind, Eagle, Tempest are best in the early game in that order.
    If you have a pilot with Metal and/or Crystal, preferably both, then that should be your Governor.
    See Commander Roles for important info on pilot roles.
  • Click Create Fleet and assign each of your pilots a fleet with only one Wind fighter.
    -> Do the same for Sinn when you get him.
  • Click Galaxy Map
  • On the bottom right, click the (minus) sign until you can see the planet closest to you.
  • Click the planet then click the top icon to Explore it.
  • Rinse and repeat steps 5-8 every 12 minutes.
  • DO NOT collect the 10,000 crystal mission reward from exploring

Daily Missions

  • Resource Collection: Use the Defense screen every 15 mins till this one is complete.
    Just click the asteroids and collect the resources.
  • Explore: You should be running explorations from the minute you get online anyway. See above.
  • Fleet Construction: Build 10 Winds  every day to get the 1,000 Nova Coins
    Click Train (top menu bar), select ship type, enter number of ships and go.
  • Wormhole: you can do this once an hour till its done. Just de-fleet a pilot and put him in a real fleet rather than an exploration fighter. You dont need more than 30 Winds for this, if that.
    Wormhole missions give important rewards so dont forget to do them
  • Rich etc: These will depend entirely on your Assembly Module’s level and your willingness to expend the resources used to do them, but the Nova Coins you get as rewards are important.
  • Planet Construction: Spend about 1000 Nova Coins on this the first day by purchasing the cheapest population increasing research possible and then, each day afterward, as many NC as you make from the tax you collect on the same screen.
    Click Defense, then click Home Star System to both Research and Collect Tax.
  • Speedup: I suggest you keep your speed up items until you need them, especially Wormholes.

Other Research Objectives

Its handy to know that you can terraform and research at the same time ;)

  • Do Level 1 of Inventory Management and Metal & Crystal Management before the Planet Construction mentioned above.
  • Do level 2 of the same three techs at your leisure.
  • Get to level 1 Advanced Engineering (via Level 5 Basic Engineering)
  • Get to level 3 Light Manufacturing

Note: Mission->Achievements later give you back the bulk of the Nova Coins you spend on these and the increase in resource generation is quite a lot when you start bringing in 1000’s of resources per hour.


  • Dont waste your time on it until you complete the Construction guide.
  • Dont waste your time on it till you have completed Flagships & Adventuring.



  • This entire process will take you well over a day even if you are sitting in front of your computer the whole time!
  • Control Center and CM Refineries should be as high as you can get them by the end of this
  • Warehouse and Power only need to be as high as you need them to be
  • Everything else mentioned needs to be at least level 10

Part 1

  • Click Mothership, click the ship, click Core tab, upgrade Control Center and Research Center
  • Click Core and upgrade Assembly Module, then click Production and upgrade Power Plant
  • Complete all these upgrades before you move on to Part 2

Part 2

  • Click Mothership, click the ship, click Core tab, upgrade Control Center and Research Center
    Note: When it takes 15 minutes to upgrade the Control Center click Speed Up and use Tiny Robot to upgrade the CC immediately
  • Click Resources, upgrade Crystal and Metal Refineries
    Note: you will be asked if you want to use a Construction Mobilisation. Agree to that so that you can build 4 things at once.
  • Important Sidestep: Every third time you do this, click Core and upgrade Assembly Module, then click Production and upgrade Power Plant instead of your CM Refineries.
  • Rinse & repeat until you have 10,000 less crystal than metal. Then collect the 10,0000 crystal reward from the exploration mission.Note: if you reach the point that you cannot upgrade the CM Refineries because they are as high as your CC then click Core and upgrade Assembly Module, then click Production and upgrade Power Plant instead.
    Note: If you end up with a large excess of Metal while doing this part, then upgrade Light Manufacturing during step 2 to keep your levels of crystal and metal balanced.

Part 3

  • Click Mothership, click the ship, click Core tab, upgrade Control Center then click Production and upgrade Light Manufacturing.
  • Click Resources and upgrade Metal Refinery and Warehouse.
    Note: If you cannot upgrade the Metal Refinery then click Production and upgrade Heavy Manufacturing & Shipyard instead.
  • Important Sidestep: Every third time you do this, click Core and upgrade Assembly Module, then click Production and upgrade Power Plant instead.
  • Rinse and repeat until Light Manufacturing is level 5 then click Tech (at the top menu bar), click Production and start researching Light Manufacturing.Note: If you end up with a large excess of Crystal while doing this part, then upgrade the Research Center during step 2 to keep your levels of crystal and metal balanced.
    Note 2: When Heavy Manufacturing is level 5, click Tech, click Production, start researching Heavy Manufacturing
    Note 3: When Shipyard is level 5, click Tech, click Production, start researching Docking
    Note 4: Do the same again for all three at level 10

Run Out Of Resources?

  • You WILL run out of resources. Its inevitable.
  • Click Defense (top middle). Click the appropriate asteriod(s).
  • Click Mission (bottom left). Claim as many rewards as you need to to top up for your current goals.
  • Click Assets (bottom left). Use as many crystal / metal / resource packs as you need to.
  • Click Item Mall (bottom middle) and use real life cash to get more.
  • Otherwise go do something else while you gain more resources.

Flagships & Adventuring

You dont need a flagship to adventure but its much, much more cost effective.

When creating a Flagship, see Procedures below, you need one level 0 (zero) flagship for the base then for each level you want to raise the flagship to you need as many more as that level …

So to create a level 5 flagship: 1 plus 1+2+3+4+5 = 1 + 15 = 16

When you merge flagships, you do not get any bonuses until the flagship reaches the next level. Level 3 with 3 merged on after that is exactly the same as Level 3 with none merged on afterward.


  • Adventuring is completely impractical till you have trained at least Docking I.
  • You need at least 33,600 crystal & metal available or ready to be collected before you start.
  • You need at least 15 Titanit before you start.
  • If you have not done so already, click Assets then Chests. Below Encrypted Compressed Chests click Use.
  • Type in the maximum number. (Hope you did your exploration missions!)

Part 1

You must have Docking I ..

  • Click Train (top menu bar), Flagship, Basic Flagship (left menu), then Produce (right panel)
  • Queue up 16 level 0 Basic Flagships for construction and wait till they are complete.
  • Meanwhile click Repair/Fit (top menu bar). Click Equipment.
  • One after the other create (left panel selects): Cannon, Composite Armor III, Barrage

Note: Basic Flagship requires Sub-Lieutenant rank in order to fly it.

You can do some Adventuring as soon as you have your level 5 Basic Flagship. See Flagship Fleet below.

Part 2

You must have Docking II ..

  • Click Train (top menu bar), Flagship, Leopard (left menu), then Produce (right panel)
  • Queue up 16 level 0 Leopards (possibly in two or more sessions) for construction and wait till they are complete.
  • Meanwhile click Repair/Fit (top menu bar). Click Equipment.
  • One after the other create (left panel selects): 2x Rail Gun, Zinc Alloy Armor III, Barrage

Note: Leopard requires Lieutenant rank in order to fly it.

While making first a level 5 Basic flagship and then a Leopard consumes an extra 33,600 of both resources compared to going straight for a Leopard, you have the great advantage of being able to start ABG’s much earlier and without having to raise your commanders’ ranks to Lieutenant.

You will also be able to start the storyline missions earlier and they should reward you with at least most of those resources before you find that your Basic flagship is taking more damage than it can safely handle.

Making a Flagship

  • Click Repair/Fit, then Merge Flagships
  • On the left, click the top flagship (or click the highest level one if you started it previously).
  • On the right click the empty box (top right)
  • Select a level 0 flagship from the list
  • Click Merge
  • Rinse and repeat steps 3-5 until you have whatever level you are aiming for and no more level 0 flagships.

Note: DO NOT change your primary selected flagship on the left while you are merging ships.
Note 2: You cannot raise a Basic flagship beyond level 5 or a Leopard beyond level 10.

Fitting A Flagship

  • Click Repair/Fit
  • Click Fit Flagships
  • Add the gear you made earlier to your flagship

Flagship Fleet

You should now have a Basic Flagship level 5 or a Leopard of at least level 3.

  • Create a fleet using your main combat pilot and only your new flagship
    Select the flagship on the drop down (middle left) and then put it on the grid like any other ship
  • Go back to the Adventuring screen (top middle) and complete all quests until your flagship hits a mission that does more than 30% damage to it.

If you were in a lower grade Leo, then use the rewards from your adventures to upgrade it further and then continue with missions, again until you take 30% damage or more.

Storyline Guide !!!

  • Leo 5: You can solo all adventures up to (but NOT definitely including) Breakthrough – Part 1. During that mission you will see three fleets labelled South, East, West Interception Fleet.
    Your Flagship will take approx 15% damage in the preceding mission.
  • Leo 7: Up to but NOT including Pioneer Invasion. Your flagship will take 50-60% damage in the preceding combat.
  • Leo 9: Up to but NOT including Rescue.
    Well worth raising the Leo to level 9 since the mission just before Rescue rewards you with 10,000 Nova Coins
  • Not Solo FS: Up to but not including Pluto’s Plot – New Problem
    Remember to repair after each fight and stock up on ammo when needed
    >> Fleet: Leo9, 520 winds, 300 temps, 130 eagles, 40 raptors, 55 hammers, 23 battleships, +30% fighter ammo
    >> Losses: Approx 500 winds, 50 temps
    >> Gains: 5,000 NC & 3 commandersNote: I waited till after I had taken a planet before doing part 4

Ancient Battlegrounds

In either a Basic 5 or a Leo 4 you should be able to click Defense then select Star Gate to the Ancient Battlegrounds and then select a Level 5 mission (click the single silver shield).

  • You will not need extra fighters, frigates etc. You just create a fleet with your battleship and nothing else
  • If you spend a lot of time online then do 1 level 5 ABG every 12 mins (synchronising these with your Explorations works great at 5 abg per hour).
  • or if you dont get online every 15 mins, do as many ABG’s as you can in one go until the red cooldown kicks in.
  • ABG’s have a progressively greater cooldown after you finish each one. You should pretty much always be able to do 2 ABG’s in a row though, as long as there is no cooldown timer.

ABG Levels and Numbers

Numbers in order are level of your Leopard, opposing Winds, Tempests, Hammers

  • 04
  • 04
  • 04
  • 04
  • 04, 140
  • 05
  • 06
  • 07
  • 08
  • 09, 227, 42, 10

Tip: In a Leo 5 you can do up to a level 7 ABG to get more Honour and XP per fight.

NOTE: Each ABG will consume 10 Stamina from the pilot you use. At least up to level 10, you get 50 xp per the level of the ABG and whatever amount of honor is indicated.

End of Day Tasks

  • Check the Defense screen one last time for a Wormhole
  • Collect Tax from your planet(s)
  • Collect the resources from the Asteriods
  • Send all but your Governor out on an Explore mission to a planet that takes about half the time to reach as it will be before log in again.
    You get exploration points for each unexplored planet you visit and you get more resources for explorations that take longer. though its about the same overall for the time of the journey. However, that one long overnight flight still only costs 5 stamina.

Stats & Training

This should really have been earlier but I forgot to put it in and the previous post is out of space.

  • Stamina:
    You use 5 points of Stamina every time you explore
    You use 10 every time you do a storyline combat mission or an ABG.
    Wormholes appear to consume no Stamina.
    Stamina recovers at approximately one point every 12 minutes. (This may be wrong)
  • Military: The primary skill, at least early in the game since it affects the dps and armour of every unit.
  • Leadership: More important later when you need much larger fleets. So far I have found no reason to upgrade this skill.
    Tip: You will need a fleet capacity of at least 20,000 tonnes for the 3 man lieutenant grade alliance mission and you easily get that doing nothing but equipping the gear you find in level 1-5 ABG’s.
  • Politics: This stat is vital to have maxxed on one of your pilots so that you get maximum resource output by making that pilot Governor.
  • Standing: Your position on the leaderboard is determined by the total of Military, Leadership and Politics

Advancement (Level & Rank)

Level & Rank are fairly important to progress, since they determine the points you get to put into your Stats and Skills.

Sufficient Rank to be able to fly your best flagship is critical to all pilots since doing ABG’s is the best way to level up in the early game.

Method 1

  • Click the Pilot Picture (bottom left)
  • Select the appropriate pilot
  • Click Use Item
  • Use as many Exp Potions and medals as you choose to.Note: probably best to level in ABG’s rather than using these

Method 2

Complete Adventures, for xp and levels, and ABG‘s, for the indicated amount of Honour and 50 Exp per level of ABG (at least up to level 10).

Method 3

Click Defense, Alliance Base, Alliance Planet, Training (left icon) and set your pilot(s) training.
You receive 500 xp for one hour training.

Method 4

Assign a pilot as Governor to receive ~72 exp per hour.

Training Overview

While working through this guide you should be aiming to achieve the following in order:

  • Get each pilot to the second rank. For each pilot, click Pilot Portrait -> Use Item -> Bronze Medal
  • When you have your Basic 5 flagship, get your Governor to at least level 9 as soon as possible by running level 5 ABG’s
  • Get your other pilots to at least Lieutenant.
    Note: Level 12 is a landmark level for gear.
  • When you have completed the storyline up to the mission Rescue, choose your main combat pilot (preferably with some combination of skills Wind, Eagle, Tempest in that order) and get that pilot up to at least level 15 asap

Commander Roles

Important section


In the first few days to a week, resource generation is pretty much paramount. For that reason it is important to have a good Governor.

The impact in the first few hours, maybe even the whole of your first day, is not that great. However, after a day or two, a strong Governor begins to make a big difference.

A good Governor will have at least one of Crystallography or Metallurgy. If you are very lucky and get a pilot with both of these then that should be your Governor.

These skills increase Crystal and Metal ouput respectively. So much so in the earlier stages that you can be getting +30% resource generation in one and so not need to raise the refinery for it to such a high level to equal the output of the other. This can save you a lot of time as well as the resources you would need to use to construct a higher level refinery.

Your Governor should only train the Politics stat and should be levelled up first in preference to your other pilots. Thus your Governor should always undertake the highest level of ABG possible and should probably be your quest pilot as well on every quest at least as far as is possible using a Leo 9.

Your Governor should also be the pilot that you send in for Alliance Training to get him Exp faster.

I’d estimate that you want to rank & level up your Governor as first pilot priority until s/he is at least Level 14.

Note: It is important to make sure that your other pilots are high enough rank to fly your flagships so make sure you dont use all your Medals on your Governor.

Combat Pilots

Apart from reaching Lieutenant rank, your other pilots should only level up at the moment. Spend no points on stats or skills.

When you are able to start doing ABG’s, your other pilots should stick to doing level 5 missions until you have all your pilots kitted out in at least basic gear for all but one or two slots.

This will augment the Military and Leadership of all your pilots, including the Governor, and will give you plenty of chance to get nice Politics boosting gear for your Governor, thus increasing your resource generation further.

In the early game, having a dedicated combat pilot is not hugely important. Simply put all the best equipment on your Governor and use him for the storyline missions.

But, when you are about to colonise your first planet, you will want your combat pilot to have at least 120 Leadership and maxxed Military. Note that, you should be able to get at least 120 Leadership  without spending any points on it at all.
When colonising, put your best combat gear on whichever of your pilots has the best Skill with Winds, Eagles or Tempests. Doing more damage during that battle will help to cut down on your losses.

For that reason, you should be careful where you allocate your skill points on those pilots and maximise Wind, Eagle and/or Tempest damages while neglecting other skills. Given the option of either, I would probably choose to maximise Wind damage and focus my final fleet building efforts on making more Winds (see Colonisation later).

You will also need a second Governor when you take your second planet but you should focus first on getting a good Main Combat Pilot to suit the Planet Colonisation part of this guide. You can always just use a non-statted and unskilled pilot wearing Politics gear as your second Governor.

Note: Once you can do ABG’s you should always try to keep all your pilots high enough rank to fly your best flagship.

Nova Coins

NC are a vital and important part of the game and a precious commodity as you work your way through this guide.

At this point our priority is to achieve several tasks:

  • Complete the Daily Mission to complete Planet Construction
  • Research Level 2 of Inventory Management and Crystal & Metal Collection
  • Research Level 1 of Light Weapon and Light Armour
  • Research Level 2 of Docking
  • Research Level 5 of Basic Engineering
  • Research Level 1 of Advanced Engineering
  • Research Level 3 of Light Manufacturing
  • Buy 10,000 rounds of +30% fighter ammo from the Trade Post (on the Defense screen)

Doing all of these will use up just about every Nova Coin that you gain as you proceed through the guide ..

Getting Nova Coins

  • Approximately 27,000 NC when you start
  • 10,000 NC the first time you join an alliance
  • 13,000 NC, or more, when you complete the Adventuring missions to the point described
  • 4,000 NC from getting Basic Engineering to level 5
  • 6,000 NC from getting Advanced Engineering to level 1
  • 1,000 NC per day for building 10 Wind fighters (or 10 other ship)
  • 10,000 NC for logging in on your 7th dayIrregular Income
  • Whatever you earn in Tax from your planet per day
  • Whatever you earn from Assembly. The daily assembly missions are best yield here.
  • Whatever you earn from Recycling equipment. (make sure you keep one spare set of Politics gear)
    Assets -> Commander -> Fit -> Recycle

I have probably missed something out and you do have a chance to randomly get more as you complete the Adventures but, even so, its a pretty tight squeeze.

Because of this you must watch how you spend NC very carefully or you may find yourself having to wait several days to accumulate enough NC to complete the objectives.


Spending real cash on the game is a great way to accelerate your progress in all areas of the game.

Naturally the choice is up to you. However, JoyFort have a great deal where you get 100 bonus diamonds on your first buy and I would strong recommend taking them up on that offer ;)

Planet Colonisation


  • Advanced Engineering level 1
  • Light Manufacturing level 3
  • Completed the storyline up to but not including the adventure Rescue.
  • Have a trained combat pilot of approximately level 15
  • Have approximately 150 Leadership
    thats not an absolute requirement, you can have much less
  • Have at least 800 Winds, 200 Eagles, 40 Raptors
  • Have 10,000 Ion Bomb F. (Click Defense -> Trade Post -> Ammo)

Choosing The Target

Choosing the planet closest to you is not the best idea, since you will then need to use a planet further away for your daily Explorations.

Finalising Pilot Training

Before attempting to Seize a planet, complete the following

  • Have your main pilot at around level 13-15, the higher the better
  • Level up your skills Winds, Eagles, Tempests in that order of priority. Most of the damage will be done by Winds and Tempests but the Eagles are an important factor against the more powerful enemy ships
  • Equip your main pilot with all your best gear for Military and Leadership
  • Do a test run on building your fleet to make sure you have sufficient Leadership to use the maximum number of your ships possible. See below.
  • If necessary increase your Leadership though more than 150 or 160 is probably overkill.
  • Spend your remaining stat points on Military.

Finalising Your Fleet

You want maximum dps so prefer ships that will suit your pilot skills. However, your Leo 8 and 40 Raptors plus 800 Winds and 200 Eagles or 600 Winds and 400 Tempests is a recommended minimum.

Any fleet you put together should bear in mind the fact that the Ion Bomb F ammo from the Trade Post is going to give you a vital +30% damage from all fighters for relatively minimal cost. In that sense a fighter based pilot and fleet are preferred.

However, if your pilot has Tempest skills instead then the havoc those will wreak on the enemy fighters is also powerful edge.

A pilot without Wind/Eagle or Tempest skill is going to be at a serious disadvantage and you should comepensate for that by adding at least 200 Winds.

If possible, try to exceed the recommended minimum by as many ships as you can get together since more ships will mean more dps and so minimise your losses.

Fleet Configurations

For all fleet configurations, your Raptors should be grouped on one spot and dont forget to put your Flagship in.

  • With a Wind/Eagle fleet split those into 8/5 groups.
  • With a Wind/Tempest have 4 Tempest groups and split your fighters evenly over the remaining space.
  • With a Wind/Eagle/Tempest fleet you should have 4 groups of Tempests, 3 groups of Eagles and spread the Winds out evenly over the other slots.

Post Conquest

Click Fit/Repair -> Repair Flagships and fix your Leo. Fix your other ships.

You will need a large amount of resources for repairs and these can return a lot of ships to you. On Commander 2 (see below) I got 60+ ships back from repairing. 45 of those were Tempests.

Conquest Reports

  • Commander 1:
    246 Military, 174 Leadership, +40% Wind spec, Light Armor 2, Light Weapon 2, fighter ammo +10%
    Sent 900 Winds, 250 Eagles, 40 Raptors, 4 Tempest, Leo 9, 25k tons fleet capacity
    Approx 30% losses, then 30k(?) in resources for repairs, Leo 9 died after round 2
    Precise Losses: 466/900 Wind, 131/250 Eagle, 2/4 Tempest, 1/1 Leo 9
  • Commander 2:
    251 Military, 174 Leadership, Tempests +40%, Eagles +38%, Light Armor 1, Light Weapon 1, fighter ammo +30%
    Sent 270 Winds, 300 Eagles, 300 Temps, Leo 9, 25220 tons capacity
    Approx 50% losses, then 80k in resources for repairs, Leo 9 died in round 3 or 4
    Precise Losses: 336/600 Wind, 232/300 Eagle, 38/40 Raptor, 210/300 Tempest, 1/1 Leo 9
  • Commander 3
    148 Military, 135 Leadership, Knights 36%, Light Armor 1, Light Weapon 1, tempest ammo +40%
    Sent 570 tempest, 110 hammer, 15 knight, 10 raptor, 48 wind, level 10 leo
    Wiped! With all those Tempests, this fleet appears very strong but lacked the overall DPS and bufferage of lots of fighters.

My commanders both lost a lot of ships but it was not a hard battle really. As long as you remember your ammo I think any of the recommended fleet configurations will work.

Note: The all fighter fleet is clearly most cost efficient!

Colony Development

At the Start

  • You will start your new colony with 20,000 Crystal & Metal and you will also have the asteroids on the defense screen at full capacity with 20,000 resources..
  • You will have a mission to Claim for having taken a planet. The reward for that will give you 10k NC. Possibly best spent on getting to Crystal Gathering 3 and then Transportation 3.
  • Your pilots will have their Stamina maxxed.

Next Stage of Development

Your new planet is probably best being a resource generator, which means you want to be able to send resources from it to your original Home planet and whatever further planets you create. So focus 100% on resource generation at least at the start.

Your initial objectives on your New planet should be:

  • Equip a pilot with your spare Politics gear and make that pilot your 2nd Governor.
  • Start Terraforming your new planet so you can get the Planet Revenue daily mission and the Nova Coins later from Tax
  • Level 21 Control Center and Crystal/Metal Refinieries
  • Level 15 Warehouse and Transportation Port (see below)
  • Level 9 Power Plant
  • Level 6 Research Center
  • Level 5 Light & Heavy Manufacturing
  • Level 5 Turret & Radar

Your Initial objectives on your Home planet should be:

  • Level 15 Fuel Refinery, Warehouse and Transportation Port
  • Level 3 Transportation tech research

At first sight the Transportation Port, seems an incredibly ineffective aspect of your mothership. Vis:

  • A level 04 TP can send 1320
  • A level 05 TP can send 1500
  • A level 11 TP can send 3200
  • A level 15 TP can send 5547 (10540 with Transportation 3 tech)

A level 15 TP with level 3 Transportation tech can send 10k resources.

Not really a useful amount of resources to be transporting around when it takes of the order of 80,000 total resources to upgrade a level 30 Core Center and when, if you did not colonise your nearest planet, the transportation time is probably at least 15 minutes each way.

However, the Transportation tech has a huge impact on the usefulness of the TP. With each level you raise it, you will be able to transport 30% more resources. Thankfully, researching Transportation is very cheap compared to other technologies.

As a result, the TP begins to become effective at level 10 with level 2 tech, then being able to transport around 5k resources in one trip.

To use the Transportation Port, click Trade (on the top menu bar), select the source planet on the left and the target on the right and set the quantity. Note that the number on the right of the sliders is the maximum total quantity,

Note: A faster way to increase resources on your new planet, is to select it on the planet view (small arrow below the Governor name at the top right) and then use your Assets while it is selected.


  • You get an extra Wormhole per hour
  • You can complete the resource collection daily faster
  • You get more resources generally, so resource costly Assembly begins to become more viable.
  • You can now tax two planets and so can complete the Planet Revenue daily.Guide Completion ChecklistConstruction
    • Level 25 Control Center, Research Center, Crystal & Metal Refineries
    • Level 21 Assembly Module
    • Level 15 Warehouse Module
    • Level 15+ Power Plant
    • Level 15 Light Manufacturing Module
    • Level 10 Heavy Manufacturing Module and Shipyard


    • Level 3 Light Manufacturing
    • Level 1 Advanced Engineering
    • Level 3 Crystal Gathering
    • Level 1 Light Armor
    • Level 3 Transportation


    • 100 people per day


    Prior to first planet colonisation ..

    • Leo 9
    • 600 Winds (minimum)
    • 200 Eagles (maybe, see point 5)
    • 40 Raptors
    • 400 Temps (maybe, see point 3)
    • 23 Hammers
    • 11 Knights

    Commanders (pilots)

    • Level 13/14 Governor with 150+ Politics
    • Level 14/15 Main Combat Pilot with 120+ Leadership and maxxed Military
    • All pilots at least Lieutenant rank.
    • At least one pilot of Commander rank, probably your first Governor

    Colonised Planet

    At least one colonised planet.

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