Light of Nova Defeating Enemies Guide

Light of Nova Defeating Enemies Guide by Zension

Have you asking been asking other players how to defeat the enemy fleet?

Lazy isn’t just the solution. Set-up we used are usually though experience, and they are not that reliable sometime due to the different in officer used and the skill the officer holding.

It is fine to ask other players at the start of the game, but are you going to keep this going on even after you have played for very long time?

This is all just the basic you will learn as you move further into the game.

Lets start of with knowing the enemy fleet
Knowledges and informations are the keys to victory for any battles.
Using what you are strong at against what they are weak at.
Watching Replays help you judge your current military power.
There is more than 1 way to defeat enemy, need not always follow whatever other say. (It might not be the strongest set-up for you)

Unit attacks in the order of:
1. The unit they are best deal against with. (Winds against Fighters; Eagles against Frigates; Raptors against Battleships)
2. The Highest total armour per stack. (Flagship attacks is a very good example for this.)

Single Type Fleet

Send in a fleet of just 1 Wind and check on the enemy. Don’t depend on the adventure details too much, it might not be correct.

Things to take note:
The numbers of enemy per stacks.
The set-up of the fleet.
You can mouse-over the unit to check the name of the unit, can be done even the battle has ended.

If the enemy are Arcahns and you are not sure what they are weak and good against.
Send in a fleet consist of, – 1 level 0 clean Flagship, 1 Knight, 1 Hammer, 1 Tempest, 1 Vulcan, 1 Raptor, 3 Winds in a single stack.

Reason behind sending 3 winds in a single stack is to make the stack of fighters having Higher total armour per stack than a tempest stack. From this we can know whether the enemy hit in preference of highest armour stack or just what they strong against of.

Things to take note:
Which unit stack was destroyed first.
Which unit deal the most effective damage against them.

With all the informations you have from scouting the enemy with suicidal fleet.
You will know what is the best fleets against them.
The best set-up fleet is to deal the most damage and take in the least damage fleet


When enemy has a preference attack against a certain unit. The certain unit become a bait for it.
Send in a fleet of what the enemy are weak at and at the same the least damage taken from the enemy.
With the help of baits, You will deal the most damage and at the same time received the least damage.

Mixed Type Fleet

If you are facing with several type of units with practically all-round damage.
Don’t be shocked, majority of the fleets you see will have a weakness.
Doing the same procedure from Single Type Fleet.
Send in a pure fleets with/without Flagship max tonnage(pure fighters; pure frigates; etc.)

Steps to take:
Notice the fleet set-up.
Check the units informations from the Training Units Menu.
Summaries what they are good against at.
Summaries what they are weak against at.
Estimate the enemy’s armour per stack, and the damage they deal to classes per stack.

For those who prefer picture.
This is an example. And what you should do.

This is a Scout Fleet.

Yes, you can start counting them even the battle end. All you need to know is informations.
Those are Ace Units, nukes doesn’t work well.
8 stacks of Raptors – Anti Battleships
4 stacks of Tempests – Anti Fighters
2 stacks of Battle Cruisers – Anti Battleships
1 Stack of Aegis – Anti Fighters
Obviously, it is an Anti-Fighters / Battleship Formation.

1. Frigates/Cruisers takes the least damage from them.
2. Due to the lacks of damage against fighter class with Cruiser build, Frigate fleet is then used.
3. Enemy Major fire-power are from the Raptors, Hence Tempests are required.
4. Enemy units which are against Tempests (Aegis and Tempests), Vulcan are used to counter enemy Tempests, while Destroyers are then used to destroy enemy Aegis quickly.
5. To minimize the losses, Baits are used. 5 stacks of enemies hitting Frigates as their secondary target, hence 5 stacks of 1 wind and a strong flagship are then to used to divert the enemy fire-power against your main forces.
6. If you haven’t been follow other players recommendation of fleet used, you should be able to access your winning rate by now.

Necessary Steps To Take To Form A Good Fleet
Steps to choose fleet (Classes): In the order of
1. The least damage taken (Fighters; Frigates; Cruisers; Battleship)
2. The ease of destroying the greatest threat against your class. (The class picked from step 1)
3. The overall most damage deal in the selected class against the enemy (Etc. Fighters: Winds, Eagles, Raptors)
4. The availability of the skill in the officer used.
5. The ease of destroying the secondary threat imposed by enemy and the used of Baits.
6. Access the fleets whether it can be used to win by simulators / manual calculations (Hard to explain, Good luck with this part)

If any of the steps is skipped, the fleet you created will have a loophole.

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