Kings and Legends Castle of Bones Stage 3 Guide

Kings and Legends Castle of Bones Stage 3 Guide by UhOhItsFlux

Okay so I am yet to come across a fool-proof plan for taking on Castle of Bones stage III but this one comes very close…

Credit to Thor for introducing this to me (where he got it idk).

It’s pretty simple…and this applies to all decks.


The goal is to distract the creature summoner as much as is needed to kill lanes 2-3-4.
For this to work…everyone and I do mean everyone needs to be bringing as many Feles with distraction as possible and these will all be sent down lane 1 as quickly as possible (lane 2 may be used for overflow).

There are four lanes and this is how they should be played:

Lane priority:

Lane 1 – Distraction
Lane 2 – Chief Hrfan and surplus distracters if lane 1 is full
Lane 3 – Everything that can kill stuff really really quickly
Lane 4 – Everything that didn’t die killing lane 3

So here is a more detailed breakdown of what goes where when (apologies I didn’t do this, this morning):

– All Distraction creatures are to be summoned in lane 1 from the first turn till the last turn, it is crucial that these are still being summoned late in the match hence why the requirement is 6-9 of them per deck.
– All buffing creatures and surplus distractions are to be sent down lane 2 so this includes: Chief Hrfan and Chieftan Lionroar*

For lane 3 this is where it gets a little titchy as with 4 players all with similar cards you can run the risk of placing the right card on the wrong square and delaying or even possibly sentencing a creature to death that would have gotten a hit off.

– Mifzuna, this one takes priority over all others and it should clearly be known when this will be summoned so link it often, Mifzuna should occupy one of the front two squares.
Remember she can be buffed with Hermes Wings to fly over any Angelic Statues or whatever may be impeding your path so if that is the case she can be summoned on any of the three squares and will make it to the second square from NPC at least. Ideal placement: second or third square from hero.
– Centaur Marksmen/Lucius Swift*, these are the next most important units and should always be being summoned for an easy 3/4/5 (or crit) damage. Ideal placement: third square from the hero or any if buffed by Chief Hrfan.
– Hit n Run cavalry, these can end up doing a ridiculous amount of damage when it’s hitting the NPC regularly. Ideal placement(s): First square from the hero to give way for Mifzuna/Marksmen OR 3rd square if the path is clear and a Chief Hrfan is out or if it is buffed with Hermes Wings.
– Human cavalry and pegasi, these are here simply to absorb nuke damage and get in a lucky hit every now and then. Ideal placement: First square from hero.

Lane 4 will be taken care of much in the same way as lane 3 after lane 3 falls. If things are going very well and you clear it with the team, feel free to send excess units down here but just remember that once you start..if you stop sending at all and it heals you just wasted creatures.


Feles Scout/Feles Messenger/Feles Tracker ideally 2-3 of each (any rank)
Centaur Marksmen and Centaur Archer as many as you have really
Lucius Swift *
Chief Hrfan ideally 1 per person
Mifzuna or creatures with Ambush
Chieftan Lionroar *
Low CD cavalry/pegasus
Centaur Guerilla Leader is also quite good on the front line with Hermes Wings as it can do 7 damage each round*
I would advise 1 or 2 tankers be considered as you may need to stall for a mage to draw petrify/charm if the creature has had Protect cast on it, Purge could be added but I’ve done it without one and it’s been fine*
Emperor Augustus*
It seems it is not necessary after all to have a mage which is great news for teams stuck finding one.
It is also highly recommended a Warrior is brought along that has only buffs + the above mentioned creatures (Mifzuna gets buff priority).
Rangers…those sneaky so and so’s will always be handy with their return target creature cards and killing blows for Duelists.
Priests from what I’ve seen are great for making Mifzunas that take 2-3 nukes to kill instead of one.

* = optional

Deck size should be kept between 18-23 cards for optimal consistency and remember if your team is following the same plan the goal is to keep your targeted lane under sustained assault and not throw a creature in another lane just because you can.

Whoever tried and succeeded with this first deserves a congratulations as I am yet to fail a stage III where all members have followed this.

Try it out and post your results/feedback (try and keep it constructive as I simply want more people to run Bones with..hence the guide)

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