Kings and Legends Beating Vel’Assar Tips

Kings and Legends Beating Vel’Assar Tips by UhOhItsFlux

Vel’Assar is undoubtedly one of the most coveted cards in the game at the moment and it’s easy to look at it as O/P, however there are ways around his baws Forestall ability which when attacked allows Vel’Assar to attack first and IF it successfully damages will interrupt the original creature(s) attack phase.

If you have any others feel free to add to this and I’ll edit.

1) Vigilance. If Vel’Assar cannot legally attack the creature then Forestall is negated.
2) Counter-Attack. As it is Vel’Assars attack phase Forestall cannot be activated.
3) Martyr. I found out that if you have a creature with Martyr such as Ofeigur The Undying placed adjacent to the attacking creature the Martyr’d creature will absorb Forestall thus allowing the original attack to finish.
4) Credit to Twitch. An armour rating that matches Vel’Assars attacking strength will negate forestall and allow the attack to complete.
5) Credit to Trauma. Stun will also negate Vel’Assars ability for future attacks against him.
Example: a warrior could give Vigilance to a Sawtooth Lizard on an adjacent square (not in range) who has the 50% stun chance and if successfully stunned anything else that turn will slaughter Vel’Assar.
6) Credit to Keldron and dreagsharr. Backstab will get a free hit on Vel’Assar, as mentioned below by Hatsune it is tricky but can be done with a Chief Hrfan or Hermes Wings…you could life buff the heck out of a backstabber too and do it the in your face sort of way.
6) Skills. The most commonly taken route for dispatching this nasty so and so, although I’m sure most who have this card anticipate this and use him as expensive spell bait for another deck mechanic so tread carefully.

I know these suggestions are still conditional on creatures and skills but it’s something to consider.

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  1. bronzewinson says:

    Don’t forget sanctuary and desperate soul or dread phantom’s block during forestall attack

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