Heroes & Generals Tanker’s Guide

Heroes & Generals Tanker’s Guide by Darkbane

For tankers:

(Matters not if you have a TD or tank, this is if you want to help infantry)

Either Assault or Defend


When Assaulting one should be in a formation(If more than 1) like so:


They should of course be accompanied by infantry
If there are only two tanks they should form a line

The reason for this formation is so one can greater protect infantry and be able to fire on focused targets, this formation is at its finest when one is for example on teamspeak 3 to speak with each other

The tanks should be focusing on killing all that they can see to let infantry move up and capture points, if a tank is spotted all tanks should focus on it for the greater good, as none or only one will take damage while the enemy tank will be killed at once before he can fire another round


When defending tanks should be seeking for cover to cover up as much of the tank as possible, this is so one gets hit in the turret which has most of the armor

There is no need for any special formations when defending, but one should always try to get somewhat close to other tanks to be able to focus fire.

At the defending stage only about 2-3 men should be accompanying a tank for one needs infantry to defned points and stay in houses more than the tanks

Any Case:

If a tank is unaccompanied by infantry they should try to find a hill and a position which they are very maneuverable, this is mostly for defending situations but can yet happen on offensive times as well

When not being accompanied by infantry and one is alone in a tank, one should always try to move while shooting for the higher chances of not getting blown up by both tanks and infantry

For tank destroyers:

(Matters not which tank one uses, but if one wants to destroy tanks instead of helping the infantry)

One should mostly try to find tanks to destroy by not being seen

When alone:

Always find some cover either by bushes or actual cover, find this in a position where enemy tanks will most likely come

Always let the tanks that don’t see you move past you, this is so you can shoot their back and not let them notice you before it’s to late

After destroying about 2-3 tanks or when one is spotted, change position to a somewhat different place, the wisest thing would be to change to an entirely new position, this is so one does not get spotted so easily for the enemy will know you whereabouts after killing them

When more than one:

When in groups one should somewhat stick to the same tactics as the one as when alone, but do it in groups

When firing at tanks the group should not focus fire if there are several tanks, if there is only one tank then the opposite shall be done. This is of course if one is not spotted, if spotted focus fire the one that sees you

About these tactics:

I am an very experienced tanker and teamwork is the key to success as an tanker, I have tried to figure out tactics for tanks in a long time in this game and this is where I’m at

These tactics are best when one has voice communication since it makes it easier by FAR to focus fire and so on

Squad leaders put into the game is a great addition and will help in the case of finding targets and giving orders without having to voice chat

But there is one major problem when in tank, one can’t use the binoculars in a tank so one needs to get out of the tank to give commands with this function, this I think is done as it was glitched in previous builds, but will most likely get added in later

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  1. slogger says:

    Very good guide. I try to work this way when I can. Its just difficult to try and get both tankers and infantry to work together.

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