Heroes & Generals Axis Infantry Guide

Heroes & Generals Axis Infantry Guide by eldar0109

So I’ve been playing Heroes & Generals and I’ve found out that people complain about the Allies being “overpowered” because of their M1 Garand. But if you’re playing as an Axis i suggest you to use these weapons and combat badges.

Part 1 Primary Weapon

First of all the Karabiner 98k/K98K (Primary Weapon) got the same range as the M1 Garand, but it got better sights so it is easier to aim/hit enemies with, also this is a poor weapon when it comes to close combat the M1 will destroy the Karabiner user. Basically you should use the Karabiner as a sniper (Medium to Longrange) Also when you’re using the Karabiner always stay behind cover so you wont get shot when you’re reloading.

Part 2 Side Arm

So if you’re going in an occupied enemy building or meeting an enemy around a corner you should use the Mauser C96 (Side Arm). This pistol shoots faster than the M1 and the Colt M1911 ( Allies Side Arm). So this means if you get to start the firefight you will almost be guaranteed to win, but the Colt does more damage. but because of that i suggest you aiming above their legs and also use this tactic first you shoot with the Karabiner and instead of waiting for it to reload you switch to Mauser C96 and finish the enemy (almost no delay on switching between weapons). I repeat this is close combat and this would almost be suicide to medium to long range.

Part 3 Close Combat Weapon/Melee Weapon

When it comes to Melee Weapons you should use Schanzzeug (Entrenching Tool). When get close enough to kill an enemy with a melee weapon you should do it, if you use a firearm this will be your best way to give away position. When I’ve used this weapon I’ve always killed people with 1 hit. I’ve killed a whole attic with enemies without they detecting me. The reason i chose the Schanzzeug instead of Seitengewehr is because the Schanzzeug got more range.

Part 4 Extra Equipment

Instead of choosing the Stielhandgranate 24(M24), you should use the S-Mine people may be more familiar with the name Bouncing Betty. If you have the S-Mine you will always feel safe when you’re in a friendly or enemy building. If an enemy steps on it they will die for sure. But be careful you will also trigger the mine if you step on it.

If want to get rid of those annoying tanks you should rather use the Tellermine 42 or the Hafthohlladung, also known as the “Panzerknacker”.

Part 5 Badges

I use the Combat Badge Marathon. This will allow you to sprint longer, i find this very useful since it is easier and faster to get into position.

Part 6 Meeting Machine Guns/Tanks

Basically if you see a enemy with a Machine Gun/Tanks, be smart don’t get near him….

Part 7 Modify your weapon

I can’t tell you how you should mod your weapon, everything depends on what you’re comfortable with.

If you follow this guide you will get more kills.

Additional Tips by Defianz

There are a few i would like to add:

Firstly, if you are in range of a stationary vehicle and there is a machinegunner, find cover and kill him. If its a tank, he might be the only operator, and by killing him you leave the tank empty. If you are quick enough you can board it and its yours!
There are some exceptions: do not shoot the machinegunner if somebody else is approaching the tank unseen,their first reaction will be to look around them. Aslo you get more points by destroying a tank, so if you have the equipment to do so, killing the tank is preferred.

Secondly, if you are trying to capture a post and you are close, you dont need to shoot everything that moves. Sometimes it is better to remain undetected and enter the building.
whilst in the building it is easier to defend as there are fewer entry points.

Thirdly, don`t go blindly running straight for your objective. Just because you aren’t being shot at doesn’t mean you aren’t seen. Somebody might be waiting for you to get closer.
Stop occasionally near cover and look around.

Lastly, Report strategically positioned enemys, especially tanks. Check the map and give a compass bearing from a landmark and keep it simple. eg. “Enemy Tank 200m East of A3” or “Sniper in church tower”. Not only does this save lives, but teamwork helps you win

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