Heroes & Generals Axis Strategy Guide

Heroes & Generals Axis Strategy Guide by Reichshield

Axis manual in utilizing there equipment and tactics.

I’m making a guide about the troops and there equipment and how most recruits use it. This guide is a WIP (Work In Progress) so is this great game. Please remember that everything can change in this guide. I will add new doctrines when new game features are being implemented by the developers. And i will listen to constructive idea’s, so please help me with this manual. Do note that my english isn’t the best. I’m dutch that’s the reason why. And i have a long history in Vanilla Battlefield 2 and project reality and Arma.

I want to make this manual because this game has great potential and so far a good community. But the main reason is very simple. I see so many new recruits utilizing there equipment wrong and seeing the same tactic(s) all the time.

The reason why i post this in the axis sub-forum is simple. I hate the allies (roleplay). They are a bunch of disorganized monkeys. Wait there is another reason i want to make this manual. I want to create one of the most deadliest axis troops ever existed in Heroes and Generals.

This manual is going to be for the recruit and the veterans. I’m going to make this a manual that’s not going to be a simple draft. Some doctrines require allot of teamwork. And I do know in most public battles there isn’t any communication. some of the stuff that I’m going to post might be to far fetched for the run and gun tards, those players are just the meat infront the tactical player.

So let’s get this manual off the ground.

I’m going to work in chapters also called (Doctrines).

The firsts doctrine will be about tanks combined with infantry. I will try to post this as soon as i have finished it. It will contain pictures to. And no they arent going to be from a calibre like Van Gogh, just the simple paint/gimp picture.

Hope you anti yanks are looking forward to it.

Doctrine : Mobile Panzer Infantry (MPI)

As you all might know, our panzers suck. Not only in the matter of gameplay but also the player using the tank. The balance issue will be solved, I’m not worried about that. But I’m concerned how players use there armor. I see so many tankers just sitting in the back of the battle and shooting there main gun at enemy infantry, sure it works. But isn’t that getting boring?. And this isn’t a Heroes and Generals problem. The problem is in many other populair games, you just camp and shoot. The gameplay mechanics in most games is just getting simpler with the years, There are to many auto regen health games,ect.

This game can change alot of how future FPS games are being developed, the concept is great. It has a great mix of arcade and sim like features. So keep it up Reto

But back to the Doctrine called Mobile Panzer Infantry. Right now all Axis players start with the famous K98 bolt action rifle. I don’t have any problems using it myself, but most new recruits keep ranting about it. A rifleman (Jäger) is worthless on it’s own, That’s a fact. You only have a single shot, before you need to reload. Going lonewolf will get you killed and not only that, you are also making unnecessary failures that cost resources.

Instead you need to work together join up with random recruits, you have a better chance of survival and you will notice that you will have more fun in the game, Don’t just camp in the tree line and making pot shots to the enemy infantry. The yanks will just locate you and redirect it’s fire on you, and 70% of the time you will get killed by a Stuart or a Sherman or by rifle fire. And when you are receiving enemy fire you are pinned down. So now you either die or some other recruit is trying to safe you, but he get’s killed in the progress because of your failure of understanding tactics. So now our general has lost 2 tickets that he could have used for another battle.

I will explain more of infantry tactics in future doctrines. But now comes the part where the panzers are getting important. Right now we lose most of the battles because well the new recruits don’t now how the game is supposed to be played. But it ain’t the infantry fault alone. The other remaining 50% of the problem are the bad tankers.

the panzer is a support vehicle for the infantry. A lonewolf tanker is a dead tanker just like the lonewolf rifleman (Jäger). Infantry cannot secure control points (CPs) if the tanker doesn’t support it’s Infantry. What I’m about to show you might be more risky for tankers but more rewarding then sitting 2 miles out of the Area of Operation (AO) and just lobbing shells to enemy Infantry that’s not even in the AO.

When our great Reich is losing territory in battle we get pinned down and bombed by P38s and Stuarts and Shermans. I seen many battles where axis forces cannot even get to the second CP, because they are encircled (Einkreisung) by hostile infantry. I see so much infantry just heading for a frontal attack on the enemy while all forces are pinned down, well that doesn’t work. you just get killed. sure it’s hard to cross a plane area with no concealment or any hard cover. like in French Town map. But how can you breach such a vicious circle?

Well you need to work in squads, try to stick together and focus on one task, like taking out the enemy armor pounding your position. Mostly you have panzers to your disposal. A good way to breach from a pinned down location is the use of panzers and infantry combined. To see what i mean, click on the link.

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  1. Dam good says:

    Your so right on how the team members use tanks without infantry support. Love the game I always play Axis cuz I like there range of woepons. Don’t care for Allies. The tiger should kill any allies tank with 1 shot . But keep up the good work on these Doctrines please. Tks Jefe

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