Heroes & Generals Basic Tips

Heroes & Generals Basic Tips by R3load

If I may offer some tips, I’ve been playing FPS games since they came about… I’ve played side scrollers and RPGs before that.

* Some maps are big, focus on one line at a time and learn it’s key points. players are creatures of habit.

* Always use the environment for cover, if you give me a easy target, 9 times out of 10 I’ll take the kill even if it means giving away my position.

* Never go to where you just killed someone. So many noobs are like shooting fish in a bucket as they run to where they just shot someone.

* Flank their Flank. real tactics work

* Always try to stay exposed to only 180 degrees. Putting yourself in battles where the enemy can be anywhere (360 degrees) around you will never end well

* Don’t take wild shots, Shot in bursts

* Always exit the area you just killed from

* If the enemy is NOT dug in, engage your target… a moving target is harder to shoot, but easier then a hidden one. Running straight at them is not what i mean!

* Listen to the Audio

* Be aware of the names of the players around you and watch to see if they get killed

* If you’re constantly drawing fire, your doing it wrong

* Suppression fire really does work

Develop a style that fits your skills, these young kids have very fast reflexes… I play certain other games just to keep my reflexes sharp. Don’t rage play or let your emotions dictate what you do on the battlefield. stay cool and execute your game plan. If your mojo is off, just take a break… It’s not good to play through it and risk developing bad habits.

And last, Good equipment makes a huge difference. A above spec pc with a good mouse and keyboard, fast connection with smooth high frame rates usually gets the kills first.

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