Heroes & Generals Beginner’s Guide

Heroes & Generals Beginner’s Guide by Dondergod

Chapter 1, Campaign Map Screen

Campaign Map

Note: A tutorial on YouTube is also avaiable.

Tutorial part 1.png
As you can see, I have divided this picture into 9 letters. Yes, the ‘I’ is missing, since the ‘J’ looked better.
A – Money
We have three different categories here:

  • Credits: they are used as the main currency in Heroes & Generals, they can be earned by taking part into live battles. You can use them to purchase new weapons and upgrades for your character to your own personal Assault Team.
  • Gold: it can only be obtained through real money, in certain cases, when a match ends there’s a rare chance that some gold might be awarded, it can then be then converted into in-game credits.

Gold currency can be used in order to become a premium user or when buying warbonds and credits. Everything can be bought with credits but gold serves as an alternative to speeding up your progress.

-Warbonds: Warbonds can be bought for gold. You pay 955 and you get 110 gold back every month. After 6 months, the game buys it back for 1000 gold. Which means: 6×110+1000-955= 705, so after 6 months, you have made 705 gold profit. Note: There are a variety of warbonds, with different incomes and profit margins. It is also a way of supporting the developers.

B,Characters|Assault Teams|Campaign: Here you can switch between the 3 main screens. In “Characters” you can buy and manage your characters (read chapter 2). In “Assault Teams” you can buy, upgrade and manage your assault teams (read chapter 3). “Campaign” shows the campaign map, the mission list and the mission-detail tab.

C,Options and Info area: Here you can find various help- and bug-reporting ressources, mute the ame audio, change game options and by clicking on your player name you can get player-related information like your stats and scoreboards.

D, Mission list: Here you can find missions for the character you have selected in the dropdown on top of the list. You might not see the difference the first time you look, but there are 2 different types of missions: Auto-generated ones and “normal” missions (player generated).

Auto-generated missions have no impact on the ongoing campaign, are completely random and can have all sorts of units and they start with quite a lot of resources. The second group are player-generated missions. As you know, this game is called Heroes and Generals. The Heroes are the ones going into the battles, the Generals are the ones controlling and moving the assault teams. When assault teams of different sides meet on the Campaign map they create a battle. So in these battles you fight with the resources the Generals give to you. You win or lose the war by winning these battles for your Generals. So, as a general myself, I always try to join these battles first. Sometimes you will find that your side has low supplies; you can join, but you might run out. To see how many supplies you have left look at the mission-detail tab (E)

On the right side of this screen, you also see red bars, this is the ping bar. You should always try to join green or yellow missions, since they most often give you the least lag. Or maybe you can’t fight on the red bars at all. By holding your mouse over them, you can see how much ping they give. When you are the first to join a mission, the system always tries to assign a mission-server with the best possible ping to you.
Update: We now also have an active lobby system, a temporary chapter has been added (1.2)

E, Mission-detail tab: On this tab you can see multiple things. First, you see a picture of the battlemap that is active for that mission. You can also see the access points you own (more of that in chapter 5). Underneath, you see some numbers. 128 Infantry 32 6 APC 0 0 transport plane 7

This means, that your side, has 128 infantry units and 6 apc units available. While the enemy only has 32 infantry and 7 transport planes available.

So you either have to defend the city for 30 minutes (at least, attackers get bonus time when they take objectives) or you can kill all enemy units to win. With only 32 enemy units that’s not to hard when you have a 10 vs 10 battle. They can however also reinforce them with more units. They can however also reinforce them with more units.

Missions details like this are only available for player-generated missions. So again, as a General I encourage everyone to join those as much as possible as they tend to be the most fun, sometimes lasting for up to an hour if the push-pull of the attackers vs defenders is constant and reinforcements keep arriving. It’s LOADS of fun.

F,Campaign map: This is the main area for all the generals. More about that later (chapter 4)

I can go on for hours about the campaign map, but I try to keep it simple. You see blue and red city’s. Blue is your side, red is the enemy side. Doesn’t matter if you are allied or axis. The icons you see as city’s, tell you what kind of map they are. There are currently 4 maps active: town mountain town airfield factory

Town is the most common right now as the majority of city hubs are marked as this map, Airfield is for the airfields scattered throughout the map, Factory for the many factories also scattered and Mountain Town is for, well, you guessed it… Mountain Towns
You can also see blue, red and grey lines. These are supply lines. Blue lines means your side holds them, red means the enemy holds them and grey means they are contested/neutral (It should be noted that neutral towns will also be grey and these are usually seen at the start of a war). In order to resupply Assault Teams the Generals need blue lines between their units and the friendly capital (London or Berlin) which can be found by searching for the big star at the far left and the far right of the map or just knowing some basic European geography. You can also see, that there are blue, red and yellow assault teams. Blue is your side, red is the enemy side, yellow are your own assault teams.

When you see a red ring around a town on the map it means there currently is a battle there and those battles can be found on the right side of the screen (D). Auto-generated missions will not have contested cities in the playing area of the map for Generals – they are found to the extreme right of the map and are not connected to any supply route. I encourage people to disregard these battles unless there are no player generated battles available.

In your upper right corner you see a magnifying-glass. When you press that you can either search for your own Assault Teams on the map or you can search for certain cities on the map.

G, Chat: Starting on the left you see a tab called ‘channels’ which by clicking that one you can create new channels or join others (like Squad Chats). Next to that, you see 5 words under each other: globalchat (chat with axis and allies) support (for help from the devs when they are around, or from veteran players) allies (allies only chat, axis can’t see this but have their own chat) User-created channels (this can be a clan/squad/whatever they’re going to be named chat. You also see a red ‘x’ behind it, press that to close that certain chat, can only be done with user-created chat channels).

In the middle of course, the chat messages.

On the right, you can see all players currently in a room (NB: support channel only shows users that already have talked in that channel instead of all users). When you press the small button behind their names (looks a bit like a paper with lines on them) – or doubleclick on their names – you can send a PM (private message).
The Friends-button (renamed “social” since Guderian build) allows you to add and manage friends. You can also manage players you wish to ignore in chat there.

H, War-server info: Here you can find useful information about the current build and war-server status.

Lobby system
While still in a very early stage. I will explain how it currently works.


A, Choosing a battle: Very simple, you look at what battle you want to join. And you press ‘enter combat’ B, Inside lobby system:Once you have chosen a battle, you join the lobby. The current lobby works pretty simple:

  • Battle starts automatic as soon as you have 2vs2
  • A mission can hold up to 16vs16 players (if the participating Assault Teams can provide that many spawn slots and ressources)
  • Forced balance: Currently there is a temporary solution in place, that only allows for a maximum difference of 2 players in each mission. So, for example, when a mission holds 6vs4 players, you will have to wait for a 5th enemy player to join that mission in order to allow for a 7th friendly player.
  • The current build has no queue or waiting list (earlier builds had a queue system which got removed in Guderian build).
  • Tip to join a mission with friends despite the temporary force balance system: Click on the town you want to play in on the campaign map. Make sure it’s not completely full (16vs16) and has enough supplies and spawn slots to hold additional players. Wait until the “enter combat” button above the minimap on the left side becomes active, then quickly press it to join the mission.

Chapter 2, Character Creation (For Heroes):
You can also watch the video tutorial of this chapter: http://youtu.be/LPlOPFf3Aj0

Your Load-out
Once you have pressed ‘Characters’ in the main screen (chapter 1.B), you will arrive at this screen:

Soldier 1.png
A, Equipment: Here you can see the weapons you have given your unit. The first one, the badge, is something you have to earn in battles. Press the ‘change’ button to go to the combat badge tab. This tab speaks for itself.

The other 4 points are weapons, 1 for explosives, 1 for your main weapon, a sidearm and a close-combat weapon (knife). The knife and the explosive can only be changed, into other weapons.

pressing the ‘change’ button opens the tab explained in chapter 2.2

B, Characters: When you first start the game, you start out with 1 character named ‘blablabla’s 1st rifleman’ After a while you can get more characters and I want to explain how that works in 3 steps:

1. These are you current soldiers. In my case I have 3 guys, all with their own name (doesn’t show ingame), own equipment, badges ribbons and rank. You can also rename you soldiers and delete them over here.

2. This is an empty character slot. It means I can create new characters over here. To get an empty character slot, you have to buy them first. Prices enlistment:

  • Rifleman: 20.500
  • machine gunner: 55.700
  • fighter pilot: 54.000
  • Tank crew: 63.800
  • Anti-armor: 54.800
  • paratrooper: 46.300
  • recon: 62.500

3. And of course, here you can buy more character slots. Character slots are a lot more expensive then the characters themselves. Prices:

  • slot 1: 65.000 credits
  • slot 2: 91.000 credits
  • slot 3: 127.400 credits
  • slot 4: 191.100 credits
  • slot 5: 286.650 credits
  • slot 6: 429.975 credits
  • slot 7: 644.963 credits
  • slot 8: 967.444 credits
  • slot 9: 3500 gold
  • slot 10: 3500 gold

C, spawning: Yesterday I heard the same question quite often: ‘I can’t spawn in with my character.’ Then I asked ‘what did you buy and equip him with’ Often I got the answer: ‘A riflemen, I gave him a scoped rifle’.

Well, then that is the problem. At C, you can see what you can spawn in as. When you give your riflemen a rifle, it changes into a recon class. Which means, when you spawn in as riflemen, you have the default equipment. A riflemen must always have a rifle, a machine gunner must always have a machine gun, and so on. About how to spawn in as your character, more in chapter 5.

D, rank: Still in it’s early form, the rank system has been added to the game recently. It works quite simple, when you make kills, or destroy tanks, you get points added to your combat rank When you capture points, or win battles, you get points for your tactical rank. Those 2 ranks combined give you your total rank.

When you are rank 4,89 combat and 2,69 tactical, you still only get a total rank of 6. Meaning you need to get combat 5 until it gets to lvl 7. Rank does currently not add anything to the game, you can’t unlock any new items or anything like that.

I am currently trying to create a list of how much points you need to lvl up. It is not finished yet and will be updated.

combat rank (in points):

  • lvl1: 100
  • lvl2: 1000
  • lvl3: 4300
  • lvl4: 15900
  • lvl5: 46900
  • lvl6: 117.900
  • lvl7: 262.400
  • lvl8: 531.700
  • lvl9: 1.000.200
  • lvl10: 1.771.800
  • lvl11: 2.986.200

technical rank (in points):

  • lvl1: 100
  • lvl2: 400
  • lvl3: 1500
  • lvl4: 4400
  • lvl5: 11.200
  • lvl6: 24.900
  • lvl7: 49.800
  • lvl8: 91.700
  • lvl9: 158.600
  • lvl10: 260.300
  • lvl11: 409.100

E, ribbons:

Although it’s getting a overhaul soon, I will name it in this version of the tutorial. Ribbons can be earned by doing certain tasks. Capture x control points, make x headshots, the usual things. Ribbons alone don’t do anything, but in combination with other ribbons, they can unlock badges, which gives you updates like ‘not showing on map, more health, more ammo’ things like that.

Equipping And Modifying Your Weapons
Soldier 2.png

I have pressed the ‘change’ button on my rifle. And a pop up shows.
A, Weapons: Here, I see all my main weapons. Most of them are already equipped. Like I said in 2.1C, changing the main weapon, will change your characters class. You can equip your character with all different mines and grenades though. There is currently only 1 side arm and only 1 knife type.

From here, you can again press ‘tool-icon’ at your weapons. You can buy some add-ons, but all add-ons, will have both good and bad sides. For example: The heavy barrel, gives you a better accuracy, but also gives less damage when you hit an enemy. The modify screen isn’t very complicated, so does not need a tutorial. Warning! a lot of mods repair-costs are higher then you can earn credits ingame!

In the upper right corner you can also press ‘get more equipment’ popping up part B.
B: Get more equipment: Here you can buy new weapons and explosions.

Chapter 3, Assault team creation (For Generals)
You can also watch the video tutorial of this chapter: http://youtu.be/3wyKGLcEbhU

Your Assault Teams
You have just pressed the button from Chapter 1C This is what you now see:


A, Your assault teams: When you come here for the first time the only thing you see is ‘buy this slot’. This costs quite some credits, I have bought my 4 slots with gold. But you can collect enough credits by fighting in the FPS part. The cost per slot goes up at an exponential rate or in other words, your first Assault Team slot will be significantly cheaper to buy than your last.

You press this -empty- and then you press ‘create new assault team’, choosing a name and a “tag” for on the Campaign Map. Be aware others can see these names, so please name sensibly and with respect to your fellow players. Here you can create an assault team, varying in cost depending on the unit you choose (see picture 2).

Once you have your assault teams, you can select either of your units, so that they show up as you can see in the B tab.

B, Your current selected unit: Well, not much to tell about this tab. All you see here is a nice picture and the short name of the unit (in this case US-5).

C, Dissolving your unit: First of all you can see how much supply you have left. When this is empty do not dissolve your unit! Even when it gets destroyed it will be ‘reborn’ in your capital. Resupplying is free (more about that in the next chapter)

However if you want to change an infantry unit into an armoured you would have to dissolve the unit. You can dissolve your current unit here. You will not get a refund of resources, so don’t do this to often.

Creating A New Assault Team (by kingofkingtigers)
Generals 2.png
A, Choosing an assault team: In this screen you see 4 basic assault teams. Each unit has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Next to that, all units can be upgrades as their ranks progresses.
B, Unit information: Not much to say about this, it shows a nice screenshot of your current unit and tells a background story about it.
C, Buying your unit: Once you press the ‘acquire’ button, you can decide how to name it.

I always leave the short verb the way it is, and name my unit after it, in this case:


56th armoured div.

But what you call it is up to you just remember when naming that this is going to be seen by your fellow player and offensive names will be reported.
Addendum I, Assault Team Breakdown (Raneman and kingofkingtigers)

When you press the “Assault Team Progression Overview” button on the bottom right hand corner of the Assault Team main page, you open up this menu.

A. Progression Level: This denotes which assault teams you have and can unlock, when you buy the Infantry assault team at level 0, you then unlock Motorized Infantry at level 1, which you can then buy for a higher price.

B. Assault Team Information: Clicking any assault team will bring up this information box. Player Slots denotes how many people can be on the map at any one time from this assault team, so for this Infantry team there can be up to 6 players on the map from this team. Army Resources displays the number of tickets that the AT supplies, i.e. the number of spawns. When all spawns are used up, the assault team resets to Berlin (or London). The price differs for each assault team, generally armor units are more expensive, and each level increases in price. Assault team slots are a lot more expensive then the assault teams themselves. Prices:

  • slot 1: 29.000 credits
  • slot 2: 67.600 credits
  • slot 3: 120.200 credits
  • slot 4: 184.600 credits
  • slot 5: 259.500 credits
  • slot 6: 344.000 credits
  • slot 7: 437.500 credits
  • slot 8: 539.300 credits
  • slot 9: 4050 gold
  • slot 10: 4050 gold

C. Tech Tree: This shows the progression of assault teams. At level 0 there are only 4 assault teams as mentioned above, but as you buy more, you unlock more.
Assault team costs and supply:

Each assault team has a different role to fill, and some will require support in order to function properly.

Infantry: Infantry: This is the basic Assault Team and should definitely be your first purchase. It costs 15,000 Credits. You get 75 spawns, 2 machine gunners and 6 riflemen. Use this Assault Team in any Assault or Defence. Garrison them when making a Defensive Line.

Anti-tank Infantry: This assault team is used to destroy tanks. For 17,500 credits you get 30 spawns, 2 AT men, and 6 riflemen. This should not be used as a main attacking force, but rather as an urban counter to tanks. They do not do well in wide open areas, and work best when they have buildings and alleys to hide in and can assault tanks from close range. For wide open maps you should use Tank Destroyers.

Mechanized Infantry: This is an infantry squad with a halftrack for mobility. For 20,000 credits, you get 55 infantry spawns, 6 half tracks, 2 machine gunners, and 7 rifles. Use this when attacking if you want to speedily capture an area. The half-track is currently underarmored, so be wary that it’s vulnerable against small arms fire.

Paratroopers: This is a special assault team. For 27,500 credits you get 30 infantry spawns, for 8 paratroopers. Their special ability is that they have transport planes, allowing them to drop both in-game and attack from airfields in the campaign, allowing them to cross enemy lines to assault a city.

Recon: This is a sniper team. For 30,000 credits you get 14 spawns for 2 snipers. Use it on defence in wide open maps where they can easily eliminate key targets moving up to the point, such as jeep drivers or machine gunners.

Armor: This is a great part of any attacking or defending force. For 42,500 you get 30 crewmen spawns and 15 tank spawns. It works best when supporting infantry, and if the enemy has no ranged anti-tank measures, it can easily completely stop an assault. Use these when you want to completely destroy enemy infantry, or as a counter to enemy tanks.

Tank Destroyers: These specialized tanks are made specifically for taking out enemy tanks. For 38,500 you get 40 crewmen spawns and 25 tank destroyer spawns. Use them in wide open maps where they can easily attack enemy tanks from a very long distance away. They can also be used to kill enemy infantry, although with slightly less effectiveness then an actual tank. Has no hull gun, MG is unprotected. For urban AT operations, use an Anti-tank Infantry team.

Fighter Squadron: This is one of the most versatile units in the game. For 46,350 credits you get 14 pilot spawns and 24 plane spawns. Use them for excellent ground attack against infantry or tanks with their bombs or a counter to enemy airplanes (transport or fighter.) I do not recommend them for smaller engagements though, for the simple fact that they cannot directly defend points. If the battle is less then 8 v 8, do not send planes in. Teammates will often waste their time in planes leaving less defenders on the ground, often losing you the map.

Chapter 4: Assault Team Movement (For Generals)

You can also watch a video about this chapter: http://youtu.be/3wyKGLcEbhU

Basic Movement
Movement 1.png
As you can see, I have made screenshots of 3 different situations. Movement in allied territory, movement to neutral terrain, and movement to enemy terrain. You can also see, that the units I move have different icons. You might remember them from the last chapter. Those icons tell you which unit you are seeing. A is infantry, B and C are mechanized infantry.
Moving is very simple, you hold you mouse above a unit and you drag it to where you want to go. Be careful moving it to far in one time though, path-finding isn’t very smart and they simply move however is the fastest, it can bring you into situations you don’t want to be in. This will probably improve over time, but for now, be careful!

Seeing picture A, you move from allied to allied city, when moving over friend supply lines, you move faster, then in picture B and C, where you move to neutral and enemy city’s. If you need to reinforce someone fast, make sure you move over the blue supply lines.

Attacking An Enemy City
Movement 2.png

Time to go into battle. Again, I use 2 pictures for this one.
As you can see on Picture A, I have moved my unit towards the enemy city, and am now ready to engage. Therefore, an ‘attack’ button pops up.

When you press it, the battle starts, as you can see in picture B. Like I told in Chapter1.E,F and G, a player-generated mission starts. Players can join now and fight with your soldiers.

As you can see, you are outnumbered in supplies. To add more supplies, simply send more units into the battle. When you attack from other directions as well, you capture more access points, so your troops in game can attack from different sides. (more about this in the next chapter, this is very important to know for the Generals!)

NB: The current build allows only for a maximum of 12 ATs to be visible/spawnable in the action game mission. Retreat empty ATs from a town to allow the next ATs in the stack to be actually playable ingame.

I will write some tips about moving into combat in chapter 6. If you want to be a good General, make sure you read it.
Then there is one last point to talk about. In picture B, you see there is a ‘retreat button’. When your AT has a clear retreatment path you are allowed to retreat from battle but you will lose a lot of supply. So don’t be too hasty in pressing it.

Movement 3.png

Resupplying, I’ve talked about it before. You’ve just had a hard battle, and lost a lot of resources. So you need to resupply that.

There are 2 important rules to be able to resupply:

1. You need to have a uninterrupted supply line between your unit’s location and your capital.

2. You aren’t in combat.

Press the “get reinforcements” button (on the left side of your screen when your unit is selected) to order supplies.

Note: There are some bugs in the current build that make supply handling a bit difficult: – When your supply is on it’s way to your AT and your AT gets involved into combat or your supply route gets disconnected, the supply unit stops moving. Currently there is no way to manually move your supply unit (like in previous builds). The only way to make your supply move again is to move the associated AT into another town. This might not be possible if the AT is completely empty, so you can only reset the supply or even the AT using the reset-buttons in the AT list.

Chapter 5: The FPS Part Of The Game (For Heroes)

Chapter 5 can now also be found in a video: http://youtu.be/s1OEABL7KEc

For most, this is the most important part of the game. The fighting itself.

Once you have joined a battle, with or without customized character, you will first have to wait for a timer to start the battle. After that, you will come into the spawning menu, existing out of 3 steps. Because of the little amount of pictures I am allowed to post, I placed them all into 1 picture.

Spawning In

A, Choosing an assault team: Every battle has assault teams, doesn’t matter if it is auto-generated or player-generated. As you can see, there are 2 assault teams. Anti-tank and mechanized infantry.
Every assault team in this game has a ‘base of operations’. Which in this case, is the first, blue star. When this point is taken, you can no longer spawn in… from this assault team! There are multiple assault teams, so you might be able to spawn from the other assault team. So always look where you assault team is places before you choose him. I again have some tips about it in chapter 6.

B, Choosing a soldier: I have chosen for the mechanized assault.

As you can see, there are 8 spawnslots available and 3 different units. 1 of the machine gunners, is coloured red, which means another players is spawning into that unit. I can therefore not select that unit myself. For this battle, I am going to choose for the riflemen.

C, Choosing a loadout: Probably the most interesting step. As you can see, In the C-box, you see 2 names: default riflemen. The default options, gives me the standard riflemen. The ‘riflemen’ is the soldier I have equipped myself. With the sticky bombs, the badge I gave him. This is my customized soldier.

D, Supply’s: Supply’s, isn’t that something for the generals? It is, until the supply’s drop to 0, and you can’t spawn into this unit anymore. Always keep an eye out for how many reserves there are left to spawn with.

E, Choosing a location to spawn at: As you can see in the list to the right, there are a lot of places to spawn at. To make sure you spawn where you want to spawn, there are 2 ways to choose a spawn point.

The first one, is you select a name of a certain spawn point. As you can see here, ‘iron bridge townhouse’. After a while, you know which name spawns you where, but in the beginning. Search for a black soldier at the spawn points. The black soldier stands for your current chosen location.

Now, you can simply spawn at the spawn point closest to the enemy (the red control points on the map), but sometimes that isn’t always the best place to spawn. How that works, is mostly something you have to find out yourself.

F, Special equipement: It wouldn’t be mechanized infantry, if it didn’t have apc’s. APC’s aren’t just better then jeeps because they have more armour, they are good because they are mobile spawn points. Where-ever the apc is, you can spawn into it.

APC’s don’t spawn out of themselves like in most games. When you want an apc, you have to spawn in with one. From there, you can drive it everywhere. When you get into a battle, and someone is driving around with an apc, you will also get the spawn option ‘passenger’. This means you directly spawn into that apc. Something that I really recommend. It beats walking doesn’t it? ;)

As you can see, there are only 5 apc’s left, a full supplied mech. infantry team, only has 6. So these apc’s are valuable and rare. Make sure you don’t leave them to the enemy to easily. I again do have some tips about the use of apc’s in the last chapter.
Now, this whole story might seem very difficult, but after 5 games, you can dream it. It is really simple once you know how it works.

The Ingame Map
So, the next picture has an awful lot of information in it. So, I decided to divide it into 2 steps. 1, is in what way, the battle and the campaign map are connected with each other. The second is information that only goes for this particular battle. This is by the way, another battle then the previous example, the previous battle ended before I could make more screenshots. So I had to swap games.

The map.png
We will start with the yellow boxes + red letters:

A, Allied access point: Even though, the connection point on the campaign map, says I’m coming from above the river, the access point ingame says I’m coming from under the river. That is a bug indeed.

What is the same, Is that for both the campaign map and the battle, the infantry unit has his headquarters in this access point. If you join a starting game as attacker, you can only spawn from the access point, you have to conquer everything else after that.

B, Axis units: As you can see, on the campaign map on the right, it says the axis units, are in the middle of the city.

Remember picture 1 point A? If you capture the point where their unit is stationed, they can’t spawn in. HQ’s, are always either at access point, or at the stars you can see here (more about the stars in a later step).

C, Axis access points: As you can see, the Axis side also has 2 access points. That they have this access point, is because on the campaign map, these access points connect this city, to other axis city’s. If the axis move in new supply’s, the axis units will have their ‘base of operations’ on these access points.
That’s it for the yellow boxes. I will continue with the pink circles+ white letters.

A, Victory points: This is what it’s all about. When you capture both victory points as attacker, you win. It’s that simple. So, the defenders objective, is to hold these points.

C, Regular control points Be aware, this is C, not B. I’ve made a small mistake with handing out letters. I will make a new screenshot soon. C is one of the many standard control points. Every point on the map has a radio, when you stand next to a radio, you capture a control point.

As you can see, I’ve made a lot of white arrows. Those arrows are pointing to black lines. These black lines are supply lines. You can only capture control points, that are connected to one of your control points. So you have to fight for each control point, you can’t skip one. Also make sure the ‘frontline-CP’ of your side, is defended. So you don’t have to fight for the same point 10 times.

B, Access points: Before I start about the access points, in this circle, you can see a white arrow. That is you. Look for the white arrow when searching for your own location.

Alright then, access points. Access points are special points. They are the entry units for all attacking and defending assault teams. Now, attacking from the I have pretty much explained already.

The capping of access points have been edited. You can now cap them just like normal points.

D, Resupply node: It might be hard to see on the picture, but at point D, you see a small white box with a question mark in it. At these locations, you can find the resupply boxes+heal boxes. Sometimes they are in plain sight, sometimes you really have to look around a bit. since they are either in ruins or inside one of the buildings.

The game Hud
Ingame screen.png
Controls can be found here: Action Game Controls

Again, a lot of points to discuss, so let’s get started.

A, Victory bar: At this moment, every town battle, has 30 minutes to complete. Once these 30 minutes run out, the defenders win the battle. However, if the attackers own 1 of the victory points, the timer stops. So, once the attackers have captured 1 victory point, the battle could last for hours. When they lose the victory point again, the timer start running again from where it was when it stopped. So, if you captured the victory point after 16 minutes, you hold it for 30 minutes and then lose it again, the timer starts counting down from 14 minutes.
B, Being captured: Here, you can see how far your, or the enemy side, is with capturing a certain point. It should be, blue for your side, red for the enemy side. However, this isn’t working the way it should currently. When you hear a beeping, you know it’s the enemy capturing.
C, Being captured + Victory point: As you can see, the star is see through now, this means, it is being captured. It is a star, because this is one of the victory points.
D, front-line points: With C, being the front-line point of the allieds. The axis hold 2 front-line control points. These are represented by the red shields. As you can probably tell, shields (either blue or red) are normal control points, stars are the victory points.
E, Blue dot: The blue dot is real simple, it’s a player who is on your side. There are no red dots. In this game you shoot at enemy’s, not at their nametags ;).
F, Kill notifications: When someone kills someone else (or himself) you see that in this box. You also see what weapon he used to kill his enemy with.
G, Status: This is you, it shows your stance, your ammo, your health, your weapon, and the current range your weapon is shooting.
H, Chat bar: This is the chat bar.
J, Health+Ammo boxes: Often I hear the question, how to resupply. Well, that’s right over here. These boxes can be found on a lot of places, though, they cannot be found on the map. You have to search them for yourself. These boxes resupply and you also regain health. You do really have to stand on top of them for them to work.

Resupplying fighters
How to resupply planes

Chapter 6 Tips and Tricks

Basic Strategies
Rule 1: This is a strategy… I shouldn’t have to name. But judging by the players ingame… I have no other choice. This point, isn’t a strategy, it is a basic rule.


‘I need tank support’ ‘Enemy tank south west of our position’ ‘Enemy infantry advancing in the south’ ‘Need suppressive fire on the enemy control point’

‘General Dondergod, do you have any tanks available for Rotterdam?’ ‘Dondergod, we have a breach in our line, place a unit of infantry in Lille to stop them!’
This brings me to rule 2:


No man has ever won a war on his own, no man ever will.

Travelling alone in this game, is dangerous. If you run into an enemy, it’s always good to have a buddy next to you. The same goes for the Generals, if everyone is somewhere else playing their own game, units get flanked, cut of and destroyed on all fronts.
And the last basic rule, rule 3:

Listen to veterans.

Even though the game is young, some players have been around for quite some months. The know how most things work and often see more then you see. Listen to what they have to say and mostly do what they say.

Hero Strategies

Infantry combat
(note:If you have more tips, pm Dondergod on the forum or ingame)
1. Know your role! It’s a very basic rule. When you carry a sniper, you don’t go attack a point. When you carry a bazooka, you need to go chase down tanks (or let them come to you). Every weapon has his advantages and disadvantages, always keep that in mind when performing a certain action.
2. Respect your supplies! I know what you are thinking, what the hell is he talking about? Dying by getting shot by the enemy is not what I mean. Deliberately shooting your allies, killing yourself. They all cost supply. Supply, owned by a general. The generals have a tough job supplying you with the right equipment. So show them your gratitude by playing serious with your supply’s. Yes, we need to have fun! But the only one having fun when you neglect your ‘task’ is you. Think about the players around you.
3. Know your mission. When you are attacking, attack. When you are defending, defend. Attacking always costs more supply’s then holding a point. Defend the right places on the maps, and you have a huge chance of winning the map. More about this later.
4. Protect your tanks! A tank is a strong unit, but also very vulnerable. Tell your tanks where the enemy tanks are, shoot down infantry when they come close to your tanks. Always make sure your tanks are safe.
5.Always secure an area. When you have captured a control point, there might still be enemy’s walking around close by, make sure you check the surrounding before you move on to the next point. Better spent a minute chasing ghosts, then losing the point again in 3 minutes.

When you are attacking:

  • Don’t leave your control points completely undefended. Keep defenders at the control point, or make a long wide line when moving towards the next point, so they can’t sneak past you and capture it.
  • Never attack a point alone, always work together to attack a point.
  • Like explained before, every unit has a access point where he can start at. When you have multiple access point with units, use them! Flanking your enemy is always a great tactic to keep your enemy busy. When 1 flank is going bad, don’t be afraid to change flanks for a little while, they will not expect it and you can win a lot of ground that way.
  • EXPLORE! You can find many tactical positions in this game, building to use as firing base, ways to flank enemy’s and so on. It’s always good to find a place with a lot of cover, or a place where enemy’s don’t see. If they don’t see you, they can’t shoot you.
  • Choose your terrain, there is no point of running over the road by yourself, move through the woods, though the side streets in the city, you name it.
  • Flank the enemy, at certain points, frontal attacks don’t work. Move over the flanks and try it from the side. Preferably in a group. Let 7 guys suppress the enemy defenders, while you and the other 2 move around and attack them in the back.
  • You don’t have to always spawn at the closest spawn point to the front, if you spawn at your starting base you can pick up a car and make it to the front line about as quick as walking from the front point, plus you can pick up teammates on the way getting them into the battle quicker. Having a car will also allow you to attack from different directions that might otherwise be to long to take if you were on foot.
  • You don’t always need hits to be useful. When you know there is a sniper in a certain building, just spray it with bullets. Make sure he can’t pop out and shoot you. It might cost you a lot of bullets, without any kill yourself. But with good comms, a friend of yours can take the enemy out while you suppress him
  • You don’t always have to see your enemy to be able to kill him, sometimes, all you see are bullets coming from somewhere. You can’t see the enemy (through the fog) but you know where he has to be. Just aim for where the bullets are coming from, and you might get yourself a kill.
  • Don’t stay in one spot too long, remember you are attacking, if your team is not moving forward then you are losing.
  • With 5 minutes or less in the round its a good time to throw caution to the wind as long as you have the supplies to back you up.

When you are defending:

  • When you are overpop (more defenders than attackers) as defender, take the enemy points, and move towards the access points. But ONLY, when overpop.
  • Find the right places to defend. A lot of maps have ‘choke points’. On the ‘town map’ examples of choke points are: Stone bridge, Iron bridge townhouse and south beachhead. You are the defender, you decide where you will hold them!
  • Find good fire positions. The maps provide a lot of fox holes, buildings and woods to hide in. Take a good position and you can make lots of kills without them shooting back.
  • Attacking ALWAYS cost more supply’s than defending, so 1 more time, DEFEND when you must. Even if you can take the city by taking access points, you will have a lot of unnecessary casualties. Don’t forget, the war isn’t over after that 1 battle! And the supply’s will be needed in the next.

Tank Combat

1. You are a support unit, support! Tanks aren’t indestructible units, stay at a distance from the battlefield and fire your HE rounds at enemy infantry.
2. You are vulnerable The tank is the stronger unit on the map, but at the same time the most vulnerable. Tanks will fire at you, planes will aim for you and infantry will come from the flanks with anti-tank weapons. When facing enemy infantry, try to stay in huge open fields as much as possible. It is hard for infantry to reach you that way.
3. Choose your ground well Take some time to choose which hill gives you the best range. Most often, like I said in the previous point, go for the big open fields. But sometimes, when the enemy have you encounter enemy tanks, woods can be a better solution. You can flank enemy tanks and destroy them before ever seeing where you are. Don’t stick there to long though… the infantry will come for you!
4. Don’t spawn to many tanks With the current 12 vs 12 battles, 1 or 2 tanks are more then enough. Don’t forget, every soldier that spawns in as tank, cannot spawn in as infantry. Without infantry you cannot win a battle. When you see there are 2 tanks driving around, don’t be foolish and pick another one. Pick an infantry unit and go to where you are most needed.
5. In combat keep your head in the tank While it might be difficult to evaluate your surroundings from inside the tank, infantry will be waiting for that one tanker to stick their head out of the tank allowing them to kill you and to take your tank.
6. Listen for approaching cars Hearing a car turn off around you could be a sign that an anti-tank infantry is getting ready to plant a mine on your tank or to use a bazooka against you. Don’t get out to kill them as if you get out they can take your tank and use it against you now, if you think they are close then begin turning the tank and going random directions in an attempt to run the infantry over. If you are unsure of their location then travel forward (you will not be able to travel as fast in reverse allowing the infantry to keep up with you) and position your turret facing behind you so you can fire on them before they make it back to the car.

When you are attacking

  • Every once in a while, your infantry do need close tank support. The iron bridge is the best example of that. When you see your infantry is stacking up for a big assault. Join them, lead the way. Make sure you have an mg gunner firing your coaxial gun and fire away while you cross the bridge. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get any kills, or die 20 seconds after you have reached the other side. It will scare them, when they see a tank rushing towards them. They will only focus on you forgetting about the advancing infantry. Which gives that infantry the chance to capture that control zone.

When you are defending

  • Defending with tanks is often harder, since you most often have less ground to manoeuvre. Do try to find good hills to fire from, but if you can’t, take a position close to the defending infantry. You can fire at advancing enemy’s on a long range, while your infantry will keep the enemy of of your tank.
  • Fear is your friend, enemy infantry is afraid of a well places tank, just fire some rounds into buildings they might be in. You might get a lucky kill, or you might just scare them like hell. When you fire a shell every few seconds, enemy units will think twice about leaving their cover for the open fields. With them suppressed, your infantry can move up and finish the job.

Paratrooper Combat

A Paratroopers advantage is in the air

  • When you are the pilot avoid landing the transport plane unless you can get it in a hidden strategic spot, landing in an open field 100 meters from an objective basically eliminates any advantage you had before in the air.
  • Fly low when possible, this will leave you less open to far away anti-aircraft guns, also flying too high means it could take too long for the jumpers to reach the ground leaving them open to enemy fire.
  • As a pilot if you jump out arc the plane in an upward direction away from collision objects, this way if another Para spawns in the plane they will have a chance to take over the controls and avoid a crash, while saving your limited supply of planes.
  • As a jumper take advantage of being able to land on places not normally accessible and of strategic advantage, distracting their front line allowing your team to move up.


General Strategies

1. Infantry first When you defend or attack, make sure there is always an infantry unit fighting. When attacking, this can be replaced by a mechanized infantry unit, but as a rule, always infantry. Tanks are useless without proper infantry defence.
2. Using the right amount of troops:

Do you see what the difference is? Let me tell you, Ramsgate has tank support. At this moment, there are only 10vs10 battles, lasting 30 minutes. The average player dies 15 times per battle, max. You do not need 350 infantry supply’s in 1 battle. You can sent at least 150 infantry units to another place on the map, for example, using them to support other flanks of your frontline.

Let’s say both of these battles are happening at the same time. Everyone has their troops in Basingstone, but you notice, that ramsgate is losing a lot of troops. You should support it with another unit now… but hé, where are all the reserve units? Exaclty, in Basingstone. Only sent into a battle what you really need. Do make sure you always have some reserves you can sent in when things are starting to look bad.

Platoons (clans)
Even though there are no official platoons yet. People who want to be ‘trained’ and love teamwork. I suggest you to join one of the currently existing platoons. The platoons can be found on this wiki page:


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