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Heroes & Generals FAQ by S0LDieR

Explanation of how the Campaign map and the Action Battles are tied in
Heroes & Generals (H&G) is divided between a Campaign map where assault teams (ATs) are moved around by players (Generals), and the action battles, where players (Heroes) can play (for free).
There are different classes of AT’s (they will be explained in greater detail further ahead) just as there are different classes of soldiers. Everyone starts with a rifleman (which carries a m1 garand for the allied side and a K98K for the axis side).
You will be able to purchase new weapons and unlock new characters by spending credits on them (Characters tab). You will only be able to play them in the battlefield (action game) if the corresponding AT is located in that battlefield (only the first 12 ATs will be counted for the battle, so if there are 12 Infantry ATs and only afterwards are there Artillery – tanks – ATs, even though you have a Tanker character, you won’t be able to spawn as Tank Crew and take charge of a tank).
In all engaged battlefields where there is no action games ongoing (with real human players), the battle will be in an auto-resolve mode, where the Allies will battle the Axis units automatically.

How to join a battle? (I can’t get inside a game!)
You can join battles 2 ways: through the Character tab, which will use the auto-join system of the game to get you inside an action game (which does not always work).
In the Campaign map, you can join a fight manually by looking at the mission list on the right side of the screen.
You can only join a game if your side doesn’t have more than 2 players in relation to the other side. For example, if you want to join a game where it is 8 vs 6 enemies, you won’t be able to join because then, you would get 9 vs 6 (difference higher than 2 players). Just wait a bit for another enemy to join the game, so that it gets 8 vs 7, and then you will be able to join.

Can I join a battle with my friends or my clan mates?
So far, there is no grouping option available. The most you can do in-game, is to add friends to your list which will enable you to see when they are online (go to the “social” button on the right of your text box).
The only way to fight with your friends is for you and your friends to join the same battle manually in the Campaign tab.
Likewise, there is no clan organization options yet.

Differences between “Normal” action games and “Auto-Generated” action games?
In the Campaign map, you have a mission list on the right side of the screen. Some say normal and others say auto-generated. The Auto-generated ones are “practice” battles which aren’t tied in with the Campaign map and the war’s outcome. Whether your side wins or loses, it doesn’t matter.
The Normal battles are “real” fights which take place in towns with allied and enemy ATs. The outcome of those battles influence the Campaign map and whether your side will be able to advance or be forced to retreat.
Battles are only started when there is at least 2 players on each side. So, if you get a game where it reads 1 vs 2, be aware that if you join that battle, it will get to 2 vs 2 and the battle will start. It is advisable not to start battles where you have very few AT resources in comparison with your enemy because if you start it, you will run out of “lives” pretty fast and your enemy will win the battle easily. If you don’t start it, the battle will move on in auto-resolve and it will decide much slower.

I have joined a battle but I can’t spawn!?
It is not uncommon for you to join a battle where the infantry slots (if that’s the character you are using) are already used up. You will not be able to spawn as the AT’s that are fighting in that battle for your side have all been depleted. And you will also not be able to join another battle (with that character) until the one you have joined is over. There is also no spectating feature for you to watch others fight.
Usually when infantry slots go kaput, there are some tanker positions which are left. If you have a 2nd character who is a Tank Crew, you will be able to spawn him (even if not inside a Tank). He starts only with a pistol but you can pick up (pressing “e”) another weapon from weapon crates or other dead soldiers/players.

How do you move your ATs?
In the Campaign map, you will have “Find Assault Teams/Battlefields” right below the Campaign button. If you expand it, you will view all your ATs and if you left-click them, you will get zoomed in to them.
For starters, you need to deploy them and then press “get reinforcements”. In each town that you have an AT in, you can click that small yellow rectangle (it is yellow because you have one of your units inside it) and a larger rectangle will show up with all the ATs located in the town. You can then left-click your AT (hold left-click) and drag it to the place where you want it to go. It is not the easiest of systems as it makes it hard to move it around big distances but it is what we have.

Can ATs earn you credits?
No, they can’t. You got to fight in action games (you will see how many credits you won at the end) or use the credit card.

When can I get reinforcements for my AT?
When its resources are below 50% (less than half the men/vehicles/planes).
I press ‘get reinforcements’ on my AT but nothing happens!
There can be many things happening.
Is the AT in a fight? If it is in a fight it cannot get reinforcements.
Is it cut off from your supply routes? Reinforcements travel just as normal ATs (reinforcements for paratroopers and planes as well) do and they originate in your capital or from nearby towns. If your AT is cut off from these blue supply routes, it will be unable to get reinforcements.
Is it that the reinforcements are en route and you did not notice? If you go to the “Find Assault Teams/Battlefields” option, you will be able to see your ATs as well as your reinforcements. Click your reinforcement and check why they are not moving or if they are and you had not noticed.

Doing a reset on your ATs?
In the Campaign map, where you have “Find Assault Teams/Battlefields”, you have the option to doing a RESET to your AT. This will put it back into your capital and only works every 8 hours. You will need to get reinforcements for it after you reset the AT.
This is used when your AT is stuck and depleted of resources or when something has gone wrong for some reason and you can’t get things to work.

Where are the different types of ATs and their progression levels?
If you go to the Assault Teams tab, on the right lower part of the screen you will see ‘Assault Team Progression Overview’. There, you can have a general overview of ATs, what slots they give and their progression options.
Infantry can be leveled to Paratroopers which will enable you to use the Paratrooper character and use transport planes to drop off wherever you want (especially useful if you have a friend in teamspeak piloting the plane to take you where you want to drop off). Just like the Recon option will enable snipers to get used.
Due to being beta, there are some progressions that don’t make sense. For example, the Anti-Tank option doesn’t make sense because any infantryman can purchase a bazooka and any character can catch a bazooka from weapon crates spread through the action game map.

What is the difference between vehicles (jeeps VS those large transport vehicles)?
Jeeps have lighter armor and leave men more exposed to gunshot. The large transport vehicles known as APCs (armored personnel carrier), are the level 2 of infantry known as Mechanized Infantry. Besides giving better armor and protection against outside fire, they also act as a movable spawn. Instead of spawning in the designated blue circles, you can spawn as a passenger inside an APC.
It is not uncommon for APCs to be parked behind buildings near battles, so as to enable infantry to spawn there and get to the front line quicker.

How do I get inside a vehicle/bicycle and how do I change places?
You get inside a vehicle by pressing “e”. You change positions by pressing “c”. In a vehicle, usually you can change from driver, machine gunner and another seat.
If you press “shift” riding your bicycle you will go faster.

How can I level my AT/Why doesn’t my AT level (get a star)?

ATs start out at level 0 and can be leveled to level 1, 2 and 3 (game is in beta and there are no level 3 options yet).
Your ATs level up by fighting wars, so just take them to battles and they will level in a few days. Don’t despair if they don’t level as fast as you hope, they will level eventually if you get them into fights.

TIP: sometimes things just don’t seem to work out. If you have run out of options, just try to close your game and log in again and see if things have gotten into place somehow.

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