Hawken Vanguard Cupcake Guide

Hawken Vanguard Cupcake Guide by Tkblack

I know its already been posted about having a missing detonator which is true. It can not be found anywhere. Anyways, I just wanted to talk about how to use the Vanguard since I’ve been seeing a lot of people having trouble with it. I myself included when I first tried it until i figured out how to use it. So i Just want to share this, feel free to add any extra tips of your own or any constructive criticism  is also welcome.

1. Grenade Launcher and Primary: I’ve been seeing a lot of people trying to go for direct hits but that seems kind of silly to me since its not what It’s meant to do. It’s ok if you get a direct hit but you’ll just be wasting combat time trying to do so. Always detonate near the target for the best damage, preferably the mechs height if it was laying down(if that makes any sense). Right-click again after launching it to detonate it at the desired distance. Don’t wait for it to explode unless you’re trying to get a long range shot.

Do try to keep within medium to short range since you are equipped with short range primaries for best damage output. If your low on health try to hide behind corners and bank-a-nade off a wall or leave one behind the corner if you see the guy on your radar coming to it. You can also arc it over walls, roofs and bridges just make sure to hit that RM button again. You may also do this before direct engagement if you know he’s coming.

That is the simplest part. The hard part is using your primary while using your GL properly. While you are aiming at the target hold your primary button down while on the target while also shooting your GL and then right-clicking again for detonation. REMEMBER you want splash damage. Oh he’s dodging? Wait for the dodge and fire off the GL,heck you can still hit him while he’s dodging. Keep doing it, it reloads faster than the TOW if you do this quick enough. You can hit him more than he can hit with his TOW. He’s in the air? Same thing fire it off in the air and detonate it. Anticipate movements of course you already know that.

2. Heat Management: Don’t get too crazy watch your heat. You will be firing your primary and GL rather quickly so it can get a little hot. Just keep firing your GL since it doesn’t make a lot of heat and you will get more DMG than your primary. You can wait in between shots and run away/dodge a little so you can use your primary again. If you overheat,just stick to what you do best to stay alive.

3.Health Management: You’re a big guy. You’re going to get a lot of aggro, I know I have. If you get too low pop your health refill (default button: 2) in a corner. Depending on the situation, you just stay on top of the spark and wait it out until its gone for a quick heal or if you feel comfortable to repair, go right ahead.. If you’re conflict is finished hide somewhere and get that health up.

4. Opiontal: Optimization and Equipment: You can feel free to do whatever you want here but I’m just going to go ahead and tell you what I do. In my optimization i  spec for defense, max armor, repair time damage mitigation. Although it is small, it does help for those miracle survivals when you have aggro on 5 people. I’m also thinking about just dropping that and try the damage tree. As far as primaries go, I really don’t see much difference other than Mini flak cannon does a bit more damage than the SMG you just have to be more on point. I went with Mini flak but its really whatever makes you more comfortable.

5. Turret mode: Nope. I haven’t found any uses for it….makes more sense for rocketeer but for this….erhm I have no clue. I tried it multiples times….and I have people dancing around my body like musical chairs. Me no likey.

Well thats pretty much all I got. If you have any questions feel free to drop some. Please also note that It’s 830  in the morning and I’m tired as a fuzzy bunny since I still haven’t slept yet. So if something sounds weird let me know. Remember this is just one persons input and experience. I have gone 2X-X as far as Kills and deaths go. I haven’t reached 2 digits in deaths yet with the cupcake.  Within two hours I got her up to level 20. My Cupcake Vanguard’s name is Princess and she approves this message =). Don’t ask me why its Princess or why its a she. It just happened to work like that in my head.

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