Hawken Weapons and Abilities List

Hawken Weapons and Abilities List by ArnieF4440

Weapons and Aiming

  • Shoot at the spot a dodging person will land at with projectile weapons(TOW and GL). It’s impossible for them to dodge as they’ve been locked into an animation.[D20Face]
  • Shooting after a person has used a sidestep is still a guaranteed hit at mid range if you aim directly at them and make sure to detonate as the target dodges again.[D20Face]
  • Aerial targets are sitting ducks. Open fire.[D20Face]
  • Knowing where you’ll be aiming when you finish your dodge makes attacks much more coordinated. Plan to release the trigger when you get to your destination, not after it. [D20Face]
  • Use blast (splash) damage. An indirect hit will deal the same damage as a full hit in most(any non Repeater) situations. Don’t be afraid to detonate before attacks hit or shoot at people hugging corners. Doing this properly reduces enemy damage mitigation significantly. [D20Face]
  • If you have effective corners and space, use the tow rocket or any projectile weapon to lead hit and run during a retreat or fighting superior numbers.  I whittled entire squads who gave chase by timing tow rockets to hit just as they turn the corner, by this time I’ve already turned and moved on. [DDwarrior]

Weapon Chart
Here’s a weapon chart with all the weapons stats and damage per second. Some of the field’s may not be valid yet

Scroll right :)

Weapon Chart 2 (more detailed)
This chart is based on some stats that DarkPulse provided during CBE2, but using ingame garage stats and a bit of analysis and testing. Cells/weapons in yellow (or no or 0 value) I’m uncertain of, and columns marked in yellow are CBE2 stats, so I’m not sure if the stats are different until I begin digging through the game once I figure out how to use the Unreal Tools lol. For the speed section, if its Hitscan … its obvious.


Primary & Alt Primary

  • Your primary weapon! Some of them have the ability to be charged to deliver more projectiles, or a higher damage projectile. This can be done by holding down your ‘primary weapon’ key [ArnieF4440]

Heat Cannon

  • Heat cannon has a “charged” fire. Holding the primary will charge it up to deliver a higher damage projectile at the cost of the time required to charge the weapon [ArnieF4440]
  • There’s a trade-off for using charged Heat Cannon fire. Without charging, the heat cannon does lesser damage per shot hit, but has a higher rate of fire. When charged, the weapon does more damage per shot hit, but has a lower rate of fire [ArnieF4440]
  • A charged heat cannon shot has a bigger explosive/splash damage radius and faster travel time compared to a partially charged or uncharged shot
  • Charged Heat cannon will hold the “charge” during boosted side strafes, but not when you boost forwards (since the arms retract) [ArnieF4440]
  • a Uncharged shot point blank against a wall does no damage to yourself, but a fully charged shot does. Why this is useful? Maybe if you don’t have the timing downpat for shooting then boosting near cover, you can prevent self injury. [ArnieF4440]
  • When it comes to using the heat cannon, I recommend not charging it in frantic situations, the damage benefit isn’t as high as it used to be in closed betas. If you have the time to charge it up, then go ahead [ArnieF4440]
  • While people preach the good word of the charged shot, don’t forget that your DPS is actually higher if you fire uncharged shots as soon as they become available. This is incredibly useful in open terrain environments where burst fire isn’t as important. Just keep in mind uncharged shots do not consistently provide the AOE explosion that charged shots do, so make sure you learn to factor in the projectile’s travel time and land direct hits on your target. Your sustained fire shots for the uncharged HEAT will give you just enough extra damage to matter… provided you can land every round. [Conquistador]

Assault Rifle

  • The assault rifle is extremely accurate with burst fire, use this to get extra damage on distance targets or snipe through small openings without the enemy being able to retaliate.[DDwarrior]

Submachine Cannon

  • Just hold this puppy down and spray enemies :). The heat gain isn’t too high, so it allows sustained fire [ArnieF4440]

Point-D Vulcan

  • The Point-D Vulcan has a barrel spin up time just like a mini-gun. You can minimize this in combat by periodically tapping your fire key to spin up the gun but not fire it [ArnieF4440]

Slug Rifle

  • The Slug Rifle is has the lowest DPS of any primary weapon, but it’s hitscan and long distance. [D20Face, DPS adjusted as of CBE3 [ArnieF4440]]
  • Combine firing the Slug rifle with the sabot rifle and the ballistics barage ability for max damage, its really lethal to A-classes [ArnieF4440]

SA Hawkins

  • The Hawkins is a POS, the low fire rate and damage, and high heat rate make it a difficult weapon to use, let alone kill people with [ArnieF4440]


  • [Placeholder]

Flak Cannon

  • The Flak Cannon has the second highest DPS of any of the primary weapons in the files and the most of any available in the first closed beta. [D20Face, stats to be verified for OB]
  • I personally consider the Flak more useful (vs Point-D Vulcan). They’re both up there, but they both have pretty piss ranges. The burstyness of the flak and lack of spin-up makes it better for finishing people off and it’s easier to aim because shotgun. [D20Face]

Mini Flak

  • This thing tears mechs up at close range, but like the Flak Cannon, it only works at short distances. Just keep hammering people with this, the fast fire rate allows for a lot of damage with moderate heat gain. [ArnieF4440]
  • I think its a 8 pellet x 2 (it fires 2 shots of 8 pellets one after the other really quickly) shotgun. It does 64 damage, so each pellet is only 4 damage. You gotta get in pretty close to make the weapon count [ArnieF4440]

EOC Repeater

  • The Repeater has the highest initial burst of any primary weapon assuming a full charge and direct hits with every round. [D20Face, stats to be verified for OB]
  • By far the goofiest weapon in the game, the EOC repeater is a charged minelayer that fires a maximum of six pucks, and the pucks detonate after a short downtime. The EOC currently does 210 damage (higher than double a charged HEAT shot), provided all mines connect. Charged shots do a mixture of kinetic damage (when the mines hit) and explosive damage (when the mines detonate). Fully-charged minefields do a maximum of 150 damage if an opponent walks over them. [Conquistador]
  • Timing is EVERYTHING with the EOC. Direct hits are monstrously rewarding on the EOC, but the difficulty tied to the weapon’s firing delay makes it non-ideal for beginners. The EOC also has the highest skill floor and skill ceiling of all HAWKEN weapons, so don’t expect to do extremely well with it at first. You need a specific mindset to use the EOC Repeater effectively, so treat it as a “FUN GUN” and don’t play too seriously with it. [Conquistador]
  • Learn to lead before firing the weapon, and adjust your aim accordingly directly after firing to compensate for the delay between pucks. The EOC is really good at punishing stationary targets or targets that have predictable movement patterns (like hovering in one direction or boosting directly towards you), so it makes it perfect for kiting your opponent if he`s charging headfirst to kill your sorry ass. If you manage to lead your opponent into a foxhunt, carpet bomb the path you predict he`ll follow (or a convenient choke point along the way) to pursue you, and lure him onto the minefield. Ambush him by charging up a second volley of six mines, and try to hit him with it as the minefield detonates. Combined with your secondary weapon, light classes will evaporate if done correctly. [Conquistador]


  • sSounds exactly the same as the GL so it can be quite deceptive for players who listen to weapon sound [ArnieF4440, it has its own sound now]
  • The Rev-GL can arc very far away, so you can play a little support role of a mobile mortar. But dont do this when youre alone, you’ll let out a Radar Signature for your enemies to locate you. [CaptainCiboulette]


  • [placeholder]


  • [placeholder]


  • The projectiles only ricochet once, use them wisely to shoot people around corners, etc [ArnieF4440]


  • [placeholder]


  • Seems there is some confusion about this so I’ll put this here now. Secondary weapons all have a weapon utility function. This can be activated by pressing the ‘weapon utility’ key binding and alternatively, depending on the weapon, by pressing the ‘secondary fire’ button again. TOW Rockets can be detonated mid flight, grenade launcher mines can also be detonated, Hellfire Rockets can lock onto players and items, and the Sabot Rifle has a zoom. TOW and GL weapon utilities can also be activated by using the ‘secondary fire’ key [ArnieF4440]
  • It is possible to shoot and destroy some secondary weapon projectiles mid flight. For example, you can shoot down other player’s TOWs with the Assault Rifle, hellfires or your TOW even [ArnieF4440]

TOW Rocket

  • Tow Rockets are dumb-fire and can be detonated mid-air by clicking the mouse wheel or secondary fire key again.  Learn to lead targets to land direct hits for maximum damage.  [DDwarrior]
  • With practice if an enemy mech side dashes you can guarantee a direct hit by launching the rocket at the point the dash ends. If you miss, detonate the rocket in mid-air to inflict damage on the enemy. [DDwarrior]
  • The detonation can also be used to damage mechs hiding around corners. [DDwarrior]
  • Watch the visible cast off light on the ground to gauge when to detonate the warhead.  The smoke trail and rocket plume usually obscure the rocket itself. [Kaylos]

Grenade Launcher

  • Grenades are launched in a “projectile arc” at a low velocities. This makes the grenade launcher really good at firing above and around objects and structures that are between you and your enemies. [ArnieF4440]
  • Its useful to fire grenades at where you think your enemy will go. Eg. if they boost right, then fire right … [ArnieF4440]
  • You can manually detonate the launched grenades using your secondary fire button. But this only applies until the next grenade has been loaded into the launcher (there’s a reload bar on the right of your reticule). You can use this to splash damage an enemy if the grenade just misses. Regardless, grenades have a timer, so they will detonate after ‘x’ seconds [ArnieF4440]
  • Grenade Launcher hit enemies where no other weapon can. Use walls in your favor, grenades will bounce on them, hitting an enemy you can not see. Adjust your angle, shoot and detonate at the right time (if you’re sure there is an enemy mech there) [SirMilagres]
  • GL has gotten a projectile speed boost since closed beta [ArnieF4440]

Hellfire Missiles

  • You do not need to hold the ‘weapon ability’ button (mouse button 3 by default) to enable the lock on, only to click it once then when your reticule passes over a target (enemy mech) it will ‘lock-on’ with a ‘lock’ sound and UI effect. Remember though, if you click the ‘lock-on’ button and do not see any enemies, it will time-out and you will need to activate it again.[EMEUTIER]
  • When Firing the rockets It is often best NOT to fire directly at the target but where you imagine they might be heading towards, and when firing from some distance over an open space try firing the rockets (after lock-on) at an upwards angle so they can travel over obstacles and act with a mortar style effect.[EMEUTIER]
  • You can “dumb fire” hellfire missiles. A lock on is not necessary, but this means that the missiles will not actively track targets [ArnieF4440]
  • Hellfires can lock onto turrets and other items. This can be really annoying if there’s an enemy mech behind the item though, so you gotta be a bit careful with your aim [ArnieF4440]
  • If you get hit by a Hellfire salvo, you get knocked back by the impact of the explosion. This is amplified if you’re hovering and it can throw off your aim [ArnieF4440]
  • I find that if you’ve got an open enough area, jumping and firing hellfires works best. It gives the missiles more distance to home onto targets [ArnieF4440]
  • Hellfire Missiles are capable of homing around corners and above walls, as long as you’ve got the lock, they can do this. I recommend aiming above or to the left or right of the target depending on the obstacle so the projectiles can spread, then start homing [ArnieF4440]
  • You can also spam the weapon utility for Hellfires. For me in particular, I added a thumb button as a keybinding so its a bit easier to use hellfires while shooting [ArnieF4440]
  • You cannot lock-on to a target inside or behind a shield [ArnieF4440]
  • You can fire Hellfire missiles a few fractions of a second earlier than when you see the reticule lock on. This will have no downside in terms of missile homing, you just have to get the timing down [ArnieF4440]
  • If you’re coming up against someone close range, it is possible to boost through the center of the hellfires due to the spread and homing pattern of hellfires [ArnieF4440]
  • You can fire then lock onto a target and it’ll still home onto whoever you’re firing at. Cool for firing around corners [ArnieF4440]

Sabot Rifle

  • Combine firing the sabot with slug rifle and Power Shot for max damage [ArnieF4440]


  • [placeholder]


  • The weapon utility key switches between MIRV and Grenade launcher mode [ArnieF4440]
  • If you want to be nifty, use the mode switch during the reload cycle [ArnieF4440]
  • MIRV mode has a fairly limited range [ArnieF4440]


  • Every mech gets an ability, not all of them are specific to a mech though.  [ArnieF4440]
  • Some abilities last for a duration (camouflage) or have an instantaneous effect (weapons coolant) [ArnieF4440]
  • After use, the mechs ability will enter a “cool down” phase where you cannot use it (excluding Mobile and Fortified Turret). This does vary depending on the ability.  [ArnieF4440]


  • Turns player nearly invisible. Lasts for 8 seconds. Cooldown of 60 seconds.[DarkPulse]
  • Works really well for retreating, however firing a weapon or using an item will cancel your camouflage. [ArnieF4440]
  • You can use camouflage to sneak up on enemies with a fully charged heat cannon and secondary weapon. Works really well when enemies are oblivious to your location. [ArnieF4440]
  • Camouflage becomes useless if you are “spotted” by an enemy (HUD highlights your mech with a red outline). The red outline of your mech still remains on your enemies HUD if you go into camouflage mode while still spotted [ArnieF4440]
  • Your reticule will still highlight if you’re aiming at someone who’s in camouflage mode [ArnieF4440]
  • Camouflage doesn’t stop your radar signature from popping up. It keeps you from being shot at by turrets though [ArnieF4440]

Weapons Coolant

  • Removes all heat buildup. Lasts for 1.5 seconds. Cooldown of 60 seconds. [DarkPulse]
  • Best used just prior to overheating your mech during heavy combat when you are constantly spamming weapons [ArnieF4440]
  • If you do overheat, using this ability it does reduce the cool down time significantly [ArnieF4440]

Turret Abilities

  • It is possible to cancel the animations of going into the turret mode. If you press your ability key mid animation, the opposite will happen, however, that whole animation will play through. This is useful if you accidentally go into turret mode and need to get out of it. [ArnieF4440]

Mobile Turret

  • Takes 5 seconds to transform. Movement speed is 400 UU/sec. All types of damage are reduced by 60%. [DarkPulse]

Fortified Turret

  • Takes 5 seconds to transform. Mech regains 8 Armor/second. All types of damage are reduced by 65%. [DarkPulse]

Vanguard Turret

Artillery Turret

  • Artillery Turret: Takes 5 seconds to transform. Weapons do 5% more damage. All types of damage are reduced by 65%. [DarkPulse]

Weapon Damage

  • Adds 10% damage. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cool down of 60 seconds. [DarkPulse]
  • Weapon damage buff for a short period of time. Best used while in the middle/start of an engagement, to take down enemies faster [ArnieF4440]

Damage Absorb

  • Damage Absorb Ability: Reduces all damage taken by 15%. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cool down of 60 seconds. [DarkPulse]

Fuel Reserves

  • Takes 1:05 to recharge
  • Recharges the amount of fuel in your mech by about 1/2. You can use this to boost all the way to a destination fairly quickly [ArnieF4440]

Power Shot

  • Greatly increases all damage dealt within two seconds of activating the ability.
  • This ability adds a greater damage bonus than Ballistic Barrage, the Sharpshooter’s previous ability.

Precision Overdrive

  • Greatly increases accuracy for a short duration


  • increases mechs movement speed for several seconds. Plus, while Blitz is active you can fire your weapons while boosting forward!

Others not in CBE3

  • Jet Boosters: Increases walking speed by 150 UU/sec, running speed by 250 UU/sec, and boost speed by 500 UU/sec. Decreases Walk-to-Run transition time by .25 seconds and decreases stop-to-walk transition time by .25 seconds. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cool down of 60 seconds. [DarkPulse]


  • You can re-assign optimizations any time. So if you’re going to enter a match with certain conditions, you can prepare for that. However, if you’ve got optimizations that have a “dependency”, you have to un-assign the points from the dependent optimization before you can change the other one. [ArnieF4440]
  • Optimizations only add a little buff ATM. Try and focus on optimizations that will work with your play style (more health for example), or ones that provide a greater overall benefit (-0.25s acceleration time is huge compared to the time it takes to accelerate your mech from walking to running) [ArnieF4440]
  • Try to max the thruster usage and regeneration rates for C-class. Tanking comes at a huge mobility cost [ArnieF4440]

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