Hawken Settings and Console Commands Guide

Hawken Settings and Console Commands Guide by ArnieF4440

DISCLAIMER: Tweaking INI’s is not supported by the devs, backup your original files, and ONLY modify the files in Documents\My Games\Hawken\HawkenGame\Config not your install directory


  • Cockpit Lag – Delay between you moving the mouse and your mech moving. The higher this slider is, the more authentic the mech will feel, the lesser, the quicker the mech will respond. I prefer to keep this at the minimum possible for the responsiveness [ArnieF4440]
  • Changing FOV: [ArnieF4440]

My Games\Hawken\HawkenGame\Config\HawkenGame.ini
FOV_Override=[your fov here]

  • My Games\Hawken\HawkenGame\Config\HawkenSystemSettings.ini <- where all graphical settings are stored. Tweak at your own risk [ArnieF4440]
  • If you wanna disable the F10 Unreal Engine Screenshot keybinding, go to My Games\Hawken\HawkenGame\Config\HawkenInput.ini and put a comment (using “;”) before, but on the same line as any line which has F10, or for commands “TiledShot 3 256”.[ArnieF4440]

Console Commands
You can hit ‘T’, ‘F6’, or ‘~'(tilda) (or whatever your console keybind is) to open up the console. If it has something, just hit backspace until its clear

  • say [your message here] – ingame message to all
  • teamSay [your message here] – ingame message to team only
  • stat fps – shows FPS counter
  • switchteam – switches team

More console commands can be found here:
But not sure if they all work (give it a shot)

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