Hawken Basic Tips

Hawken Basic Tips by Elix

Hawken is a fast-paced FPS in big, hulking mechs. I, myself, am not that great of a mech pilot, partially from lack of practice and partially from having a computer that couldn’t render a pack of fuzzy bunnies if you gave it a week, but enough excuses from me. Hawken is a bit different, and it requires a bit of a different playstyle than some people are used to.

Don’t stay still. You’re a target, and the less you move the easier you are to hit.

Don’t be afraid to retreat. Remember, you can heal yourself if you can get away and hide.

Maintain situational awareness. As much as possible. In a chaotic deathmatch, this can be hard. Use your radar, and remember that radar jammers may be in play.

Be aware of your mech’s limitations. Hawken CB test 2 had three classes of mech: A, B, and C. CB test 3 probably will have the same. You get more heavily armed and armoured, but slower, as you go from A to C, and this drastically changes your options in a firefight. Don’t jump into a fight that you won’t survive unless you have no choice; it will take longer for you to respawn and run back to the battle than it will to run away, hide, repair, and come back. In general, sharing the same body parts (in the shop) means mechs are in the same class.

Watch the tutorial videos. It’s what they’re there for.

Manage your heat. Overheating shuts your guns down for several critical seconds. Overheat at the wrong time and you’re dead.

Support your team in team game modes. This especially applies to missile assault and siege, where multiple roles are needed in order to win. You need to coordinate, and you need to stick together. A lone wolf is a dead mech, and dead mechs can’t capture or complete round objectives. Watch your teammates’ backs in team deathmatch.

Have fun. Don’t take the game too seriously, and don’t let someone else ruin your enjoyment of the game. If you aren’t having fun in a particular server, leave it and play in a different one. Hopefully, you’ll have a more fun experience in that one. Don’t flip out on the player and start saying nasty things about their mother. That sort of behaviour tends to get you in a load of trouble in most games.

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