Hawken Radar and Detection Guide

Hawken Radar and Detection Guide by The_Silencer

FYI on maneuvering and radar:

1.- Turning in place does not register on radar.
2.- 180º boost turn does just for about half a second (only if someone is pretty close to you).
3.- Walking leaves you on radar for about 0.5 second after you stop (only if someone else is pretty close to you too).

4.- Running leaves you on the radar for about 1 second after you stop.
5.- Dashing/boosting/jumping leaves you on radar for about 2 seconds.
6.- Firing either weapon registers for about 3 seconds.

7.- Walking in range of a radar scrambler item will generate 4 slow moving radar dots.up on radar either. Radar scramblers doesn’t work anymore once their owners die. – *Your radar scrambler item registers on radar itself as well.

8.- On Healing: You register on radar only when you start to heal your mech and only if someone else is very close to you (in walking range). – *After that instant, healing won’t keep you on radar.

9.- Item use currently doesn’t show up on radar either (with the only exception of radar scrambler items per se).

10.- Radar items reveal all hostiles within their operational range. This item will automatically trigger an Enemy Sighted or Spotted tactical marker on the nearest hostile. – *Your radar item won’t register on radar so you can not use it to trick to your opponent/s anymore.

11.- Turrets do not register on radar per se. – *May be subjected to further changes though.

Additional notes:

* You have to be pretty close to someone that is doing a 180º, (8)healing or walking to see him on the radar, but you can be pretty far away to see someone firing a weapon on radar.

** A little yellow arrow indicates on whether the target is above or beneath you.

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