Guild Wars 2 Money Managing Tips

Guild Wars 2 Money Making Tips by Quorra

I’ve done a lot of crafting through the beta and stress tests and one thing I’m always trying to manage is having enough money AND having enough crafting materials.  So each time I get loot while out adventuring I have to decide what items to salvage and what items to vendor for coin.

Here’s what I’ve found to work best for me:

What I vendor:

I vendor all items which would salvage into common metals or wood.  This is generally all heavy armor and weapons.  I simply sell these items to NPC merchants for coin.

If the item is mastercraft (green) quality or higher I will usually try to sell it on the trading post to other players.  In some cases I may choose to salvage these items with a very high level salvage kit if the item carries a rune/sigil I am hoping to retrieve, but I will not salvage them for the metal or wood.  Fine (blue) weapons and heavy armors may also be worth selling on the trading post if they are the high power stat variety (strong, mighty, etc.).

Common metals and wood are SO easy to obtain that these loot items will generally be more valuable to you for their coin than for their materials.

What I salvage:

I salvage all items that are designed to only be salvaged, this is the most obvious part

I salvage all light and medium armor that is fine (blue) or lower quality to get cloth and leather.  As usual, mastercraft and higher stuff will be sold on the trading post or salvaged for runes/sigils with high level kits.


I’m not really decided on what to do with jewelry drops I may receive.  Honestly I don’t seem to get very many of these as drops.  Jewelry will salvage into the precious metals and gems which definitely sell well.  I think I would either salvage them or sell them on the trading post but I doubt I would vendor any of it.  The gems are so valuable that using a very high level salvage kit may be worth it for accessory items.

All in all I think this is a fairly balanced approach that is somewhere in the middle between the extremes of selling everything and salvaging everything and should net you a decent amount of money and materials to allow you to continue your crafting endeavors.

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