Guild Wars 2 Quick Daily Guide

Guild Wars 2 Quick Daily Guide by Incendirax

Good evening, afternoon and what ever time you may be reading this at. This is just a little helping hand to those who are having trouble doing their dailies in limited time. Personally, I am a very casual player, but I will come on for about 20 to 40 minutes a day to get my dailies done because I am not adverse to the “chore” feel to it that everyone is complaining about. I have thus posted this to help anyone with time constraints.

Following are the ways i do the daily requirements quickly. I will assume that you have at least one 80 at your disposal and have the money to WP, or several that you can keep stationed around the place (which is what I do). I would recommend using the Gw2 interactive map (search in google) if you are confused about where I mean.

1. Daily kills – I would recommend waypointing to anywhere near a centaur camp in Kryta, as the mobs are easy to kill and respawn very rapidly. See Kessex Hills, Gerrandan Fields and Harathi Hinterlands.

2. Daily Gathering – My favourite spot is just north-west of Thistlereed Waypoint in Timberline falls. If you follow the hill up, you will see a Veteran Jotun guarding a cauliflower patch. Kill him, and harvest the cauliflowers. Then jump off the cliff into the water (dw this is obvious when you are there). Turn around, and swim into the cave (these is a large opening underwater). You will find a Rich Mithril Vein. If this is not yet 20 gatherings, these are 2 mitrhil nodes at about 5 seconds swim  and sometimes a gold node right in front of the cave.

3. Veteran Daily kills – I would recommend porting to Irondock Shipyard waypoint in Plains of Ashford. Make your way west and you should come across a cave on your left. Inside, there are 4 to 5 veteran Sparks or Skelks than respawn very quickly, and they should be easy to kill for any moderately geared level 80 as they are only level 12 from memory.

4. Daily dodges – Some of the easiest attacks in the game to dodge are those of the basic Ice Elementals, as they are slow moving and easy to see projectiles. I would recommend teleporting to somewhere like Wide Expanse waypoint in Dredgehaunt cliffs, and there are about 5 elementals directly south, as well as some jotun to the west.

5. Daily kill variety – this is the only one I can’t be much help for, but the starter zones (such as Plains of Ashford, Queensdale, and my particular favourite Caledon forest) seem to have the largest variety within the individual zone.

6. Aquatic Kills – teleport of Grawlenfjord waypoint in Wayfarer Foothills, and make your way north to the water. There are about 15 white fish (which count) that you can kill easily and some level 3 skelk to the south by the entrance to the cave in which a skillpoint can be found. This can also be done in the same place as daily veteran kills as above.

7. Daily healer – Just north of Nebo Terrace Waypoint in Gerrandan Fields, where a tonne of Human soldiers are lying there, just waiting for a kind soul to come along and rez them. Be warned , a lot of people know this, so be prepared to use swiftness to get from body to body!

8. Daily events – the best place for this is again north of Nebo Terrance Waypoint in Gerrandan Fields, but a lot of 80’s are doing this so it can be difficult to tag. Cursed shore is still a great option, as are the southern areas in Dredgehaunt Cliffs.

9. Daily crafter – just port to your Borderlands in WvW, and even if you don’t have a 400 crafting profession, learn one refine some raw materials that you are sure to have hanging around. Raw materials are never part of recipes, only the refined versions, so what you are really doing is clearing space in your materials tab!

10. Laurel vendor – well…. What can i say? Teleport to the nearest city and run to the vendor; nothing could be easier!

And there you have it; a way to get dailies done in limited time. I am open to suggestions and will update this if i get a chance.

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