Guild Wars 2 Guardian Judgement Build Guide

Guild Wars 2 Guardian Judgement Build Guide by Carrioncrow

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Runes: Rune of Divinity x6

Sigils: Hydromancy x2 on mainhand’s and Rune of Air on Focus

Amulet: Amulet of the Berserker

The Main power of this build comes from using your CC abilities to hold an enemy in place while your Spirit Weapons beat on them all the while backing it septer attacks which hit for a truck load.

You have significant defensive abilities in the form of the Focus, Resolves and Judgments to sustain yourself during long fights or to survive super burst builds.

The Staff is absolutely critical for Spvp and more so for tourney’s just for the ability to put swiftness on yourself and others. In a pinch you can use Marytr to save a teammate or just to get 5secs of swiftness. The whole reason to use Hyrdomancy sigils is if you get jumped while you have your staff out, quickly switching will buy you time.

Last but not least if you are losing a fight or outnumbered and going down, pop Tomb of Courage and proceed to milk the fight out while healing yourself up. You may die in the end anyways but the longer your can waste your opponents time trying to kill you the less time they are elsewhere getting points by capping.

When you exit the Tomb of Courage you should have pretty close to full HP and you should of bought enough time for your Spirit weapons to be recharged so you can once again go back on the offense.

The primary role in tourney’s was for me to use my speed and swiftness of the staff to ninja their NPC and/or disrupting/intercepting their team. After an extensive fight using all my tricks and downing one of their players I would generally end up going down, but opponents would come out of the fight to find that the rest of my team has 3 capped them and we have a significant lead.

This build can generally take 2vs1 against most other classes while all of your abilities are up. The downside to this build has long cooldowns and as such getting caught while all your skills are exhausted will generally end up with you die’n quickly.

Over all I was really surprised how well I liked this build and the Guardian in General. I thought I’d hate the Guardian but found that It was amazingly fun.

Here is a video of it in action, I apologize for the shotty play as I was just learning to use this build it’s in a Hot slot PVP. I truly regret not capturing some of the more epic moments in Spvp Tourney.

The cool thing about the scepter that I loved is basically two fold.

The slow moving projectiles may seem like they do low damage but they were critting for around 1k which is pretty good for a ranged weapon and I was critting A LOT. As you can see by the time I hit with the first one I have another 4-5 projectiles floating out there chasing them down, that’s potentially another 5k in damage that is fire and forget that just isn’t applied yet.

So when I do use that immobilize all those orbs go crashing into him netting some pretty good burst. (But good news on the scepter they are making it 1200 range and giving it faster projectiles, so it’s only getting better)

The 2nd point is that every fifth attack burns the attackers. It’s the primary reason to use that AOE attack even though it does low dmg per hit (around 300 and 600 crits) But because of all the hits from the Orbs and the Aoe’s while he is immobilized he is getting the Burning condition stacked up on him.

The spirit weapons would hit for around 1400, and when I used their special the sword would AOE for 2400 and the Hammer was a 3k hit.

As for the staff when you use that quickness buff you actually plop down an AOE that applies swiftness when you stand in it. 4 Stacks to be exact. And because when you stack up swiftness it stacks duration and every new stack refresh’s the old stacks, viola

So use it at the beginning of a match or when your close to capping a node to get all 4 stacks on yourself and you get around 8 secs of swiftness, after it ends pop Martyr with nobody around in combat you get another 5 Sec’s of swiftness.

The spirit weapons do a nice chunk of damage no doubt about it and that is where the majority of my damage, if you see in that video (with the exception of one of the mesmers scepter clones attacking him) I single handed obliterated him.

The only reason I even had an issue with the thief, is if you notice he kept poisoning me which gave me weakness that blunted my damage by 50%, It was quite clever really. But as you watch he wasn’t getting away from the “Burning” condition for every fifth attack.



New video up that I took during the stress test:

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