Guild Wars 2 Ways to Level Guide

Guild Wars 2 Ways to Level Guide by Curisu

NOTE: This guide is designed to just help new players figure out what they CAN do. This list is NOT the only things you can do, just things most people will easily notice. I draw all this info from how I first leveled when the game started and how it has changed in my few years of playing GW2. I welcome people adding info but this post is supposed to be to help the newbies starting.

I’ve seen many of you new guys asking ,”After I do the hearts, how do I level/gain exp?”

Hearts are NOT the only things that give decent experience points and they are not quests like in most other MMOs. The hearts are there simply to warm you up to playing the game. As you guys get into higher level maps, you will see fewer and fewer hearts til you get to the Orr maps, which have no hearts.

Here are some other ways you guys can level up:

  • Map completion: This means getting all the hearts, vistas, PoI, Hero Challenges, and waypoints in the map. Each map you complete gives you a nice amount of exp and even items!
  • Gathering: See that tree with yellow text above it? CHOP IT DOWN! That mineral deposit, MINE IT! Those herbs? PICK EM! They all give you exp and though, it may not be a lot, it adds up fast.
  • Ressing People/NPCs: You will see many dead NPCs and players around Tyria but be nice and ress them. You get exp for ressing people so it is worth it plus there is a title for it too!.
  • Do Metaevents: These are events that don’t necessarily have hearts connected to them but they are cool little things to do. If you see an event going in the area you are in, join in!
  • World Boss events: For now, most of you guys are level 10 or below, but I recommend doing World Bosses. You can check what time these are up BY CLICKING HERE. The ones you can do at lower level areas are:
    • Shadow Behemoth in Queensdale.
    • Fire Elemental in Metrica Province.
    • Svanir Shaman in Wayfarer Foothills.
    • Great Jungle Wurm in Caledon Forest.
  • Crafting: Crafting will give you a lot of levels but I recommend waiting til you get a good bunch of materials before starting this.
  • PvP: This will give you level tomes if you are a PvP-er. I don’t really PvP too much so I didn’t list this at first. Level tomes level you up one level.
  • Edge of the Mists[EotM](Recommended once you are 60+): This is like the waiting room for WvWvW but it is a great place to go if you wanna mindlessly zerg and get a crapton of exp and items – just remember to follow those commander tags(the red, blue, yellow, or purple triangle on the minimap)!

And once you guys get up a bit in levels, dungeons will level you like crazy!

One other thing guys…don’t rush to 80 – Take your time and enjoy it. There is a lot of cool places in this game(like the Jumping Puzzles located throughout all of Tyria) and some nice sights to behold.

I shall see you all in Tyria!

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