Guild Wars 2 Artificer Level 0 to 400 Fast Guide

Guild Wars 2 Artificer Level 0 to 400 Fast Guide by Dastion

This guide assumes you know the basics of crafting.  Material progression, how discoveries work, etc.  If you don’t know these things, then the wiki article on crafting would be a good read.

The idea here is to quickly and relatively cheaply level up your Artificing while avoiding “Fine Crafting” materials (enemy drops) which tend to cost a lot on the TP.  This gives you the added bonus of crafting cheaper items for more XP and saving those Fine Materials for a different crafting profession or to sell for a profit.

All of the items below have relatively cheap ingredients, allowing you to craft at least 6-8 of them for the price it would take you to do a single discovery involving Fine Materials.  What’s more, the Planks, Ingots, or Tuning Crystals can be sold on the TP (Planks/Ingots) or Vendor (Tuning Crystals) for enough to mostly recoup your expense for those materials.

Below is the list of items you will make at each skill level.  Those items colored green will stay the same with each tier.  Those colored red will upgrade based on the tier you’re at (i.e. 0 uses Green Wood to make Planks, 75 uses Soft Wood)

0, 75, 150, 225, 300: Make  Planks (Wood) , Ingots (Ore), or Tuning Crystals (Discovery: 6 Piles of Dust). Just sell the planks/ingots back on the TP, the tuning crystals actually merchant for nearly cost.

25, 100, 175, 250, 325: Make Potions of Centaur Slaying, this requires 1x  Jug of Water , 1x Carrot, 1x   Leather Section  1x Pile of Dust.

50, 125, 200, 275, 350: You have two options which depend on the current market as to which is cheaper. The first is Potions of Ogre Slaying, it requires 1x Jug of Water, 1x Sage, 1x Pile of Dust, 1x Leather Section. Alternatively, you can make Potions of Dredge Slaying, this requires 1x Jug of Water, 1x Pile of Dust 1x Current Tier of Ore, 1x Last Tier of Ore. So it starts out with Tin & Copper Ore and progresses.

390->400: You’ll run out of potions and such here. Just buy the 375 Carrion Mithril Imbued Inscription from the merchant for Karma and discover 3-4 Combinations to hit 400. Carrion uses Large Bones, easily the most common Fine Material since everything in Orr drops it.

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