Forbidden Kingdom Online Beginner’s Guide

Forbidden Kingdom Online Beginner’s Guide by Kirsch

Selecting your preferred character
Asura – Strong melee damager, high physical defense, warrior class of FKO
Kitsune – Long range attacker, the archer class of FKO
Netherese – Adept at Damage per Second, critical and evade, the assassin class of FKO
Naga – Magic users, the mage class of FKO

Basic Controls

W – Forward
S – Backward
A – Sidestep left
D – Sidestep right
Spacebar – Jump
Z – Draw weapon
Q – Psyche transformation
E – Psych skill 1
R – Psyche skill 2
1-8 – Hotkey 1 to 8
Alt+1 – Alt+8 – Alternate Hotkey 1 to 8
F11 – Screenshot
F10 – Toggle show players in field
F8 – Exit instance
B – Bagpack
C – Character info
K – Skill window
L – Quest log
H – Mount list
G – Alliance info
Esc – Game option
I – Instance list
O – Activity list

Beginner’s Tips

1. Focus on the quests in the early parts of the game; you will get tons of experience than grinding on monsters.
2. Invest your money in potions and high level gears.
3. Join or create a team (party) to earn more experience points and able to finish the quests more quickly. Also, forming a team gives you buffs that enhance your attributes.
4. Once you reach level 20, focus on Activity Instance and Daily Quests once in a while to invest points.
5. Don’t spend your Obliterate points in upgrading low level equipments; invest it in the later levels (around level 25 above).
6. Join an Alliance (guild) as much as possible; being a part of an alliance gives you a chance to participate in alliance-exclusive activities, earn more skill and obliterate points and complete instance dungeons faster.

Map Leveling Guide

• South Gate (Beginner’s Area) – Level 1-6
• Mt. Wuxing – Level 10 -15
• Ao Lai – Level 16-26
• Mt. Huaguo – Level 19-23
• Yaughe – Level 27-28
• East Outer Sea – Level 29 -33
• Gao Mansion – Level 34-38
• Five Manor – Level 39 -43

Things to remember:

Alliance – Guild
Team – Party
Chang’an – Main town in the game
AFK – Away from computer
PK – Player Kill
KS – Kill Steal
Agro – Aggressive monsters
PM – Private Message
AOE – Area of Effect
DPS – Damage per second; fast damager
Tank – Damager taker, character with high HP/def
Bot – Illegal 3rd party program makes your character perform action automatically
Camp – waiting in an area for a specific monster to respawn
Crit – Critical
LF – Looking for
Farm – grind monsters or gather resources in a specific area
Loot – items/money dropped by monsters
Mob – monsters
Newbie – new player
Nerf – to reduce the power of certain ability, class, item, monster, etc
Nuke – use high damage magic attack
Warp/Port – teleport
Power Level – a method where a high level character helps a low level character to level up faster
PVE – Player versus environment
PVP – Player versus Player
Lure – attract a target monster to you
RMT – Real Money Trade
Spawn – a certain monster/item to appear in a specific location in a given schedule
Spec – Specification
WTB – Want to buy
WTS – Want to sell
XP – Experience points

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