Forbidden Kingdom Online Save The Green Guide

Forbidden Kingdom Online Save The Green Guide by Applejack

Hello, Everypony! =)

Today I’m writing this guide for helpful tips on Save the Green Activity.

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Pumpkin – the only shield buff item for plants as a damage reduction from mobs.

Apricot – the big circley potato-like suit that can aoe taunt enemies.

Squash – the green one that can attack with aoe dmg at the same time for killing mobs.

Destructive Mushroom – a detonator for blasting mobs.

Freezing Mushroom – ones that can freeze enemies.

Pepper – can put flames in a single line.

General Tips for this game:

– always pick and Wear Apricots and Squashes, and stick it to the mobs. Spamming Their aoe’s plant skills can damage more than any class skills you’re using regardless of your levels. (Dikit dikit lng sa mobs pag ikaw ay Kalabasa etc. xD heheh)

– Keep picking the pumpkins so Flowers/plants have greater defence.

– other items u can freeze, burn, or explode with timing… with better advantages.

We tried it sometimes with my fellow guild and at first we only got 5 mins left failed with less plant items picked.

Till now, we got 3 mins less because of the most picked plant items, and less spamming class skills on mobs with effort.

Keep in mind that a guild with most number of active members grant you opportunities to win the game. We havent won yet we’re only 15 active…

Maybe sooner or later we can win that game for sure

That’s All, Everypony! ^__^

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