Firefall Medic Equipment and Abilities Guide

Firefall Medic Equipment and Abilities Guide by sodabread


Heal Gun
You are all probably aware of what this gun does. The Heal Gun, when aimed and fired at an ally within a certain distance (looked like somewhere within 10m) provides a steady stream of healing energy that not only heals your target, but slowly brings your health back up, too. Even if your target already has full health, you continue to heal yourself when you use the gun on them. Also, there is an alt-fire to the heal gun that I didn’t even notice until a few games in. On your HUD is a number percent that stays at 100% most of the time. If you try and use your boosters, this number will start to decrease rapidly. It seems this is your overall energy, and also goes towards your alt-fire heal gun. When the alt-fire is used on an ally, you fire a healing ray that has 2 or 3 times more potency, but your energy levels do start to deplete (unlike with the basic healing ray). This alt-fire can be used while you are also expending energy using your boosters, but be careful not to leave yourself with no energy. Sitting ducks have short lifetimes in Firefall.

Assault Rifle
This gun functions exactly the same way as the Assault’s assault rifle. Full automatic rifle with a pretty decent rate of fire, and good accuracy if you make the effort. This gun is the basic weapon for two of the classes we know of so far (Assault and Medic). It is, surprisingly, a very kick ass weapon. In most rounds I played I saw people spraying their assault rifles everywhere, or just plain not using them; Medics stuck to heal guns and Assaults to their plasma cannons. None of them gave it a chance (or knew how to switch weapons), even though that, when aimed down the sights at an enemy, the assault rifle can get rid of an enemy’s health in mere seconds. I love this gun, and spent many a game using it with my Medic. It wasn’t uncommon that I’d finish a match with the highest kills of anyone in the round…and I was playing a Medic.


It took me a while (and an explanation from a dev) to understand the true worth of this skill. Overcharge, which you use on an ally by targeting them and using the ability, grants your ally a number of bonuses. They can fire faster, have unlimited ammo, and unlimited energy with which to use their skills. Overcharge an Assault ally and then sit back and watch as they lay waste to the enemy with a heavy barrage of plasma blasts!

AOE Heal
I always saved this ability for when I or my teammates were in pinch. When activated, you exude a green sphere that extends about 5m out from your person, healing everyone in that vicinity. It only heals about 300-500 health, but this can keep you or an ally alive long enough to make that one difference. But again, save this for when you’re in a pinch. Your healing gun can heal everyone fast enough without you having to waste a valuable skill.

Amazing skill and a must have for any medic! When a player loses all of their health (good job, Medic! D:<) their toon is knocked down and immobile for a certain amount of time before they die. One of two things can happen during this long death; an enemy player can come along an execute you, ending your life right then and there, or an ally can come along and try and revive you. There’s a serious flaw with the latter option. Reviving an ally takes foreverrrrr! And while you’re doing it you’re left totally open to enemy ambush and attack! That’s where the Medic’s defib comes in! All you do is target the downed ally, press the ability button once, and watch as the ally springs back to life! Just a tip, wait around with them once they get back up. After being defibbed, a player starts off with about 1/3 of their health, and may need you to heal them.

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