Firefall Beginner’s Basic Guide

Firefall Beginner’s Basic Guide by Ced23Ric

Okay, let’s have a chat about first steps & orientation.

I hate you.
That’s okay, I’m not here to marry you either. Consider me the aloe vera on your burnt skin. I just want to help, and if you get over rubbing the slimey stuff on you, it’s gonna get better soon.

I am what now?
You are a gun for hire, fightin’ to survive, bona fida post-apocalyptic hightech supersoldier dude (or dudette). You have jumpjets, guns and awesome. Also, you are a master sergeant first shooter person of the master sergeants to the max! What I am saying is, you are a pretty cool dude (or dudette) that can jump, coast, fly and on jets, while you shoot the evil bugs, warped Chosen and other stuff that is out to get you, your family and your Thumper. The latter is your best friend.

Whoa, back your splooge up, what is a Thumper?
Relax, there’s a quest for that. In short, a Thumper is a sky-dropped (Hence “calldown”) mining probe. it slams into the ground and digs up the dirt, sifts through it and finds magic rainbow rocks which you need to acquire currency and build wicked gear of awesomesauce. It also attracts enemies of all kinds – think of it as the best and worst idea combined into one. You get richer as you get more endangered. For now, just roll with it.

Alright. What the cheese is up with these quests. They are all over the place and I don’t get it.
First of all, relax. All but one quest are without a timelimit. You can safely take your time, so don’t get frustrated. Usually, the waypoints are alright. If you get a 3/3 thing, it’s usually something to “use” or “go to”. Do those things in sequence, top to bottom, as many events are scripted to be done in that sequence. Congrats, you got a scanner hammer banner hamster and other mathingeys. Don’t worry if you don’t grasp what the balls is going on, I do neither. That odd silicate thing you got? Yeah, just leave it for now.

SIN Bridge? That LGV bike stuff?
Do yourself a favor and don’t craft the SIN Bridge. It’ll come later. As for that bike: Hug the garage console real tight, receive the key, and then, hit “C” (default) for calldowns. Selecet the LGV, facing the open door. Hop on it and drive forward, there is another door on the other side that will open up. Take your time, 2:30mins is more than enough. Drive fast on straigh tracks, carefully roll around turns. Protip: Lot’sa shootin’ at the end of the track. Be ready for that.

Can we talk about the Thumper again? What’s up with those three different ones? (Personal, Improved, Advanced)
Those are pretty much the same thing, but bigger. Every Thump takes a few minutes. The personal Thumper is your throw-away cheap-to-make standard gear. It gathers fast, breaks fast and holds only a tiny bit of ore. The Improved one has more HP and more capacity. Goes a bit slower, but also spawns more monsters. The Advanced Thumper carries the most, and is a bit sturdier again. Yet, this one spawns even more monsters. Stock, you can do by yourself. The larger sizes, well, it’s squaddie time. Advanced Thumpers can be particularily hard, so might even have two squads of 5 each, cycling between which squad gets to put the Thumper down.

So I got that whole shebang done. Uhm, what now?
Let me summarize it: Shoot things, shoot people, gather resources, gather Crystite, be awesome, level up, build your own gear, explore the world, fly around, take a look, poke the system, burn the server. This is a Beta, so there will be limitation to what is available, but you can do a lot now. PrM (Pre-Milestone) we had half of what you have now. It’s a mad world, my friend. Also, here’s an undocumented quest for you: Get all SIN Uplinks. What that is? Hop in the game and follow the intro quests.

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