Firefall World Events Guide

Firefall World Events Guide by Ced23Ric

Stuff happens. People die. You sit front row.

I think you are following me.
It’s only illegal if you can prove it.

So, okay, I was outside some day, going for a walk, suddenly: Tornado of Doom. What?
You got that part right. While your SIN feeds you intermaresting stories about Aeros hair colour, she also hides important hints in her words. The goal is to get rid of the four orbitting shards that surr…

Hold up. Can we quickly cover what is going on?
Oh boy. Okay. So there are now two new-ish types of World Events, for a total of four going on – Crashed Thumpers, Droppods, Incursions (reworked), Melding Twisters, Destroyed SIN Uplinks, Conquered Watchtowers, and if we bork it up, Invasions.

What is all that stuff?
You may or may not remember these things from pre-milestone, if you were around. Things happen at random intervalls to spruce your daily life up. Basically, the Chosen hate you and your family, and they like to send a group of party crashers in a massive Warbringer Ship (and harvest your jawbones). Those establish a little base of pain and coat it with rage, and if you stumble across that, woe is you. Or not, if you are in for some serious butt-kicking. The tornado moves and likes to paint the town red. The Twister/Tornado/Storm is a Melding manifestation that spawns monsters and doesn’t afraid of anything. While the Incursions spawn at set locations, the Tornados spawn in certain general areas and like to bounce around. A Crashed Thumper is just that, and a Drop Pod is like a teaser to an incursion. But if the Chosen amass enough resources, they attack and conquer cities. Which we then wrestle back out of their hands. Woohoo!

Back to that hose of malice.
Yeah. So, those four orbitting shards are your target. Destroy them, bit by bit, and the Twister (actively hating you, still) spawns even more monsters. Which is good because they drop massive amounts of ammo, which you need to destroy the shards. You will run out if you don’t take care of the mobs, trust me. So, basically, take your highest DPS weapon and go to town on the shards, one a a time. Fend of the spawns as they threaten you and as you need ammo. Once a shard goes boom, you will be pushed away from the Twister. Have some jetpack energy ready to mitigate your fall or you will terminally groundslam. The waves get more and more intense and the Twister will fire hate-balls at you, so stay mobile. Circle around the Tornado, for example. Eventually, the core is revealed. Blow that up and it will drop melding droplets which you can blow up for a rain of ores, health, ammo and joy. Protip: Don’t run into the Twister. You will be sent flying, harmfully so.

Okay, got it, weather man says, high chance of blowouts. What about those Drop Pods?
Pretty easy. They spawn an assortment of Chosen Assaults and Juggernauts that go on a stroll to collect jawbones and some Drop Pod Guards that watch the Pod itself. If you find a Drop Pod, kill the Guards and the Pod, then look for the hikers and blow them up, too. If a new Pod slams down close to you, they’ll ALL be there. Bring some firepower. You get some XP and whatever they drop. Don’t pay mind to the Accord guys, they are cheap and don’t pay you for real. They are a bit smug, aren’t they? Chosen have squishy heads, so shoot them there with bullet-based weapons and things are happy-pants. Watch out for Juggernauts and their AoE guns.

Okay, those guys are gone. Now for that incursion…
Fun times. You will see the shielded drop pod floating in the sky, and a base underneath, guarded by angry turrets of rage that shoot anything non-chosen, including bugs. Shoot the turrets first, as a single salvo can end you. Once the turrets are down, take out the guards, then blow up the generator – a black and red spikey thing on top of the spikey towers. Once the generator is down, fire at the Warbringer Ship full tilt, as you clear the area. Believe me, you have like 4 to 5 seconds, and you should get the hell outta there. After that time, the shields go up again and a massive respawn sics Chosen on you. Pull back, take out the turrets, the wave and then the next generator. Repeat four times for success. PS: You will die if you aren’t careful. Try to fight in semi-safe distance to the base and especially the turrets, so other can rez you. This is a tough cookie.

Sweet. Took the Warbringer down. What now? You mentioned a Broken Thumper..?
Chalk one up for victory! Good job, you made the world a little safer. Now, enjoy your XP (Easily 4000 per Incursion) and loot. And that Thumper is broken indeed – it crashes down from the sky, and boy, it slams down hard. What you do is, you fend off the Chosen that are lured in and try to shoot you, the Thumper, bugs and your mother, and you go up to the sparkly thumper parts, hit “use” and resources pop out. Repeat until the spiel is over, and watch out for the Chosen ganging up on you again. They love to do that. What indecent fellows.

So. Let’s say we slacked off and the Chosen took Copacabana. What do?
If someone kills you, you kill ’em right back. Go in there, find the (sentient?) bomb and escort it through the occupied city. As you crawl along, make sure to dispose of the Chosen that try and stop you. For some extra XP, revive citizens and guards as they fall to your feet. Once all Chosen machines have been blown up and the Melding bubble has been destroyed, the SIN Uplink Tower will be rebuilt, and Copacabana is once again free.

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