Firefall Add-ons List

Firefall Add-ons List by Ced23Ric

Firefall uses LUA and XML and as such, can be expanded with Addons of all kinds. Addons are downloaded as packed files and then unpacked into:

Program Files Path\Red 5 Studios\Firefall\system\gui\components\MainUI\Addons

If you never used Addons before, you probably have to create that folder. Keep in mind that every patch will empty out that folder. While your settings for all Addons preserved (elsewhere), the actual Addons need to be installed again.

A much more convient way of managing your Addons is Melder.

  • Melder – by RadthorDax
    A Addon installer/deinstaller tool. Nifty.

Not all Addons support Melder yet, but I highly suggest, if you want to get into making Addons, support this great tool and make your Addons compatible.

Important: If you experience problems with any Addon, don’t just deinstall it, but provide feedback in the respective threads. It’ll help the coders out greatly – thanks!

Current Addons:

  • World Alert – by Hanachi
    Informs you about SIN Uplink & Watchtower statusses via HUD markers.
  • Visible Coordinates – by Hanachi
    Displays your coordinates in the HUD.
  • Glider Helper – by Hanachi
    Tells you about your gliding angle.
  • Glider Graphical – by Hanachi
    A alternative gliding assistant Addon.
  • Weapon Range – by Hanachi
    Gives you a readout how far the point you are aiming at is.
  • Goals – by Hanachi
    Set XP/resources goals and get notified.
  • SpeedTracker – by Hanachi
    Shows your current and average speed.
  • Accuracy Meter – by Hanachi
    Accumulates data on your shooting and gives you accuracy values.
  • OmniTrack – by livervoids, now Hanachi
    Information Tracker for loot.
  • Thumper Status – by Hanachi
    Tracks information about Thumpers.
  • Reactor Bar – by Lemon King
    Complete UI replacement.
  • Personal DPS Meter – by Lemon King
    Displays your effective DPS.
  • Big Brother Team Frames – by Lemon King
    Tracks multiple players.
  • Strawhats everywhere! – by Lemon King
    Really, the Tidal Scavenger creeps me out.
  • Illuminated Focal Plane Reticule – by Lemon King
    Now that’s a fancy, glowing reticule. Taste the rainbow.
  • Ammobar – by thanto_
    Displays your magazine as a bar like health & energy.
  • InGame Clock – by thanto_
    displays the ingame time.
  • Scope Sensitiviy – by thanto_
    Adjustable sensitivity while scoped.
  • ProxMe – by sammichofdoom
    Health bars of others without being squadded up.
  • Serverstatus – by sammichofdoom
    Displays server status in the login screen.
  • Surveyor – by Chanticrow
    Tracks scanhammer results on the map and archives them.
  • Site – by Chanticrow
    Add multiple waypoints to the map, allows grouped waypoints.
  • Reticulator – by thiconZ
    Alternative reticules & How to install Addons video.
  • x003 Reticules – by Cryptis Midnight
    Alternative reticules.
  • PingMe – by Godofdrakes
    Quick command to communicate coords in that chat window.
  • Twitterfeed – by ArkyChan
    Adds a Twitter ticker to your Firefall, can be configured for multiple accounts.
  • Ingame IRC – by ArkyChan
    Allows you connect to an IRC server and chat on IRC using the Firefall client chat.
  • Damagizer – by RadthorDax
    Alternate displaying of damage numbers.
  • Damage Tracker – by Angel of Mercy
    Tracks damage and healing dealt.

Addons under development:

  • Lootify – by Godofdrakes
    Gives pop-up info on picked up items.
  • Prior Player List – by Lemon King
    Lists people you played with before.
  • “Turret-Chan” (working title) – by Hanachi
    Tracks turret kills and behaviour.
  • Loot Chat Fixer – by Omen964, continued by Hanachi, then Abyll, now Ced23Ric
    Seperate loot window.

Addon Requests:

  • Killstreaker – by andidymion
    Adds UT-style killstreak stuff.
  • Headshots! – by endidymion
    Coounts headshot kills.

Resources for Development:

Archived Addons:

  • SuperBestFriends – by RadthorDax
    Sorts friendlist by online status and alphabet. Implemented into core game.
  • Autojoin Squad Leader – by thiconZ
    Allows you to join your leader with a simple mouseclick. Implemented into core game.

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  1. KiaKun says:

    would be nice if some one made an addon to auto ajust the gammer/brightness/what ever between day and night.

    i would love to have it a i think 3 for day and like 8 for night or some thing like that.

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