Firefall Baneclaw Killing Guide

Firefall Baneclaw Killing Guide by Skarthy

You built a Melding Anomaly Neutralizer. It’s burning a major hole in your pocket and you want to go bag yourself a BANECLAW! Let’s round up 24 of the nearest players and go whoop some ass!




Give this a read, think it over, and plan out your fight with Baneclaw.

Pre-Fight Requirements

Every player you bring to fight Baneclaw needs to pass certain requirements. If you take a Pick-up Group to Baneclaw, YOU WILL LOSE.

Every player needs the following.
-Must be Tier 2
-Must have printed ammo, armor, and weapons.
-Must have Elemental chambers (Elemental ammo), Healthpacks, and Ammo calldowns.
-Must have voice communications (Must be in vent/teamspeak/mumble), it is not required that they talk, but they MUST be able to listen! A known “free” Teamspeak server is Mouse Jockey’s.…ial-512-slot-firefall-public-teamspeak.69517/

If a player does not pass these requirements, I do not recommend taking them.

Battleframe Loadouts

Baneclaw is a very strict damage race. You need to focus very heavily on high damage output battleframes. The ideal frames to bring are Dreadnaught, Engineers, and Bio-techs. All three frames have guns with high DPS and big magazines. Assaults are not as useful, and recons should be avoided.

Battleframe preference, in order.

1. Rhino (Best frame to have, Mammoth is a very close second)
2. Mammoth
3. Recluse
4. Bastion
5. Dragonfly
6. Electron
7. Raptor (One or two MAX for overcharge shot)
8. Firecat
9. Tigerclaw
10. Nighthawk

Assault – When baneclaw is invulnerable, you will focus on chasing down rogue hellclaws that wander from the fight.

Firecat – The Firecat is the more preferred of the two assault frames, I suggest taking Burn jets, Afterburner, and any choice on the last ability. Burn jets and afterburner are used to chase down rogue hellclaws that wander from the fight.
Tigerclaw – Tigerclaw is less preferred, as his movement abilities do not help much at all. Take missle shot, afterburners, and shockwave.

Bio-Tech – You’ll heal, and you’ll use AoE abilities to kill hellclaws. Only bio-techs should be doing revives.

Recluse – This is the preferred biotech frame for Baneclaw. Take healing wave, healing ball, and creeping death shot. You will heal, and you will use creeping death to AoE damage the hellclaws. Do not use creeping death on Baneclaw!
Dragonfly – Less preferred than recluse, but still useful. You’ll use healing pillar to heal a lot of people, it’s up to the biotech if they want triage or another healing ability.

Dreadnaught – You get great DPS, and turret mode finally has a use! Focus mainly on shooting Baneclaw. You want to have as many dreadnaughts as possible (around 15), printed turret mode is a MUST.

Rhino – The preferred dread frame. Rhino’s should take Heavy armor (use it when hurt and you see a incoming spike attack to survive it), Repulsor blast (useful for damaging Hellclaws while reloading) and TURRET MODE! This is possible the only good use I have seen yet for turret mode, which when printed, can increase your rate of fire by a whopping 85+%. Because Baneclaw never really moves, simply activate turret mode while he is vulnerable and watch your DPS soar like never before. Make sure to move out of the way when he turns invulnerable though.
Mammoth – Less preferred, as mammoth does not get as good a printed Turret mode. Your loadout is the same as the Rhino.

Engineer – Great DPS, focus on scoring headshots on Baneclaw, and using offensive abilities to AoE hellclaws. Supply pad is super good here, so Bastions are very desirable.

Bastion – Much preferred over the Electron. Bastions should take turrets, boomerang shot (good for clearing out hellclaws), and supply pad. Supply pad is IMMENSELY useful.
Electron – The electrons damage abilities are pretty lackluster. His load is the same as bastion, but will probably take missile salvo instead of supply pad.

Recon – Your long term dps is low, only a raptor might have use due to overcharge shot.

Raptor – I would avoid recons, but the raptor’s overcharge shot has some use here as it increases raw damage. Overcharge shotting a line of turreted dreads works wonders, but takes a good bit of coordination.
Nighthawk – Pretty worthless compared to a raptor. You shouldn’t have any nighthawks.

Baneclaw Fight

A Baneclaw fight will progress as follows.

1. All players will group up in a specific area near the melding wall near the melding anomaly. Do a final headcount to make sure you have a full 25 people (No more than 29 total including random players who wandered by).
2. One player will be at the Melding repulsor near the melding anomaly. He will do a countdown, and activate the repulsor (don’t forget to print repulsor cores!). You now have 5 Minutes and 45 seconds to complete the entire Baneclaw encounter. If any significant delays occur (you waste more than 20 seconds for any reason) ABORT THE ATTEMPT!
3. All players will race to the melding anomaly and stand within 30 meters of it. Do not stand IN the anomaly or it will damage/kill you! You may also deploy a “Mobile battleframe station” As long as the owner of the station does not use it, it will stay in place. Using the station and exiting out of it will refill your ammo instantly, no frame change needed.
4. The M.A.N. user will do a short 5 second countdown and then deploy the M.A.D. inside the melding anomaly.
5. Baneclaw will spawn, jump high into the air, and knock everyone backwards (The knockback does no damage to you, Turreted Dreadnaughts are no affected by the knockback).
6. The fight is on. All players will move to the front of Baneclaw and fire at his head to score headshots. Weapons that cannot score headshots (Dread’s HMG and Assualt’s Plasma Cannons) only need to hit his front for full damage. Hitting Baneclaw in his shell or rear does reduced damage.
7. Hellclaws will begin spawning shortly after Baneclaw spawns. The hellclaws do relatively low damage. Do not try to kill the Hellclaws yet.
9. While Baneclaw is INVULNERABLE, you must now kill all Hellclaws to make Baneclaw become VULNERABLE again.
10. If Baneclaw stays INVULNERABLE long enough, he will do his spikes attack, by curling into a ball, launching into the air, and slamming into the ground. This deals 900 damage in a large spiked ring at varying distances from him. Right before he does his spikes attack, between 1-5 purple rings will surround him, these rings are where the spikes will pop out of the ground, and if you are standing in them will get hit! Baneclaw becomes more ENRAGED over time, and as he becomes more ENRAGED he will use his spikes attack more often and in larger areas! Eventually he will do his spikes attack in all areas leading to a complete wipe of the group.
11. Baneclaw will cycle between being VULNERABLE and INVULNERABLE (As long as you kill the hellclaws).
12. Either you have taken too long and the melding wall comes back, wiping the whole group and ending the fight, or, you kill Baneclaw and bask in victory (And then promptly die as the melding wall comes back)!


Baneclaw does not move around during the fight, he stays in one place doing a relatively weak claw attack while vulnerable. He doesn’t even turn around at any point.

Always move yourself to the front of Baneclaw while he is vulnerable.

Hellclaws spawn as soon as the fight starts, only kill them while Baneclaw is invulnerable. The purpose of killing hellclaws is so you can get back to attacking Baneclaw. Killing hellclaws over attacking baneclaws is wasting damage.

You can take a few more people than 25 and still do fine. I would not take anything over 30. The closer to 25 the better.

If you die, just run back.

If you run out of ammo, use a secondary! I see a lot of people who run around looking for ammo cause their primary ran out. Assault rifle is a good secondary to use.

Only non-dreadnaughts should preform revives. You do not want your higher DPS frames stopping their attacks to pick someone up.

Make sure you have your ammo calldown ready, you will run out of ammo several times in the fight. Supply pads are a requirement.

Getting hit twice in a row by the spikes attack often wipes groups. Recovery from this is hard.

Killing Baneclaw rewards the following. 1x Calcium Carbonate (Does not have a use yet, also some players get two of these sometimes) and 30,000 EXP. The person who uses the M.A.N. gets a “Baneclaw Brain Bucket”, a special helmet awarded ONLY to the M.A.N. user after killing Baneclaw.

Every player over 25 you bring, whether intentional or not, will cause Baneclaw to have 5% extra health, and to enrage faster. The ideal number is 25-29 players for Baneclaw.

Failing to kill Baneclaw rewards you with NOTHING. So plan for success!

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  1. I lol'd says:

    Yeah lol. Old information, useless for current beta. And eletist to boot considering I just saw around 10 ppl drop baneclaw, the primary dps being a raptor. Lawl is all I can say.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bring at least 1 recon, preferred Raptor for Powerfield and Sin Beacon.

    30% High Grade Sin Beacon.

    24 non recons = 30% x 24 = 720%, which is more than 7 extra players dealing damage. Therefore it is wise to bring a recon at least. Moreover highest single target DPS it is Raptor and Mammoth.

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