Firefall ARES Brief Guide

Firefall ARES Brief Guide by Sh0ppingList

Here is a quick guide for encounter least amount of mobs for ARES.
Here I mainly talk about the spawn of mobs for ARES

Bomb: No easy way just shoot your way through, grab 3 resonators to match the color and defuse it. There will be some Tortured Soul spawn right next to bomb every once awhile.
The bomb mission always shows 0% on the map before anyone started. Do NOT take the resonators outside you will fail the mission(Not sure if they will spawn after the patch).

Data Pad: Kill your way to where the data pad is. You will encounter one respawn when first time pick up the data pad. For this mission there’s 1-3 terminal(s) you can interact with (only for data pad carrier) to get some extra resource. You need to bring the data pad outside and drop it into arcfolder to finish the mission.

Payload Recovery: This is the one most people have no idea how to do it. For This mission you will encounter 2 respawns. First is when you pick up the very first payload and 2nd will be when you dropped first payload into the arcfolder. The most efficient way to do this mission is to clear out the mobs right after you grab the first payload then pick up another 3 payloads take them all outside and start to drop them. In this way you will only encounter one respawn.

Arahna Cocoon/Chosen outpost/Raider Hacking: There’s timer for these 3 type of missions, the timer will start as soon as some1 step in. Cocoon & outpost will have a charge on them, they do a lot of damage stay away from them once they are armed.

Raider Elites (Call Box with elite dreadnought): Kill everything!

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