FIFA Online 2 Strategy Keys Guide

FIFA Online 2 Strategy Keys Guide by FlyHigh

Hi Guys,

I recently had many people asking me about “STRATEGY KEYS” (too many pm these days.. so I couldnt answer all…) and i have not much to do today at work.. so..

Anyway, so here I explain every available strategies in FIFA ONLINE 2.

There are 4 Attacking Strategies and 4 Defense Strategies available, and these strategies can be activated by Number Pads on your keyboard. See below picture 

☆★☆ ATTACK ☆★☆

▶ CA : Counter Attack —> Number Pad 8

“Counter Attack” strategy is.. basically about intercepting the ball at opponent’s attack, and you attack back faster to the space behind opponent’s midfielders and defenders.
This strategy works very efficiently when opponent’s midfielders are out of formations
(e.g. when opponent’s midfielders or Wing backs overlap too much to help attacking, you have much empty space on ground for counter back attack. If your opponent uses 3-3-4 formation, this will work well).
But this strategy makes your attackers and midfielders to use lots of energy and stamina, so you need stat up Energy and Stamina to effectively use this strategy.

▶ MR : 3rd Man Release —> Number Pad 4

“Third Man Release Strategy” is about making better chance to make good pass from midfielder to attackers. When your one of attacker is in mid-field, your 3rd mid-fielder (can be any Winger or CM or CDM –> activated by AI..) will run up to the center of the mid-field and towards the opponent’s end, and he will be at right position to make good assist to the other attacker.
This strategy works well when your player is red-carded or injured, so you need other players to cover up more area.
But when 3rd man leaves his formation to help attack, it leaves empty space in mid field, so it can give opponent to counter attack you back.

▶ WP : Wing Play —> Number Pad 6

“Wing Play” strategy is .. making your wingers (LWM & RWM) to move closer to opponent’s box to make good cross or pass, and to help attack.
This works well when opponent uses 3 back formations, or have sweeper (SW), or using Zone Defence.

▶ BO : Box Overload —> Number Pad 2

“Box OverLaod” strategy is… to make more players to move into opponent’s box and get better chance from cross or for rebound. But obviously this will give more chance for opponent to counter back attack you!
So you better use this strategy towards the end of the match, for solid winning or for equalizer

☆★☆ DEFENSE ☆★☆

▶ PR : PRESSING —> Q + Number Pad 8

“Pressing” defense strategy is to make your defender to go right behind or next the opponent’s attacker and to give more pressure to intercept the ball. This will make opponent’s attacker more difficult to receive the pass and make shot.
But it will make your defender to get more tired, so you need to stat up Energy and Stamina. And this strategy cannot be used with Zone Defence together

▶ FB : FLAT BACK —> Q + Number Pad 4

“FLAT BACK” defense strategy prevents from your defenders going too far from your defense line. So your Wingbacks (RWB, LWB) won’t overlap and won’t help attack.
This strategy works very well with Offside Trap.

▶ OT : OFFSIDE TRAP —> Q + Number Pad 6

“OFFSIDE TRAP” defense strategy makes your defenders to move forward in a line, so opponent’s attacker gets into a trap of offside more easily.
But if opponent’s attacker doesn’t get into this trap, you will just give him a 1:1 chance with GK…. so Good luck~!!!!

▶ ZD : ZONE DEFENCE —> Q + Number Pad 2

“Zone Defense” strategy is to make your defender to move around in his area only. So when your defender intercept a ball and make a pass, this defender will not move forward to help attack, and he will just go back to his formation.
This works well to defend against 3-3-4.

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