FIFA Online 2 Player Statistics Guide

FIFA Online 2 Player Statistics Guide by JuJaJa

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As a bonus to you guys, here’s some info that i’m sure would be useful to all soccer managers out there!

The below lists out the different stats for players within the game, as well as what it actually does in the game.

Stamina – Affects fatigue. Fatigue slowly decreases the affect other attributes (Strength, Composure, Long Shots, Finishing etc. ) over the amount of time the player is active. The higher the stamina, the time taken for fatigue to set in will be longer.

Strength – Affects probability of getting the ball after collision, probability of getting the ball of when tackling, probability of holding on to the ball while dribbling and being tackled. Affects ball speed when shooting/lobbing/passing/throwing/crossing.

Composure – Affects accuracy of shots and passes, and also the proper positioning of the player during attacking, e.g. opening up when a cross comes in, getting into good positions for through-passes. Affects A.I. probability of success when shooting penalties and free-kicks.

Long Shots – Affects accuracy of the long shots.

Finishing – Affects probability of getting a goal after a shot.

Shot Power – Affects speed of the ball when it is shot at goal, including freekicks and penalties.

Free Kicks – Affects probability of scoring on freekicks, and probability of passing/crossing successfully on freekicks and corners.

Sprint Speed – Affects maximum speed of player. Speed affects everything including speed of running, speed of dribbling, speed of tackling, speed during normal play and set-plays, speed of getting into position, speed of getting to a cross for a header, etc.

Acceleration – Affects the time it takes for the player to accelerate from standing position to maximum speed for all activities. Affects the speed of ball when passing/lobbing/crossing while running.

Dribbling – Affects probability of successfully carrying a ball without losing control of the ball. Affects probability of successful execution of dribbling skills.

Long Passing – Affects accuracy of long passes (excluding through-passes)

Crossing – Affects accuracy of the ball on crosses, including normal crosses, low crosses, early/quick crosses.

Short Passing – Affects accuracy of short passes and through passes.

Reactions – Affects the reaction time towards an event e.g. pass, shot, tackle, etc. Affects the reaction time of the player to get into position after an event.

Ball Control – Affects probability of a successful dribble (in offence). Affects probability of successful tackle/interception (in defense).

Tackling – Affects probability of a successful tackle, both normal tackle and sliding tackle.

Marking – Affects probability of successful marking during free kicks, corners. Helps tackling, intercepting. Affects probability of being successful in keeping close to a player, man-marking.

Heading – Affects accuracy of a header. Affects probability of getting a successful header when two players go head-to-head.

Aggression – Affects the frequency of tackling, and the type of tackling prefered. The higher the value, the more tackles will be put in, and more slide tackles will be prefered. For the goalkeeper, he will come forward more and prefer to dives at the feet more.

Handling – Affects probability of catching or parrying a shot as a goalkeeper. With a low value, the goalkeeper will fumble a shot more often.

Reflexes – Affects the reaction time of goalkeeping towards to shots, crosses, passes. Affects the prediction of shots.

Diving – Affects probability of saving a goal, including saving a penalty. Not applicable when it is a user-controlled goalkeeper saving a penalty.

Positioning – Affects probability of getting into a good position to tackle or to strip the ball away from the attacker’s feet.

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