Eligium Enchanting Weapon and Armor Guide

Eligium Enchanting Weapon and Armor Guide by eLLoco

To be able to enchant an item in Eligium first you need a Soul Augment for the part you want to enchant.
For Weapon, Soul Augments can be found at the Grocer in Sanctia or Elven City.
For that you will need to go to any Forging Craftsman and select the second option to enchant.
This is how your enchant window will look like.

Posted Image

First you take a Soul Augment and the weapon you want to enchant, untill +3 don’t waste any weapons with good stats, below will explain later why.
In the box marked 1 put the Soul Augment and in the box marked 2 put the weapon, usualy a white one, now you got yourself a purple weapon +0. You need to make the item experience to 100% in order to proceed to +1, for that kill mobs at your own level. Now that the item has the XP at 100% go take another white weapon.
Now in the 1st box put the purple weapon, in the 2nd box put the white weapon and enchant it. Do like that untill +3.
For +4 you will need a Craftsman Stone wich is added to box 3, you will have 80% chance of success, if you fail the enchant you will only loose the 2nd box weapon. Also 1 charge of the weapon will fly away ( you will have 3 charges, when all 3 are gone, the weapon will dissapear )
For +5 you will have 50% chances of success, but you can add a Blessed Crystal to increase your chances by 5% ( i’m not sure about this, i heard about only 2% ) which will be added in Box 4.
For+6 is a 25% chance of success, so if you have 1 charge left and you really wanna go for +6 just start a new weapon and try to make +5 with 3 charges.

Also there are 2 more stones with different abilities, these stones will be added in box 3.
Heart of Blacksmith – will take the blue stats from the purple weapon, the level of the purple weapon and add it to the new weapon, but your new weapon will have a +1.
Heart of Craftsman – will take the blue stats from the purple weapon but the weapon will keep the yellow/gold/elite level.

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