Eligium Races and Classes Information

Eligium Races and Classes Information by Arisa

The purpopse of this post is to sum up all the information, which are already
available and post them here so people can access it easier. I hope it is helpful to
some people^^

First we start with the 4 races:

Each race represents one basic class and Humans, have 2 starting classes:

RaceClassLevel 15 JobchangeLevel 40 Jobchange
MageIce MageUnknown

Because the Closed Beta is on 19th December the information about 2nd Class
change or the second job at Level 15 haven’t been revealed yet. Once they are,
I will try to remember and update this thread here.


There are some small hints on the 2nd job at level 15. For pandas they say that
there will be a physical and a spiritual class. Firebreather sounds like a spiritual
class, so the other one may be a physical one.

They focus on the Chi flowing in their bodies, fighting in short-range combat, but
they are also capable of reeasing their Chi as Firemagic, which is ranged combat.
The Chi strengthens their bodies and buffs themselves and their friends (pobably
offensive buffs).


For warriors they say you either decide to protect your friends more or you rely
more on your own swordsmanship. I think the Paladin will be the party support
or tank while the unknwon class is something similar to a Berserker.

Warriors don’t have ranged combat, so they rely o ntheir sword in closed combat.
Their buffs increase the defence of the group. They work as tank and try to pull all
the Damage from the ranged dps.


The known class at level 15 is ICe Mage, the other class will be Fire Mage. It isn’t
confirmed on Eligium websites yet, but the hint is clear: “The mage specializes on
ice or fire”.

Mages possess only long range combat skills, freezing or bruning the enemy. They
avoid close combat fight, by either activating a shield or teleporting. They got
various slows/DoTs/ AoE skills to support their teammates.


The known class is a summoner who can heal and summon minions. The unknown
class can turn into a monster isntead summoning one.

They are similar to the typical priest class, healing/ressurecting/buffing the mates,
but they also can summon/turn into a beast.

Longe-range combat is preferred, but they can also turn into a mosnter and fight
close-ranged combat.


At level 15 they either decide to follow the shadows (turning into something similar
to an assasin) or got he way of nature.

The typical Ranged DPS with a bow, strong if they stand far away, but weak when
u can close up and deal some direct blows.  They also get an invisbility skill later on.

I hope this was helpful for all people who searched for information on races & classes.

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