DUST 514 Infantry Weapons Guide

DUST 514 Infantry Weapons Guide by Pt3D

So, now know your way around the [Neocom]. But, you still feel that you are missing some vital information on why you can’t hit another Merc with that multi-rocket launcher thing. Well, this Mercs helping Mercs post will help explain the basic Infantry Weapons in the game to you in terms that you should understand. Remember, from my Mercs helping Mercs: most of all of infantry weapons can be purchased from the [Market]. Exceptions, being officer/rare variants salvaged from battle.

Pick, a weapon system and try to specialize into that system. The [SP] invested will greatly be a benefit to your dps on your targets.

First, there are currently seven types of light infantry weapons in the game. The eighth [Laser Rifles] are currently not implemented in-game, so let’s omit that one for now. I will list the types of infantry weaponry in the game as well as provide some context to their battlefield applications.

These are all light weapons that can be equipped by any dropsuit that you chose to use.

[Assault Rifles] are currently [Gallente] light plasma weapons. These are usually best suited from players that like to engage the enemy from mid to long ranges. The Breach variant of this weapon being more suited to *CQC, whereas the Tactical variants being more of a sharpshooter’s rifle. Overall a great weapon for a new player to skill into being your primary source of damage.

[Mass Drivers] are currently [Minmatar] based light projectile weapons. These weapons systems propel grenades in a similar was to an M203 or grenade launcher in other FPS. These weapons can be used in a short to mid range fashion. While great at doing damage, it has a more *AOE based method. This is best used to soften up targets for execution by a more precise weapons systems. But in the right hands, this is a deadly weapon. IMO, this weapon system can be used by the players that do not have the best gun game. Because, it allows you some level of versatility in either being able to lay suppressive cover fire and softens up targets for the other infantry in your squad/team. This also has variants that are more suited to specialized roles or situations. Make sure to read the [Show Info]>[Description] tabs for more detailed information on the weapons.

[Sniper Rifles] are currently [Caldari] based light railgun weapons. These weapons should be used in mid to long range fashion, but I have ran into some quick scope snipers in game. These are just like sniper rifles in other games, except that the [Charge] variants have a different game mechanic to shoot. The [Charge] variants are able to shoot either by tapping the R1 button. This shoots a lesser damaging shot at an target. In order to maximize the DPS of the [Charge] Variant you must hold the R1 button and the shot will be auto fired upon build up. This is a very powerful weapon in the right hands, I have been killed a many times by these weapons.

[Swarm Launchers] are currently [Caldari] based light missile launchers. These weapons can be used in either short to mid ranges. The missiles are easy to dodge when used long ranges, and will run out of fuel. These weapons should only be used in an *AV role. These weapons systems have been nerfed to obscurity versus any ground based infantry as of two patches ago. [Swarm Launcher] users need the support of the other ground based infantry to stay alive. Many variants to use here to, use the [Description] tab to read more about them in detail.

[Shotguns] are currently [Gallente] based light shotguns. These weapon are effective in short to mid ranges. They are similar to other shotguns in other games. These weapons systems are murders in CQC, so if that’s your style these might be for you.

[Scramble Pistol] are currently [Amarr] based laser weapons. They are able to engage targets from the short to mid ranges. These weapon systems can only be placed in the [S] or secondary/sidearm slot on your dropsuits. Logic players you do not have a secondary slot, so this is a non issue for you. As one would think these are just like pistols in any other game. Very accurate and able to fire pretty rapidly.

[SMG] are currently [Minmatar] based projectile weapons. These weapons should engage targets with short to mid ranges. These weapon systems also can only to placed in your [S] slot on your dropsuit. These are just like the SMGs in other games, awesome *ROF and lots of ammo. Very deadly in the right hands again, as with all of these weapon systems.

The last of the infantry weapons are exclusive to the [Heavy] dropsuit only.

[Heavy Machine Gun] are currently [Minmatar] based projectile weapons. These weapons can should engage targets at the short to mid ranges. In order to maximize the DPS of these weapons, you have to get the targeting cursor to align together. But, in order to do this you need to hold down the trigger. Which this causes the weapon system to overheat. Not, good for the [Heavy] users of this weapon. However, CCP is currently reworking the [HMG] and we will reap the benefits of this in the next patch. Still in its current form, some players have thrived with it.

[Forge Guns] are [Caldari] based anti-material weapons. These weapons can engage from short to mid mid-long ranges. Most of the [Forge Guns] are fired in a similar fashion like the [Charge] variant of the sniper rifle. However, there are variants that have a higher ROF. These weapons can kill infantry, but mostly specialize in taking out vehicles, dropships, turrets, and/or installations. These weapons are once again, deadly in the right hands.

In closing, remember to pick a weapon in specialize. But, also put some points into an AV weapon, too.

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