DUST 514 Beginner’s Guide

DUST 514 Beginner’s Guide by Pt3D

Welcome to New Eden, it’s a dark galaxy. Where only the true predators survive. This is a world where even the power of Gods are attainable to those that will seize the power. Are you up to the challenge, to strike fear in any who would oppose you?

In order to facilitate your rise in power. I have made a little overview of the systems of DUST514. So here it is, mainly geared to the newer players.

When, you first awaken in your first clone body in DUST514 your in your Mercenary Quarters. You may not know many things about the game, other than your friend said try it. But, he/she didn’t help with explaining are the small particular little things that make DUST514 such an awesome and intelligent game. So let me try to help explain some things to you.

*This small tutorial is taken that the user will also be using the PS3 DualShock controller.

Let’s start out with the [Neocom], so go ahead and press the “L1” button on your *DS3. This will bring up the [Neocom], which is your embedded computer that has access to all kinds of things vital to your development as a Merc.

You will see on your screen a list of items on the left of the [Neocom]. I will go through and explain all of these tabs in some detail.

On opening the [Neocom] it auto defaults to the [Find Battle] tab. This tab is where your can find battle contracts to fight for. These battle contacts reward *ISK and *SP based on your performance in battle, such as taking objectives, killing the enemy mercs, and resupplying/healing teammates. It also factors in if your team won or lost the match. This tab has the options of [Instant Battle] [Battle Finder] and [Star Map].

[Instant Battle] Does exactly as it says, it does the match making in the background to match you against similar leveled mercs to battle for an contract distributed by an *NPC corporation.

[Battle Finder] If you click on [Battle Finder] it will take you to a new window. In this window, you have two options to either search for [Mercenary] or [Corporation] Battle Contracts. These tabs are switchable by using the R2/L2 buttons on your DS#3. It auto defaults to the [Mercenary] option, this tab option is where you can find the “Weekend Beta Events” that CCP has been doing for two weeks now. Speculation: In the future, I envision this tab option being for contracts that are Open contracts (where both sides are open to whomever queues up. Within certain rules established by the corporation who established the contract.) The [Corporation] tab is and this is speculation too, is where I see *PCs can place battle contracts. This is where you would go if your Corporation got hired to perform those contracts or maybe to raid a district on a planet without a contract. But, I think I’m just on the tip of the iceberg here.

[Star Map] Shows you the whole beautiful New Eden galaxy. You can see all the Systems, planets, and stars, etc. Speculation: I think this is going to the gateway to travel for us Mercs in New Eden.

Next up is the [Character] tab, this is an extremely important tab. So pay attention Merc. Go to the [Character] tab and three new options are visible, [Character Sheet], the latter of the two tabs are just shortcuts for [Skills], and [Augmentations] in the [Character Sheet].

Click on the [Character Sheet] option, and you will get a new window. I will list these new tabs and explain them.

[Character Info] This is the auto default option when clicking on the [Character Sheet]. Here you can see your Merc’s name, with the Corporation that you are currently in underneath. It has a lot of information such as your ISK/*AUR balance, and total SP.

Got to the [Skills] tab, and click on it. To the right you will see on the top your total [Skill Points] and your [Unallocated] SP. The [Unallocated] amount is the amount that you can spend at any given time. You also gain SP passively, even when your not logged on. This tab also has two options [Current Skills] and [All Skills] selectable by the R2 and L2 buttons on your DS3. It auto defaults to the [Current Skills] tab, so lets explore it.

[Current Skills] lists all the skills that your DUST merc has mentally uploaded into their minds. It is here where you can spend the SP that you earn from battle contracts to Upgrade yourself. This list is kind of different depended on the class that you chose, initially. I will delve deeper into Skilling into roles later, this is just a general overview. Let’s look at a skill I know every Merc has, so move to the [Dropsuit Command] skill and press the triangle button on your DS3. This shows the information on the currently highlighted skill in a new popup window. The auto defaulted option is the [Description] tab, there are more tabs with information all easily moved to by using the R2/L2 buttons. It reads as so:

Dropsuit Command

Base skill for operating dropsuits.
Unlocks skills that can be trained to operate specific dropsuit types.
-5 to signature profile per level.

So, if you where to spend some SP and upgrade this skill, it would lower your signature so you wouldn’t be so easy to spot on other enemy scanners. That is just one of the many skills that are available in this tab. All skills have five levels, and you need at least one level in a specific skill to use that skills’ equipment. If you want look and read all the descriptions of the skills and come back and pick up where you left off.

Next, move over to the [All Skills] tab by using the R2/L2 buttons. Under this tab, you will have the ability to see, research, and buy any and all skills from the [Market]. Beware, that skills have prerequisites that must be attained before you can start learning that skill. For instance, scroll down to the skill [Mobility] and click it and then click [Show Info]. Remember, the other tabs I brought up in the window last time. Well, they are crucial to your skill development, because in DUST514 as in EvE online. Character progression is innately tied to a skill tree. So using the L2/R2 buttons, move the [Prerequisites] tab. Here you can see the the [Required Skills] to even start learning the [Mobility] skill. Is that you have to have at least three levels of the [Dropsuit Command] skill. Are you getting it now? You can’t jump from skill to skill in like other games that shall not be named. You must actively plan for the way you want your character to grow, otherwise you will be stuck with a jack of all trades. Which is not that great to begin your Dust career with. So once again, go though and read, research, and mess around in this tab and catch back up.

Next, click on [Augmentations] to the right, you will see three new options [Active Boosters], [Passive Boosters], and [Universal Voice Transmitter].

All these options currently have to activated with items currently only purchasable only with Aurum. The [Active Boosters] boost your SP gain while you are actively playing by currently participating in battle only. The [Passive Booster] will do the same, but only for the passive SP gain. The [Universal Voice Transmitter] is an item that allows you Voice chat in private and corporation chat channels.

Now, that is it for the [Character] tab, lets move to the [Fitting] tab. Here, we have a new two options, [Dropsuit Fitting] and [Vehicle Fitting]. These two options allow you to customize/create/edit new dropsuit/vehicle fittings. Before, we get into these options, there is a couple of things that you should know. There are permanent items in DUST514 which we call *BPOs, this means a totally different meaning in EVE online. But, in this context BPO items are permanent items that are persistent even though death. Examples of some of these items are the “Dragonfly” Scout suit given to a player when you buy the Merc pack, and currently the Milita items that are in game. But, in the future there is talk of changing Milita items to *BPCs. BPCs are not permanent items and must be brought and stocked for every clone that you will use in battle. In other words, if you buy five assualt rifles from the [Market] and then die 5 times, then you would need to buy more assault rifles for your fitting to be valid for combat the next time you spawn.

I won’t go into more detail about how you should fit your Dropsuit/Vehicle because that is to me a personal choice. However, I will try to explain the factors that you have to deal with in outfitting yourself.

Every dropsuit/vehicle has slots either for equipment, modules (consider these addons to your current dropsuits/vehicles that give certain characteristics to them), weapons, grenades, and etc. But, you cannot not just put anything into these slots, you must factor in the *CPU and *PG costs of these items accumulatively. You must also again, be able to equip/use the item by making sure you have the prerequisite skills. So this is a direct correlation with the [Current Skills] tab, you must have the skills to use most higher tier items. The CPU and PG costs of an item can be seen by clicking on an item in the [Market] and then clinking on [Show Info]. Again, use the R2/L2 buttons and got to the [Fitting] tab. In here, you can view the CPU and PG of an item, as well as the slot it plugs into. The game will let you know when you have an invalid combination, you will see an ‘INVALID FITTING” warning telling you what is wrong with that fit.

Moving on to the [Market] tab. I’ll just leave this here.

Tank: So what do you need? Besides a miracle.
Neo: Guns. Lots of guns.

But, our [Market] tab is so much more than that. It is here where you can buy all types of weapons, dropsuits, modules, vehicles, Aurum Gear, skill books, and the list goes on and on. You can spend your hard earned ISK here to outfit your merc in equipment. Let’s familiarize you with this tool. Click on the [Dropsuits] tab, and it will take you to a new window with these options, [Assault], [Heavy], [Logistics], [Scout], [Command] and [Pilot]. These are all different categories of dropsuits that you can buy with either *AUR/ISK. Click on the [Assault] tab and a new window will open to the right. In this window are all the different tiers of Assault Suits. So far we have Standard, Advanced, and Prototype versions of dropsuits.

Do you think you can equip the Prototype suit starting out? Well, let us find out, shall we?

Scroll down till you have the Assault vk.0 dropsuit highlighted. We can see that it has an red X over a book icon under the [Requirements] column. We can also see that it cost 125,880 ISK to buy 1 of the suits. Okay, let’s find out why you cannot equip this dropsuit. Hit the triangle button on your DS3, which shows the information about this specific suit. Using your R2/L2 buttons, go over to the [Prerequisites] tab. You will notice that you have a red X under [Required Skills]. This red X is the skill [Caldari Assault Dropsuit Level V], so in order to be able to use this suit. You need to learn the [Caldari Assault Skill] and train it to level five. It also needs at least one level in [Dropsuit Command], but you have that trained initially.

Anyway, that is the simplest and shortest way to explain the [Market] for now. In the future, the Market will be more player driven. We will have the ability to sell items to other players, and check prices of all the commodities over a span of time, and that’s just the start of it. So, once again play around in the [Market] and buy some of the militia gear in the [Militia] tab. Go back to the [Fitting] tab and try to make a couple of valid dropsuit fittings. Or, just read and research about items on the [Market] that you think will fit your play style and start training those skills.

Next up is the [Social] tab, once highlighted it displays five options. [Chat], [Contacts], [Mail], [Corporation], and [Leaderboards].

[Chat] can either be accessed though the [Neocom] or by pressing the Select button on your DS3. Here, you will see the chat channels that you have joined as well as Local, Squad, and the Notifications tab. The Notification tab will flash anytime someone invites you into a squad, or you add someone to your contact/watch list. In all of the chat channels you are able to text chat for free and all the time. The Local chat channel consists of all the players in the system that you are currently in. Squad chat is just that a channel for chatter amongst your squad. Notice, that VoIP is currently free in Squad chat and in the Team chat channel when you join a battle. The [+] allows you to create/join any custom channels that you or your friends create. But, in order to VoIP in these channels, you need to have purchased and *UVT.

[Contacts] This tab consists of all your contacts (friends/enemies) that you have added to this tab. You can add a contact by either highlighting their name and clicking on the [Add Contact] option or the [Add to Watch] option. This can be done will viewing the player list in a battle, on the warbarge, or by clicking on the name in the chat channels.

[Mail] This tab allows you to send mail to your contacts or any player that you know the name of. It also receives your mail from other players here.

[Corporation] Soon tm

[Leaderboards] This tab is exactly as one would think, Leaderboards.

Almost finished now, next is the [System Operation] tab, which only has one option, [Options]. In here, it allows you to tinker with the game’s various ways of control, sound and video, and the name of the Developers who are making our illustrious game.

Last but not least is the [Help] option. This tab has various text based tutorials that may or may not help you. But, I would at least read them once.

I know I probably made some horrible mistakes in grammar. I’ll clean those up as I find them, just wanted to get this to all the noobs.

*AUR = Aurum (Aurum is an EvE online currency, that you can buy with real currency.)
*BPC = Blueprint Copy (you must keep replenishing these items)
*BPO = Blueprint Original (permanent items)
*CPU = Central Processing Unit (its the computer chip icon in the Dropsuit/Vehicles Fitting tabs.)
*DS3 = Dual Shock 3
*ISK = Interstellar Kredits
*NPC = Non-Player Corporation
*PC = Player Corporation
*PG = Powergrid (it’s the Atom symbol in the Dropsuit/Vehicles Fitting tab.)
*SP = Skill Points
*UVT = Universal Voice Transmitter (allows VoIP in all custom chat channels.)

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