Dragon Story Trading and Crafting Tips

Dragon Story Trading and Crafting Tips by grondai

Okay guys I’ve gotten the basis of these new features and I’ve picked up sow tricks to help you out.


1. Currently we only have emerald and ruby dragon so your going to need fire/forest trades. I found that the easiest way to get both large gems at the dames time is to breed forest with fire because the “fail” times are low. You need a super dragon and currently you can get forestfire, landworm, and snowman dragon which can give you 1large green gem, 1 large fire gem, and 1 mystery box.

2. Scrolls: there is no easy way to get scrolls. If your lucky you will get a scroll from a mystery box but the chances are low. So far I have gotten 1/5 super dragon trades. Getting scrolls along with trading for the large gems can be deficult. I would suggest getting small air/forest gems whenever you don’t have a dragon cooking in your portal.

3. Start trading for future gemstone dragons. I already have 7 water and magic gems which will only leave the scrolls for me to get in the future. Make sure you always have something cooking in your portal so the future updates will come easier.

4. For blue/yellow you want to breed water/air. The fail times will be much longer with mist but this will give you the best odds of a super rare. You will need a seabreese or a clown dragon.

5. Magic will be the most difficult large gemstone to get. There are very few super rares and they have high fail times. Hopefully this will be a long time before the magic gemstone dragon comes out.


1. Before creating anything make sure you request lotus blossoms

2. There is no other use for small water gemstones so use them to make a dragon topiary when you can. Same goes for the caretaker cabin. Use those blossoms and magic gemstones.

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