Dragon Story Beginner’s Guide

Dragon Story Beginner’s Guide by Zamoraksblood

First off, if you have any questions at all, just post on this thread and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, if you are thinking about getting this game, but have lots of time and a very fast-moving mind, this might not be for you. But if you are patient, and a fantasy lover, this game will be perfect.

As you open the app for the first time, you will notice the dragon mother standing there, ready to instruct you. She will instruct you on how to start, but I would advise getting as many habitats as you can at the very beginning, and completely filling them with dragons. I would also get as many farms as you can so you can mass-produce buffbeets, as they are basically the most efficient food type you can grow on a farm. Both of these, I will elaborate upon later.

As you finally begin to play on your own, you will notice you have been given a set of goals. These can provide different rewards from food, to coins, to xp, to gold. These goals are your ticket to leveling up and gaining that special item you wanted faster. These quests can go from hatching a specific dragon, to buying a specific building or habitat. They can go from feeding/evolving a dragon, to growing food. Also, they can go from inviting/adding a neighbor, to giving a gift. And they can also go from upgrading a building, to clearing foilage (mushmold, weed woods, etc.)

As you will notice as you reach level 3, a new building, called an evolution temple is unlocked. This is used at 3 points during a dragon’s growth. The first time it is used is when you try to level a dragon up from level 3 to level 4. You must put it in to the evolution temple to evolve, and to continue to grow. This again happens between level 6 and 7, and 9 and 10. All dragons have a varying amount of time to evolve, though in most cases it is the same amount of time as their egg takes to hatch.

Another building, known as a breeding den, is unlocked at level 5. It can be used with two dragons that have gone through at least their first evolution, to create another egg, a hybrid. This also takes time, though unlike evolving, you must pay 200 coins to put a pair of dragons into the breeding den. The dragon mother will also walk you through these beginning steps, though only once, so pay attention. This is the only way to get hybrid dragons, except by purchasing and using gold.

As I said near the beginning, there is another building called a farm. This is used to grow food to feed your dragons, which is how they get to higher levels, and eventually to an evolving point. The regular farm can grow 3 types of food; impruberries, buffbeets, and firapples. Impruberries cost 30 coins to plant, 30 seconds to grow and harvest, and provide 6 food and 1 xp. Buffbeets cost 120 coins to plant, 3 minutes to grow and harvest, and provide 20 food and 4 xp, thus being the most efficient, unless you are willing to sit and click every 30 seconds for hours on end. Firapples, the third food, cost 650 coins to plant, 1 hour to grow and harvest, and provide 50 food and 8 xp; though most guides say it makes 100 food.

There is also a building unlocked at level 7, the large farm. This, can grow 3 new foods, along with the 3 original ones; pumpwings, eliteleeks, and scalypears. Pumpwings cost 3200 coins to plant, 5 hours to grow and harvest, and provide 225 food and 32 xp. Eliteleeks cost 5500 coins to plant, 8 hours to grow and harvest, and provide 375 food and 55 xp. Scalypears cost 13000 coins to plant, 20 hours to grow and harvest, and provide 700 food and 130 xp.

The next feature I will talk about is neighbors. Sometimes you will be asked to visit a neighbor, a quick way is to hit menu and go to social, then community, and click on visit by any name. You can play with their dragons, and up your social rating, and they get a coin bonus. Most neighbors return the favor, though some don’t. Another feature included with neighbors is that you can add a friend?s Storm8 ID, and they will gain some special features. One of which is gifting, and being gifted, gold and mystic maps, I will elaborate upon them later. A final neighborly feature is the bonuses. When you visit someone you have added, you are given a bonus of either coins or xp, though only once a day.

Gold, the premium currency, the fast way for the quick minded. Gold can be earned through special quests, or bought for real world cash. Gold can be used to speed up evolutions and buildings, breedings and hatchings. It can be used to buy coins and food. If you don?t feel like buying gold, and you?re out, gift it to your friends, and post on their walls asking for them to gift back. It might be small, only getting one gold from the gift, but over time it can add up. The last thing gold can be used for is to buy dragons; many of the dragons cost gold to buy, except for the four basic dragons; red, blue, green, and yellow. The other dragons are still available through breeding however.

One of the final features I am going to talk about is mystic maps. You might notice a request from a neighbor, or that as you expand, it asks you for them. These are required to expand further after the first couple expansions. You can receive up to 20 a day, so you might want that many neighbors as you get further on in the game.

As you look for more ways to earn coins, you might notice a collect option on your habitats. This is how you collect the income from your dragons. For more information about their incomes, check through my sources. The income of your dragons varies, but also raises as you level your dragons up. They will slowly fill up your habitat with coins, though all habitats have a coin capacity, with red rocks holding the least; at a measly 250. During this part, I will name the habitat color, regular amount, and then big amount: red, 250, 2500: green, 1000, 3200: yellow, 800, 2900: blue, 1900, 3600: purple, 3000, 5000: diamond, 20000, one size.
All answers for breeding combos, breeding times, egg pictures, and expansion prices are within my sources. Foilage clearing prices and times are also within the sources.


Q. How can I get a magic dragon?

A. Though it seems like it can only be bought with gold, the magic dragon is available as a rare red/blue hybrid, though you also could get an athletic, so check the timing with maguar?s breeding times.

Q. What?s happening with the diamond dragon? I can?t get one no matter how hard I try!

A. The diamond dragon is the rarest dragon in the game, requiring all 4 elements to be bred, or two hybrids that share no type. For an odd reason, it seems the rarer the dragons my teammates and I have bred, the faster we got rarer dragons. So, a pair that might work fast is a Scorpion and an Atlantis dragon.

Q. How can I level up fast? It seems like I am moving so slowly.

A. If you have very few coins, try finishing as many goals as possible. If you are very rich, buy and sell picnic parks, as you get a nice xp amount for starting building, especially on the more expensive habitats, buildings, and decorations.

Q. What?s the difference between habitat sizes?

A. Regular habitats can hold one or two dragons and a few coins, but big habitats can hold three dragons and a lot more coins.

Q. I don?t have enough room, what can I do?

A. Click on one of the expand signs, click on the area, you would like to clear, then pay up. You will then have to clear foliage from that area to use it, but it is definitely worth it.

Q. What are all the pop-up ads for other TeamLava and Storm8 games about?

A. This is their way of advertising, but it also can earn you free gold if you wait for a quest to ask you to get it. After installing and playing you have to put up a random piece of d?cor, I would advise a stone path square, as you get all your money back. That gives you 30 gold, then for each level you earn 15 more gold. Though, in some cases, instead of decorating, you have to harvest a piece of food, I would advise impruberries as they are very quick.

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    I have seen some islands with 2 breeding dens.My profile says 1/2 dens..Why Can’t I buy another one then? Will I be able to buy a second one?

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    How do I get the impruberries and crops?

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