DK Online Create Guild Emblem Guide

DK Online Create Guild Emblem Guide by gmebilfish

First, create a emblem for your guild through Photoshop or Paint.

Guild Emblem Requirement:
Guild Level: 3
Size 20 x 14
24 bits/pixel or 32 bits/pixel
Save the file as .tga (ex. guppies.tga)

Once you have created and meet the Guild Emblem requirement, save or move the file to

Documents\My Games\DKonline\Mark

In game, open your Guild Window (press G), Click on the “Guild Setup”. This should open the Guild Menu. Click on the “Emblem” tab, you should find the Emblem you have created in the window.

-Select the .tga
-Click on the “Display Crest” button
-Ok to apply this Guild Emblem
-Lastly, click on “New Registration” to fully accept the Emblem

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