DK Online Battlepoint Uses Guide

DK Online Battlepoint Uses Guide by annsachd

Battlepoints. Obtained by attending Castle Sieges (CS) or Realm vs Realm (RvR)

COOL….. Where do I see said points?~~ OH That’s easy, bottom right hand of your screen, shown in this image.

Now that you know how to earn and where to see how much you’ve earned, pat yourself on the back… No, really, there’s more use to it than that. You can use these points for … accessories, and other various goods, but them accessories, *_* Are very shiny indeed.

COOL…. WHERE DO I GET SHINY. Ah, well, I’m just kind enough to show you the location, cost, AND description of lv 40 Battlepoint Accessories. I know, I’m awesome.

Say WHAT?!.. Don’t know where to find these? NO PROBLEM. You can easily see my location on the main map here:

and on my MiniMap here:

Just look for Ellie, the lovely lady that she is, and she will hook you up~

NOW… You’ve found Ellie, cool. Here’s the accessories that fine lady offers~

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