Diablo 3 Leoric’s Signet Farming Guide for Monks

Diablo 3 Leoric’s Signet Farming Guide for Monks by JackKnife

Lots of max threads about LS so I thought I would start a quick and dirty guide to farming it using a Monk (my only experience).  This was a really nice break from the same old alkaizer runs, also is netting me more gold faster than I ever have.

Leorics Signet Farming Guide

This guide is desinged to help those who wish to farm for Leroics Signet:


GOLD: Lerics Signets (LS) are still going for over 20m on AH.  Perfectly rolled LS can go in the upwards of 75m.  It takes about 5 hours to find one (using only this method), other legendaries found during this run sell for 25-100k with socket, add some pickup radius and you will probably net an additional 200k/hour on gold pickups.  Total gold/hour of this run: 4.2m (when LS sells for 20m or more)

LEVELING: New character, or paragon leveling, if you want MAX exp, you must be using a LS.  You can only have one hellfire ring on you, and one on your follower.  With LS on you and your follower that gives you potentially an additional 36% bonus experience.

ENJOYMENT: Its fun, breaks up the monotony of alkaizer runs, you will find about 3 legendaries per hour, and as already mentioned it can net you some cash.


Monk level 60.  Use an infinite tempest rush build:

Tempest Rush + Tailwind (moves fast)
Mantra of Conviction + Submission (kills everything)
Chant of Resonance / The Guardians Path / Fleet Footed (spirit regen)

w/ Skorn you can have 10 spirit per sec

Weapon – Daibo: 2+ s/sec
OR – Skorn (see s/sec note above)
Helm   – Spirit Stone : 2+ s/sec
Amulet – Xephirian Amulet: 2+ s/sec
Ring   – Stone of Jordan: 1.5+ s/sec

Boots  – +12% MS, +7 pickup radius
Belt   – +7 pickup radius (optional)
Bracer – Lacuni Prowler

Everything else: as much MF as possible


I have read three max post threads, have run this many times myself, have found my LS, this is in my opinion the best route possible.  Expect under 10 minutes, unless you get 3 cave spawns in Dahlgur Oasis.

QUEST: A2 – Soulstone Chamber – Begin Quest

#1 – Waypoint to Sewers of Caldeum
* Get 2 neph. stacks, or clear whichever comes first (you will NOT get more then 2 here)

#2 – TP back to town, WP to Black Canyon Mines
* Clear

#3 – Waypoint to Path to Dahlgur Oasis, Enter Ruined Cistern
* Clear (without backtracking)

#4 – TP back to town, WP to Path to Dahlgur Oasis
* Clear, follow this path:

#5 – Dahlgur Sidequests:
+ Shrines of Rakanishu
+ Ancient Cave
+ Flooded Cave
+ Swampy Cellar
+ Fishermans Cellar
+ Tomb of Khan Dakab
+ Tomb of Sardar

– DONT save any villagers
– DONT go into any other cellars
– DONT bother with “something lies within this corpse”
– DONT bother with “something strange about these bones”


In general the above is all you need to know.  However, some tips to help your run go faster are:

* Stop to open all chests it is very likely they will drop an item
* Circle in place for invisible snakes, they may have the best drop chance for LS
* DO NOT touch the frenzied shrine.  This will deplete your spirit

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