Dark Blood Online Gems Guide

Dark Blood Online Gems Guide by Lightburb

In a nutshell, Gems are items that can be attached to avatar items to increase various attributes. Depending on the avatar piece, Gems can have impact a specific type of attribute. Gems, unlike avatars, are not class specific. That means a Gem which a Mage is able to use can be used by a Hunter, Warrior, or Knight as well.

Types and Attaching Gems
However Gems are Avatar Type specific. By Avatar Type, this refers to the piece or place where the avatar is equipped. That means Gems which can be attached to Avatar Cape items can only be attached to Avatar Cape items. You can see which Avatar Type a Gem corresponds to by checking the Gem description.

To equip a Gem, go to the go to the Avatar info window. (You can press the J key). Shift + Right-click an Avatar item and you will prompted which the Equip Gem window. Simply drag and drop (or Right-click) from you inventory the Gems which with you equip/attach. After you have decided, click on the “Equip Gem” button. Note: You cannot equip the same attribute of Gem into multiple spots on one Avatar item.

Even though you cannot undo a Gem equip, you are able to overwrite a previously equipped Gem by equipping one over.

There might be situations where you have a lot of Gems that are not the Avatar Type you want or are not the attribute you want. In this case, you may decide to list the Gem on the auction house or you can synthesize two Gems to form a new one. To synthesize a new Gem, you will need the appropriate level Gem Random Synthesizer. Once you have the item, activate the item and insert two Gems which you know longer want. Upon synthesizing, a new Gem will be formed. Note: This new Gem may not be the same Avatar Type of the Gems which you synthesized from.

Upgrading is a system where you can take two lower level Gems and upgrade them to a higher level Gem. You will need the appropriate level Gem Upgrade Synthesizer and it functions similar to regular Gem synthesizing.

How Do I Get Gems?
Gems can be obtained through the Dark Blood store of by visiting the auction house and looking for Gems. Gems are obtained the the Gem Random Box.

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