Dark Blood Online Achievement and Performance Points Guide

Dark Blood Online Achievement and Performance Points and Titles Guide by link_8


Performance points. In the gaming world, they’re something to brag over. You may be concerned with your Xbox Live gamerscore, or how many trophies you have on your PS3 account. Similarly, Dark Blood has many achievements out there for us. When we do the required actions, we get some Performance Points. The game tells you the requirements for most of these achievements but some of them are hidden. There are 387 different achievements right now, so don’t expect us to go through them all lol. This guide will mostly focus on hidden achievements, though we will also discuss some other achievements.

The game has achievements categorized into different sections, so we will use a similar format here. But there will be a separate section for achievements that give titles.

General – These achievements are mostly simple. You’ll probably get them many of them done throughout the course of the game without even trying. Hiddens include:
What? I can’t hear you. Speak to my ears! -Receive 30 whispers from other players- Just have one of your friends spam you 30 whispers for an easy 20 points.

You are not alone -Make at least one friend– No, you don’t have to go through the whole process of getting to know someone and hanging out. Just add someone to your friend list. 20 points.

New Guild Member -Join a guild- Even if you’re a lone wolf kind of person and don’t want to be in a guild, just ask around and see if someone will do the favor of inviting you simply for the achievement. Then you may leave.

I will show you with my body– Express all your emotions- I don’t think anyone has a clue how they got this. Like, wth does that even mean? I got it while having an ordinary conversation.
Gray says: Use all of the actions in game (/Apology , /Applause , /Greeting , /Hello , /Victory , /Go , /HaHa , /Dancing , /Respect and /Seat), there’s also an AFK action that can only be triggered by standing sill for a minute or two, which may count. If, after using all of the other emotes, you still don’t unlock it, try standing still for a couple of minutes.

Open your eyes and one! Two! Three! -Succeed with Party Chain Skill- You know, that skill where your party gets together and presses X or Z. You don’t even have to initiate the Party Chain Skill, just be part of one.

Ahhhh!!! My arms and legs!!! – Get it over with, be overkilled by your enemy- Easy way to do this is take off all your gear, and duel with one of your friends. Let them get back attacks until you die, if they use a strong skill it’ll likely be enough damage to overkill you. Fatality!

Good or Bad –Be under the influence of more than 5 buff or debuff- You probably won’t get this done at lower levels as you’re not fighting anyone/thing with many debuffs, and you don’t have many buffs yourself yet. Later it’s very easy though.

Magic Number 77 – Your HP and MP must be 77%. Best way to get this would be to wait until your HP is 77%, then if your MP is higher, spam some skills until it’s below 77%. Next, let your MP recover naturally (will happen faster if you have mana regen gems etc). Alternatively, you could just wait for it to happen.

Did you see a pig in your dream? -Pick up some unique equipment in a dungeon- It’ll happen when it happens. I got this one solo so I’m not sure how it works if you’re in a party. Like if someone else picks it up but the item goes to you because of the dice. Maybe they’ll get the achievement for picking it up, maybe you’ll get it for having got the item. This achievement should’ve been a bit more specific.

Hungry Avatar -Be equipped with at least one avatar with all “dem gems”- Lol @ the devs’ attempt at slang. Anyway, just go to the Auction House and search in the Gem section. There will be gems on sale. Buy 3 DIFFERENT gems for your cape or top. You can not fit 2 of the same kind of gem in one avatar, don’t waste your gold trying.

Not Enough Storage– Fill all slots of your basic storage- Easy enough, just head to NPC Bruce or Brandon and empty out your backpack into storage. Grats, 20 points, now take everything back out.

A Student’s Backpack – Have over 60 items in your backpack (61), 1 gold bag, and 3 blue bags will give you 65 backpack spaces, which you can then fill up. The Premium Inventory tab MAY contribute to this, eg. If you have 5 items in your premium inventory, you only need 56 backpack spaces, although this is unconfirmed.

Fear Nothing With Your Guild!– Clear the dungeon with 2 or more guildees-

Welcome To The World of Dark Blood – Just clear a dungeon-

Flash Mob – Clear a dungeon with 4 teammates of the same primary class.

Huh? Wasn’t it a puppet?– Win perfectly in the battlefield. That means defeat your enemy without getting hit, you know, a Flawless Victory. Battle Mode, not Free Mode. Ohboy, the Announcer Lady has such a sexy voice when she says Perfect :3

Titles! This section will feature hidden achievements that reward you with titles.

That Guy Has Many Friends -Fill up your friends list- The buddy list can hold 50 people in it. So if you really want this one but you’re not social, just buddy list everyone you see until you hit 50. Then delete them all because you’re going to need the space later when you actually do meet people. Title: Socially Active. Stats: Increases Dungeon Moving Speed by 1.00. Yeah, kinda useless.

Dancing Allows you to forget the coldness -Dance in your birthday suit- You know, like that old 2002 song says, “It’s getting hot in here so take off all your clothes”. Take off all of your gear, and type /Dance in the chatbox. Not /dance, the D has to be capital. Title: Immune To Coldness. Stats: Increases Cold Attack by 8. Another title that you won’t be using as soon as you get something better.

Let’s Dance Together!! – Be part of a 4 person dancing troupe doing their thang!! Well devs, you got cool points for using the phrase “doing their thang”. But lost them for “4 person dancing troupe”. People just don’t say troupe anymore unless they mean those guys with guns and grenades (See what I did there, troupe, troop, high 5!). Simple, be in a party of four people and all of you have to dance. Not naked this time though. Title: From The Club. Stats: Increases Attack by 10.00. This is a good one, especially for early levels.

The Expert of True Performance
Your performance score must reach 3000 points
Work hard on unlocking every achievement you can, and be sure to finish dailies, and you’ll eventually unlock this. It will take some time, however.
Title: Explorer Leader – Increases HP by 200 and MP by 75.

Smart Brain and Glamorous Control -After a class change, clear a dungeon at an appropriate level without using skill hotkeys- This can only be done after you reach level 20 and choose your subclass. It’s easiest to do immediately after the class change. Why? Well if you’re level 29, you can’t go to Burning Nat and clear this, it has to be done at the Crystal Cave. And higher level dungeons are way harder than the dungeons in Act 1. You CAN use your skills, just not hotkeys. If you’re a keyboard user who doesn’t know their commands then you’re kinda stuck doing the dungeon with just X, Z, C, and Space (for buffs). This achievement is obviously easier for a Warrior or Knight than a Mage or Hunter. If you actually do use commands though, you should have this in the bag also. Title: Master. Stats: Increases Power by 4.00 and Strength by 5.00. This one is a keeper, I’m still using it atm. “Master RAINFALL” has such a nice ring to it. Heh, especially if in my head I add Jedi to the front of that :P

The Hero of Turbulence– Clear the dungeon as the last surviving member of a party of 4- It’ll happen when it happens. Some people actually make parties of four and take turns going to dungeons and being the last surviving member for this title. Too bad there’s no friendly fire, else this would be really simple to get Title: Undefeated Hero. Stats: Increase Confusion Attack by 4 and Passion Attack by 4.

Leading Member at Club S
Earn S rank or higher 300 times in any dungeon.
Spamming low level dungeons such as Lucid Forest would probably be the fastest way to unlock this, although you should eventually earn it from just playing normally if you regularly get at least S, in dungeons.
Title: Novice Soldier – Increases dungeon moving speed by 1%.

That Was Close!!
Clear a dungeon of your level, by yourself, with less than 5% HP.
Not too hard to get, but easier early on. The safest method to unlock this; is by getting a boss down to its last bit of health, and then take damage until you’re below 5% HP – Some bosses can easily hit for 20-30% of your health, however, so make sure that taking another attack will put you below 5%, and not actually kill you.
Title: Veteran Fighter – Increases Passion Attack by 8.

Cunning Guys – Defeat 500 Cunning Monsters- These are those sneaky monsters that will shoot or throw something at you, then run. They usually arrive in packs of 3 at a time. If you’re playing Unique you may not be able to get them before they go, but they’re easily overkilled in a couple hits on Normal. Title: Guardian of Justice. Stats: Increases Cold Attack by 6 and Passion Attack by 6.

Stay Right There! I’ll Wipe You All! – Defeat more than 10 monsters within a short period of time- Easily done when you get to the swamp maps after level 25. Kaross eggs are everywhere, just use a good aoe skill to take them all out. Title: Merciless Slayer. Stats: Increases Confusion Attack by 8.

I envy your continued victory– Win any combat 10 times in a row- It says any combat, but I think they all have to be in Battle Mode, not free mode. Yeah. You’ve gotta be a boss for this title. Title: Undefeated Fighter. Stats: Increases Intelligence by 15.

The Outlaw Of the Wilderness – Start a Fight 100 times in the Square- Just get in 100 duels. Not in the arena, but out in the places you can fight after you hit level 8. Also, this Achievement isn’t hidden. You just can’t see it until you do the achievements for dueling 10, and 50 times. Title: The Outlaw. Stats: Increases Power by 4.00 and Mentality by 3.00.

Achievements Based On Hearsay
Sacrifice – Don’t have this hidden yet, but I hear you get it by being at under 10% hp in a dungeon and reviving a teammate. No wonder I don’t have it, I let my teammates stay dead so I can collect the drops for myself lol.
We Will Never Be Apart – I hear you get this one by being in a party of four for a full 1.5 hours. That’s 90 minutes. Noone can leave the party. This one isn’t worth the 20 points to me, as that’s a whole 90 minutes I can’t be in the arena QQ

The End

That’s RAINFALL and Gray’s Achievement guide. Hope it helps all of you out there get some Performance Points. This guide is not done, as there are more achievements out there and I’m not content with just barely over 1500 Performance Points. So if you know something and feel you want to help the community also, don’t be afraid to comment here about a new hidden achievement you’ve found, and I may drop it into the guide. What you should NOT do is be a troll and make useless comments. If you feel anything here is wrong, just send me a PM (on these forums or a mail in game) and I will get on to fixing it.

I, the Paladin RAINFALL, authored most of this. My sorcerer sidekick Gray and I have been working for a while on discovering new achievements, and compiling our knowledge into this guide. He wrote a bit of this also. My guildmate Heineken helped me get a few of these. And my friend Elys told me about “Sacrifice”, “Huh? Wasn’t It A Puppet?”, and “We Will Never Be Apart”.

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