Dark Blood Online Avatars Guide

Dark Blood Online Avatars Guide by Lightburb

What is an Avatar?
Avatar are items which you can equip to change the appearance of your character. Unlike regular gear, Avatars do not directly impact the stats of your character. However, Gems can be attached to Avatars to improve various attributed. For more information about Gems, check out the Avatar Gem Guide.

Are Avatars class specific?
Avatars are in fact class specific. This means an Avatar item worn by a Mage cannot be worn by a Hunter, Knight, or Warrior.

How many different kinds of Avatars are there?
There are a currently a wide variety of Avatar styles available for each class. To see a list of Avatars available, view the Beauty Shop in game. This will also allow you to see what Avatars will look like when equipped.

In addition to different styles, Avatars come in different pieces (or types). These types include top, head (helmet), shoulder, cape, gloves, boots, and bottoms (pants/skirts). Any Avatar Type can be worn independent of the other Avatar Types in the the same style line. This means you can mix and match pieces to create the look you want.

Do Avatars comes in different colors?
Within a style line, Avatars only come in one color. However, Avatars can be dyes to get a specific color you desire. To find out more about Avatar Dyeing, check out the Dying Guide (coming soon).

Are there set bonus for having all Avatar types in the same style/line?
There are no set bonuses. But Gems can be attached to Avatars.

That’s cool and all, but how do I get Avatars?
Currently there are a number of ways to get Avatar items. Avatars will dropped as rare loot when playing through dungeons. This is perhaps the most straight forward way to get an Avatar, drops are not guaranteed and even if an Avatar drops, there is no guarantee on the type of Avatar (type or style) you will get.

Avatar items can also be crafted. Avatar crafting is a Life Skill which is available as default to all players. The nice thing about crafting Avatars is that you will be assured what kind of Avatar type and style you are going to receive. However crafting Avatars is not for the faint of hard as it does take substantial amount of time and resources to achieve.

Another way to acquire and Avatar is to visit the auction house. For those with lots of AR, this will be the fastest way to acquire an Avatar. However, prices will vary depending on the supply and demand, and there is no guarantee a certain Avatar you are looking for will be available.

Will Avatars be available in the cash shop?
At this time, Avatars are not available in the cash shop. We have gotten a number of requests for this, and we are considering this. However, the current concept for Avatars can be outlined below.

1. Avatars should distinguish a dedicated player versus a casual player.
2. Avatars should be a continued part of your character as you can continue to grow with your Avatar.
3. Avatars are permanent.

With those concept points, the current stance is that Avatars should not be directly sold for cash as to maintain the core concepts. However we do understand there is a strong desire to make Avatars available in the cash shop and we will put this under consideration.

Wait. Avatars are PERMANENT?
Yes, that is correct. Once you acquire an Avatar, there is no more maintenance required to continue using it and they do not expire.

AWESOME! But what do you mean “grow with my Avatar”?
Since Avatars are permanent, you can consider the Avatar an extension of yourself. As you mood changes, Dyes are available to help reflect your personality. Also, with the Avatar Gem system, Avatars can continue to be a valuable aid on your fighting in Dark Blood.

How many Avatars can I own?
You can own as many Avatars as your inventory and storage allow you to hold.

After I’ve got my Avatar Item, what should I do?
The two biggest things are Dying your avatar and attaching Avatar Gems.

On top of this, Avatars will always stay with you as long as you don’t discard or trade them away. So it can’t hurt to collect more! On top of that, there are some cool features coming in the future related to Avatar items. (More to be revealed).

So what are you waiting for? Go forth and acquire them Avatars!

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