Dark Blood Online Promo Codes for Free Dyes, Gems Etc

Dark Blood Online Promo Codes for Free Dyes, Gems Etc by link_8

Tired of overpriced hair dye in the auction house? Messed up when dying your skin and had to buy ANOTHER skin dye? Well it’s RAINFALL (my IGN, the #1 ranked Paladin around) to the rescue. You’ve always wondered how those dye sellers even get dye. Why, promotional codes that you can redeem on the Outspark Website of course. Just visit www.outspark.com/redeem (This is clearly legit lol, not some kind of gold spam ripoff), and type in a couple codes. The dyes will appear in your premium backpack. To get there, simply press I in game, and at the top where it says inventory, it should say Premium to the right of it. Your items will be there.

Code for hair and skin dye – darkbloodmmorpgcustomhs
Code for weapon and avatar dye – darkbkoodwikiacustomwa (yes that’s a k in bkood, not an l. Don’t be a derp like me and think it’s not working at first cause you were typing blood)

Both codes have been confirmed to still be working as of today, so it should work for you. My dutch friend doesn’t seem to be able to get his items though, I have no idea what’s going on there, maybe you can’t get it if your IP address isn’t American lol. GL if you’re foreign.

Yeah I just saved you over a million gold on dyes. No need to thank me. But if you REALLY must because you’re an awesome person, I’d totally appreciate unwanted Avatar Dye in the mailbox. It takes alot of dye to maintain my Paladin’s level of beauty :) Lol.

Free Gems from oppaiguy

for gems just sign up here and get ur power pack >_0


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