ChefVille Crafted Ingredients List

ChefVille Crafted Ingredients List by Pinky Chefcadero

Some ingredients will be crafted on Crafting Stations to be used on Cooking Stations to create dishes. Also, some ingredients you create on your Crafting Stations will go on to be included in more intricate items.

About Salt and Pepper: You can earn salt and pepper by visiting neighbors! On your visit, per neighbor, you will earn salt. By your third visit, you are a regular, so you earn pepper!

Crafted IngredientCollected Ingredient 1Collected Ingredient 2Collected Ingredient 3
Ranch DressingMilkWild OnionGarlic
MayonnaiseEggsWhite Wine VinegarNone
Tomato SauceHeirloom TomatoWild OnionNone
Garlic ToastWheat BreadGarlicNone
CroutonsWheat BreadBlack PepperNone
Pita ChipsPitaBlack PepperNone
Egg NoodlesFlourEggsNone
FettuciniFlourEggsBlack Pepper
Rice NoodlesLong Grain RiceWaterNone
Lasagne NoodlesFlourEggsNone
Beef BrothSirloin BeefWaterNone
Chicken BrothFree Range ChickenWaterSalt
Vegetable BrothWild OnionWaterNone
Mild SalsaHeirloom TomatoYellow Bell PepperNone
GuacamoleAvocadoHeirloom TomatoNone
Artisan BreadDoughOlive OilNone
Corn TortillaSweet CornSaltNone
Hollandaise SauceLemonUnsalted ButterNone
GravyBeef BrothFlourNone
BBQ SauceTomato SauceSugarNone
Alfredo SauceParmesan CheeseHeavy CreamNone
Cheese SauceCheddar CheeseMilkNone
Hoison SauceLong Grain RiceWaterBlack Pepper
Soy SauceSoy BeansWaterSalt
Teriyaki SauceSoy SauceSugarNone
Marinated BeefSirloin BeefLimeSalt
Marinated ChickenFree Range ChickenSaltNone
Marinated TunaTunaLimeNone
Steamed VegetablesCarrotsRusset PotatoNone
Sticky RiceLong Grain RiceWaterNone
Smoked TurkeyFree Range TurkeySaltNone
Smoked SalmonKing SalmonSaltNone
Corn MealSweet CornWaterNone
Herbes de ProvenceBasilRosemaryNone
Jerk SeasoningWild OnionGarlicBlack Pepper

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