ChefVille Getting More Onions Guide

ChefVille Getting More Onions Guide by starlite1287

I see a lot of complaints about the onion shortage in Chefville, and even contributed to the complaints myself. But over the past few days I think I have worked it out. I went from having no onions, having to buy them repeatedly with hearts, to having a full onion garden and maxed out inventory onions in a few days. So I’m here to give some onion advice

What I did was harvest the onions I had until there was only one harvest left on each of them. Then I leave the ones with only one onion alone for good, never touch them again, no matter how much I need them. It takes patience, but they will start reproducing as long as you give them a space of grass on each side.
Now, as neighbors are concerned, if you hover over them you can see where they will go before you accept their help. If they are going for the onions, in the early days of this plan you should dismiss them since you’re probably still low and they might wipe out all your onions, but after a few days when you have onions to spare, it’s better to leave them standing there until you need onions again. They will pick them for you so you don’t have to waste any energy. Make sure you always check your inventory to see if you will max out in order to avoid wasting any precious onions.
So when visiting neighbors, it’s okay to pick their onions! You’re not a bad guy, you’re just playing the game! If they don’t like it they can dismiss you too. And it is NOT true that doing the same action will only give you one heart. The hearts are RANDOM just like everything else. Just try to at least be considerate and shorten their rose timer. Kind of like thanks for the onions.
So in conclusion, I hope I have helped some people with the onion situation. You’ll notice the last and most insignificant thing here was about visiting neighbors, because this strategy works whether you have lots of neighbors or not, it just takes patience.
Tips: Since we cannot dismiss neighbors, I put up a wall and hid my onions behind it. It will take awhile before neighbors stop taking onions until you get neighbors that come “after” you put the wall up. When you want to harvest our own onions, just put part of the wall in storage and when you are done harvesting put your wall back up.

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