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Blacklight Retribution FAQ by fourthdawn

What is Blacklight Retribution?
Blacklight Retribution is the direct sequel to Blacklight: Tango Down. It is a Free to play First Person Shooter game developed by ZOMBIE Studios and published by Perfect World Entertainment.

How much is Blacklight Retribution?
Blacklight Retribution costs nothing, it is a free to play game with no restrictions. Micro transactions are utilized for purchasing antithetical items and to unlock content at an earlier time.

Is Blacklight Retribution Pay to Win?
No, Blacklight Retribution allows players to purchase everything that has a direct impact on the mechanics of gameplay such as; weapons, armor, and parts with in game currency.

How can I play Blacklight Retribution?
You may either play the game by either downloading and running the game through the STEAM client, or by registering on the Blacklight Retribution website and downloading the client

I’m having a technical issue with Blacklight Retribution, what should I do?
Please refer to the Perfect World website and submit a technical support ticket Additionally you can seek technical support on the official Blacklight Retribution forums, located

What languages and what regions are Blacklight Retribution currently available to?
Blacklight Retribution currently supports the United States, Europe, and Australian. No one is denied access or blocked from the service, regardless of region. Blacklight Retribution currently has language localizations in Dutch, French, English, Italian, and Thai.

What platforms is Blacklight Retribution currently available on?
Currently, Blacklight Retribution is available on the PC at this time only. There have been talks about releasing an XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 version, but nothing set in stone has been announced regarding this matter.

What computer specifications are required to run Blacklight Retribtion?
The current required specifications are as follows:

Windows XP/Vista/7(32bit)
Dual Core CPU
256MB DX9 GPU (Geforce 8xxx or Radeon HD2xxx)
8GB Free HD Space
DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card
Broadband internet connection

Windows 7(64bit)
Quad Core CPU
8GB Free HD Space
DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card
Broadband internet connection

What is ZEN?
ZEN is a cash shop related currency. Real money is utilized in order to unlock items at an earlier level, or to purchase antithetical items in game. Currently, the USD to ZEN transfer rate is $10 USD:100 ZEN. Most items purchased through ZEN or GP can be unlocked in 1, 3, 7, 30 day increments and some can be bought permanently.

What is GP?
GP, or game points are used as the in-game currency. GP is awarded after finishing a match, through GP tokens, and through other means. GP is used to purchase items in the marketplace such as armor, weapon components, and more. Most items purchased through ZEN or GP can be unlocked in 1, 3, 7, 30 day increments and some can be bought permanently.

What is CP?
Combat Points (abbreviated as CP) are points earned in matches. They may be spent in a Weapon Depot, used to purchase Health refills, Ammo refills, or heavy weapons. Combat Points scale with your score. They are limited to a single game, and may not be spent outside of a match. CP are obtained by killing enemy players, achieving game-mode specific objectives, or assisting your teammates.
For collecting 5000 CP during a single match the title Gun For Hire is rewarded.

How can I contact my friends in game?
Friend list and mailing functionailty are fully available in game. The option to add a player and invite them to your game can all be accessed in the social menu, which can be accessed by clicking on your player name on the top right of the game window.

How do I level up, why should I level up?
By leveling up, you unlock new components for your weapons and gain access to new equipment to assist you in the battlefield. Additionally, you will also receive reward packs that will give players typically a three day trial of all the items unlocked with that particular level. Contrary to other free-to-play games, as you level up, the new gear you unlock does not get more powerful. Instead, it trades of one stat for another, creating a very stable and fair environment for all players. Currently, the maximum level any player can reach is lvl 35.

What weapon recievers are currently available?
The current available weapons receivers are; Assault Rifle, Bolt-Action Rifle, Burst-Fire Rifle, Combat Rifle, Sub-Machine Gun, Light Machine Gun and the Heavy Assault Rifle. These weapons typically have the highest ammunition counts, with the exception of the Combat Rifle and Bolt-Action Rifle. These weapons are the weapons which an Agent will use first in an engagement, before switching to a secondary weapon if the situation demands.

What sort of customization is available in Blacklight Retribution?
Currently you are able to customize weapon receivers in various ways including the muzzle, barrel, ammunition, scope, stocks, weapon tags, and camos. You are also able to equip different  types of helmets, armor, and boots that vary in stats. These customization items can be purchased and equipped in the customization menu.

What is a Weapon Depot?
Depot Items or Depot Weapons are heavy weapons obtainable from the depots scattered over a map during a match for earned CP. The loadout of a depot can sport 5 different items and is customized at the point Depot under the Equiment-menu at the Customization-screen. Depot Items use ammunition like normal weapons do, though to replenish those the Depot-Item Heavy Weapon Refill needs to be utilized. Buying one of those Depot Items will replace your secondary weapon for the time being. However your sidearm is not lost and will be available again after you have disposed of the Depot-Item.

What are Depot Items?
Depots are a key utility to not just surviving, but to winning. Depots, allow you to refill heath, ammunition for various weapons including heavy weapons and allow you to purchase special armaments from the behemoth Hardsuits, to Area of Effect air-strikes. The Depot can be accessed by anyone provided there is no-one else using it. To access items in the Depot during battle you need to firstly have the item equipped in your Depot loadout (accessed in the equipment screen). You get the Health Refill, Ammo Refill, Heavy Weapon Refill, FT18 Flamethrower, RL5 Armor Stinger, and the HS01 Hardsuit by default, but the rest need to be purchased from the shop. Then during the game, to access these items from the Depot you need to earn enough CP to purchase them with. This is done by killing enemies, capturing objectives or assisting those who are. There are also bonuses for Killing High Threats, and becoming the Warlord and a High Threat for your team.

What is HRV?
The HRV or Hyper Reality Visor is one of the most distinguishing features of Blacklight: Retribution. It allows you to perceive your environment with additional information. It displays your enemies and allies, their actions and much more in your field of vision, allowing you to see basically through walls. This however comes of course at a price, the HRV can only be used for a limited amount of time and it takes a recharge-time before being available again. The duration and recharge rate of the HRV are determined by the player’s Helmet. Using your HRV also reveals the weak spot of a Hardsuit, available depots on the Map and highlights mines with an attention marker. Flying grenades however are not displayed. You can also view an enemy’s health bar by looking directly at them.

What are Heroes?
Heroes are premade characters with a complete collection of Tactical Gear, Depot Items and Premade Weapons, usually also sporting a unique visual design. All Heroes released currently carry their own fully customized primary and secondary [Weapons] which utilize a sixth loadout slot not accessable through normal means. Players may still use their other loadout slots (and thus [Weapons]) as normal while playing a Hero.
Heroes are notably permanent when purchased, and can also be won in a permanent form via Chance Packs. This is a compelling reason to buy a hero character or attempt to win one should a player be willing to spend Zen. For example, Grendel’s set of grenades alone cost 1700 Zen to purchase permanently at time of writing, and buying the hero for 2000 Zen represents a significant saving over buying the Weapons, Attachments and Gear separately.
What are Chance Packs?
Chance packs are a purchasable item on the Blacklight market. These chance packs are entitled after the best item available in the chance pack and are commonly introduced with new content. Chance packs are a gamble, you are not guaranteed to get any specific item you want.

What is the Marketplace?
The Marketplace is the central hub where you can purchase various items such as taunts, Heroes, utilities and more. Purchasing weapons, weapon components and camos can be done via the customization menu.

What are taunts
Taunts, also called Emotes, trigger an animation performed by a player’s character. They come in two types: normal and digital. Digital version of taunts will usually add holographic animation to the taunt. Some taunts are also capable of dealing damage.

What are camos?
The Camos Component are a colored overlay applied to your weapon and armor. These range from pure colors to complex camouflage patterns and bright metallics (weapons only). These can be purchased with both Zen and GP. Camos are purely cosmetic and do not provide any statistical advantage.

What are Weapon Tags?
The Weapon Tag is one of a number of Weapon Components that can be attached to your primary Weapon in each Loadout Slot. Tags can provide a variety of buffs to the player or weapon the tag is attached to. Only one Tag and therefore buff may be active on each primary weapon, however a player can choose a different Tag for their primary weapon on each Loadout slot. Allowing for a variety of tactical options.

What are Premade Weapons?
Premade weapons are weapons with complete attachments that can be brought right away from Marketplace for Zen or GP. They cannot be further modified after they are purchased, and their attachments cannot be equipped on custom weapons. The premade weapons available in the shops are rotated regularly and will be replaced with a different premade for that receiver. So, if you like a specific premade, make sure to buy it or you may miss out.

What is Tactical Gear?
Tactical gear consists of helpful items that, like the name expresses, are used to give you and your team a tactical advantage when used properly. Tactical equipment is purchased from the Marketplace under the Gear-section just like Depot Items and Equipment. To use a Tactical Gear it needs to be outfitted in your Customization-screen in the Equipment-menu under the point Gear. The default-key to use a Tactical Gear is C.
Because Tactical Gear is worn on the back, a player can only have a single Tactical Gear equipped at a time. The Tactical Gear that is outfitted cannot be changed during the game, only during intermission or if not in a match.

What are Titles? How can I unlock them?
There are various player titles that can be unlocked in Blacklight Retribution. These titles, once unlocked and equipped will be shown underneath the players name on the scoreboard as well as the game lobby. Title can be unlocked through various means, for a list of all available titles and how to unlock them, please refer to

What are Data Nodes?
Data Nodes are single-use items which provide a positive gain to stats when equipped to your character. Five data nodes can be equipped at any one time and are constantly active until they expire.
Data Nodes allow a player to further specialize in a chosen build or balance out otherwise weak stats. For example, a heavily armored player could choose a movement speed or stamina node to allow them to run faster and further than a player of a similar build not using nodes.
Nodes come in five levels of rarity and five levels of effectiveness. These are independent of each other so a player will have a chance of acquiring any rarity node at any level of effectiveness. These levels are explained in the tables below.

Can I make my own server?
Currently there are private servers available which can be passworded and specified by mode at this time. Premium servers are coming soon in the future and will provide more extensive customization options.

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