Blacklight Retribution Assault Rifle Short Guide

Blacklight Retribution Assault Rifle Short Guide by tradingstation

Assault Rifle

– General shooting
– Mid range firefights

Place it excels
– Depends on the user BUT not Containment.

– Does everying.

– Good at nothing. Other receiver can do something better.
– Bad long range accuracy.

– Your starting set-up is GOD-TIER. Use it.

– Do not try to sniper duel. You will lose.
– Learn to hipfire. It’ll do you some good in close range.

– SMGs in close range.
– Sniping.

– Close range? Go holo.
– Mid range do it all? +-3.00 zoom. Way to go.
– Sniper scope if you want to extend your aim a bit more.
– Ironsight is fine. But you’ll be blind in the dark as their center aim are not painted. Damn you Zombie.

– Spread – Keep in mind that it lower your damage. You’ll have to stick to mid-range.
– CQC rhymes with max damage.
– Suppressor/silencer – Best reserved for long range. In close-range you’d be dead.

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