Battlefield Play4Free Recon Guide

Battlefield Play4Free Recon Guide by MuffinYea


Motion Sensor
I use the motion sensor in place of claymores, so that I can stop someone sneaking up behind me, or grenades, so that I can see (sort of) around corners. Also I probably get several hundred points per round in motion sensor kill assists, and about the same again in kills where it helps me see someone sneaking up on my a**e and I can knife them round a corner (this WILL get you hackusated as an aimbotter), or pistol them , because I know exactly where they are, rather than not having a clue where they are, just that they still have 50 – 60 HP, despite having hit three claymores. Claymore kills were always few and far between for me anyway, so that’s another excuse not to buy it (the others being that there is a special place in hell reserved for booster users). I have maxed this out because otherwise it is damn near useless. Motion sensors are damn near useless in Dalian and Oman, due to the size of the map. Equally, satellite scans are rendered almost useless in Basra and Sharqi, because a motion sensor will cover a fully zoomed-in minimap.

Pistol & Combat knife
These are CQC weapons only for recon (or if you’re out of ammo, in which case going kamikaze is a blast). Obviously, knife has 110 dmg (maybe more, but there’s no way of telling), and if it’s going to be CQC only (which it should be) then accuracy isn’t too important, and damage is, meaning you want the best in class for damage. Therefore the MP-412 REX is your pistol of choice. I also bought a REX for my assault and now regret it, as it is great for recon-style self defence but no fun at much else. My strategy for CQC defence is if I am holding my sniper rifle, go for a no scope if it’s VERY CQ or a quick headshot for further away. after the no-scope, I run at them and knife them if I can or just finish them off by emptying all 6 shots of the REX. If I have tracer equipped, I pray that they only have 1 HP and fiiiireeee!

I used to have a lvl 15 engi, untill I forgot the E-mail address I made up for the soldier and cannot tell you how much I LOVED anyone who traced anything. Always keep your tracer loaded, as if you run out into the open and come face to face with an APC, the only thing you can do is often just to trace it and spot it before you die. Tracing is a Godsend for engineers, and spotting can prevent any other of the other three classes running out and dying as you did.

Sniper rifle
The most important weapon in your very small arsenal, and the most important. I use an L96A1 (yes I know I’m only rank 13, but if I’m gonna buy a couple of funds I want to spend them properly and get the best there is, even if it costs 16999 funds) and I LOVE IT! Fast bolt action, superb scope (level 5 zoom), hardly any bullet drop, very accurate, anywhere between 55-ish and 80-ish for a body shot and 100 for headshot and it looks great (talk about best of British!). when teamed with those few attatchments that you can pick up for a few days in the Daily Draw, there isn’t much standing between you and that top spot and “Best Recon” at the bottom of the page.

Training Points

Being only rank 13, I don’t have much to play with here, but I have invested most of them in the “Combat Expertise” tab. I used to put all of them in “Equipment Expertise“, but I recently changed and I have improved loads in about a week. Motion sensor needs to be maxed out to be useful, and useful it is (as I pointed out earlier).

I got Safe Fall and Power Climb because as a recon, you will be doing a lot of climbing ladders and even more jumping off them! (not that I’m a camper recon, I do like to run around most of the time).

Also, moving faster saves time, makes the game less boring, means you can spend more time shooting and shouting DIEDIEDIESONOFAHUTT. Plus you can get to flags first, which helps a lot.

I have Advanced Recon because it is a very teamplay-freindly kind of thing to have, but primarily for Tactical Target Selection and Identify Target when I level up a few more times.

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